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How to take photos for marriage proposal for Instagram

Instagram is full of amazing wedding proposals lately. We can’t stop putting them on the list of our favorite once. Tapping them in the feed and mesmerizing ourselves – that is the way we conduct our life from day to day. What else can be so much great than a marriage proposal in one of the European most lovely and romantic cities that Paris? Or in the greenery depths of the UK capital city? Maybe you have a story to be shared with us about your proposal in Venice when you were having a tour about this ancient European city on water? 


Since all these stories are unique and too charming to be faded we decided to share them with you. We will speak about couples with the best engagements ever. It has not been long time since they decided to get married! 

Look carefully through them and maybe our next article concerning famous and unrivalled proposals will be dedicated to yours! So, let’s get started!

How to take photos for marriage proposal the best

This sweet proposal was made in Italy, to be more precise over a Venice waterway. This city is famous all around the world for its extraordinary ability to hold a fascination for couples in love. They are like butterflies come there in order to pop the question. The couple in the picture above has followed others numerous trips there. That journey will stay in their minds and hearts forever since the so much expected moment has at last come. The emotions in the photo actually run high evidencing their purity and affection supporting strong feeling of love.


Oh love, there is even a special holiday for you. People all over the world are driving nuts because of you, all the men are obsessed with Valentine’s Day – fresh couple and engagement ideas. Probably, this man was also and decided to make in carved in the mind. The couple was celebrating St. Valentine’s Day together in Paris, which is considered to be the city of love. It seems as if it was even in the air and those cute Cupids were hovering here and there when you get a look at such proposals in Paris. The idea pops in your mind that those babies are pretty good at shooting arrows in the definitely the most suitable moment for making a proposal and shooting the photo. Just consider the beauty of the photo, the background of it astonishing and the couple is amazingly eye-filling. 


The story of this shiny pair of lovers is fascinating. Just imagine they were together for seven years! In order to celebrate their anniversary guy decided to make a trip to NY, originally living in Canada. Actually people all over the world are obsessed with celebrating their dates of wedding, as far as you can judge from the huge amount of anniversary photo ideas: how to make it memorable. From the very beginning the whole journey was a surprise for her. But that was just the beginning of a new life. When they were on the walk in central park, he turned, kneeled and popped the question. Can you predict the answer? Sure thing it was “Yes!”


Decided to take a pic inform of the castle featured in Cinderella’s story – and here you are, your prince proposes to you. That is how the pair of lovers in the picture was getting on having a trip to Disneyland. While waiting their turn to make a shoot, because all the family members of the previous tourist group were so much exited and were taking images for a long time, she observed a girl to be proposed, having in mind that and thinking how that was nice, she even didn’t give a thought that she would be the next. It proves that fairytales are coming in our lives extremely fast brining along all the princes or princesses if needed. Don’t be afraid to dream and believe in it. 


The guy was very creative and romantic. He asked her to have a picnic with him somewhere in one of the beautiful spots of the botanical garden. Supposing that it would be a mere weekend she agreed. But everything was surely planned. Before getting to the park she was presented with a book containing 100 moments of their love, as it was said on the cover. But there were only 96! Strange… when she asked what the matter was, she didn’t get the clear answer. The future groom has arranged the photographer to shoot everything that was going to happen. When they chose the place to stop for a picnic, he took the ring and the last #100 card out of the bosket, the photographer was already taking shoots. The girl was crying with happiness and definitely agreed to marry him. 


It is a common practice of people when coming to London to go to the Parliament Square to take at least selfie there with Big Bang on the background. The same story is about the young men above – the intention was to take photos. And turned into popping up the question. Usually there is a man drawing portraits or caricatures for the tourists. They decided to have one like that. What the man finished in addition to the picture there was an inscription saying: “Will you marry me?” and the partner was staying at his knee at the same time. Sure thing that was very charming and astonishing. 


