How to take photos for marriage proposal for Instagram

Look carefully through them and maybe our next article concerning famous and unrivalled proposals will be dedicated to yours! So, let’s get started!

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Wedding anniversary photo ideas: how to make it memorable

 Wedding is the day to remember and keep in heart and mind for the whole life. Anniversaries are a good opportunity to reminiscent the event and refresh the passion and love, making it still stronger and more powerful than ever. 

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Wedding Bikini Photo Sessions - Professional Photo Retouching Bikini Model Techniques

 There is a recently appeared trend going on around and that is bikini themed wedding. Yeas, you got it right, bikini wedding. What has contributed to its popularity?

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New trends in boudoir bridal photography

Boudoir bridal photography is definitely a nice choice for those who wish to make the feeling of celebration sweeter with pre-wedding boudoir photography.

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Traditional russian wedding - what is it like?

 Every country is rich in their customs and traditions. Russia is not an exception. Read about Russian engagement traditions and old Russian wedding traditions, which you didn’t know before. 

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Why should you stop using outsource Photoshop editing in India

When it comes to outsource post processing many photographers enjoy it even more than taking actual photos. Outsource photoshop editing isn’t an inevitable part of photography workflow, thought it is very common.

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Best photos of Hot Kisses Of 2016

A kiss is a universal tool of showing love. Sometimes it is even more intimate that you may imagine, carrying greater meaning in it. Everyone was kissed at some point. So, what are the best photo kisses of 2016?

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Cameras & Lenses

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Photo editing secrets

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