Oh Paris, you are the most charming place in the whole Universe! You have hundred times proved to be the city of joy and happiness. The Eiffel Tower is not only the only place of destination for a pair of lowers. Notre Dame fascinates with the beauty not only of its architecture but with the atmosphere that comes into everybody’s heat and deeply roots there. People go there to get the best celebrity photos of all time. So happened with the couple in the photo, a common walk next to the cathedral turned in a surprise marriage proposal, making them famous appearing on our list of must-see proposals. 


It was their anniversary and a final year of studying at college. The couple was very excited because of the expectation of new stage in their lives – real one in an adult world with all the tuffs that may occur. When she asked about a small photo-shoot Michael surprisingly quickly accepted the invitation. It was winter time and pictures were supposed to be great. Unfortunately, the morning was a mass. It concerns not only their waking-up but also the weather. All the snow melt and the humidity was enormously high, it was muddy everywhere. (Still that interfered with the photo session in no way since the photographer was so much skilled and all those opportunities to get down to photo culling services and clipping path service are only for good.) That’s why the proposal was the last to be expected. When the photo session was coming to its end Michael started showing his feelings and attitude and affection towards her. The girl was actually shocked with all of that as she had never given a thought to it, especially on that chaos day. 


They were going to have a trip to the mountains Whistler. To begin with that was all her idea about the skiing trip. She applied immense persistence in order to convince him to get a couple of day off and have a rest. Everything was done in such a way that no suspicion could ever occur in her mind. Everything was done secretly: parents on both sides were invited, a photographer hired (as there is just an enormous amount of them specializing in professional photo montage and family photo editing in any part of the world) and all that under the veil. As soon as he asked her to have a nice quite walk around, he popped the question. That is actually amazing!


The story began in 2006. When being on the trip to old Newquay together with his friends, he spotted a girl at the day of their last night there. Unfortunately, he didn’t come up to her at first. But his mind was all about her after that. That’s why he collected all the courage he had and went back to find her. He was lucky enough to find her still there. At that moment nobody supposed it would be for something more serious. Their lives were quite different and there were plenty of other thing waiting for them. It was 6 years since the moment they got to know each other. In summer 2012 they renewed the acquaintance and the next 4 years were side by side. They travelled over 20 countries. 


Men actually are not so much used to cook especially if one is busy enough with his work of a doctor. When driving around the city he stopped at Samara’s restaurant, where Macey worked as a waitress. She caught his eyes immediately. At that moment he didn’t get any idea that she was the owner’s daughter. All the nights after that he was there to see her once more time than to eat. Before making a proposal the man has gone through all 10 helpful tips of how to shoot an engagement. And that gave its pluses as far as you see. 

The question was popped up in Sydney’s Observatory Hill. The beautiful scenery opens from out there on the harbor. Everything was decorated with red roses, which originally meant to be the symbol of love. At their first date he presented her with the bouquet of beautiful red roses and the memorable day was also connected with this flower making it still more lovely and amazing. The letters which were making “marry me” were lighted with a slight lemon color, making the air more soft and private. Everything was arranged as for her to agree to spend the eternity together. After the proposal a table for two was placed there in order to continue that charming evening. 


Santorini is a wonderful place on our planet. Deciding to take a trip there be ready to some upheaval changes in our life. If you decide to watch the sun setting with your lover having a glass of vine, think about the purity of the moment. And something surprising! This girl couldn’t imagine that behind the phrase: “I have a gift for you!” And that was it. He took the ring going down to his knees and asking whether she would agree to become his wife… that guy is going to become a carrying father and loving husband for his coming family. 


We believe that such proposals are always worth of our attention since they awoke such a storm of feeling inside. You become so much inspired for all the future accomplishments and power of that drives you faster that you may even think about that. Proposals especially so much touching and creative make upheaval changes in our lives, after agreeing nothing will be the way it used to. We want to drive the conclusion that you shouldn’t wait for it, everything best comes in the most unexpected moment. 

So far we know it from our experience of taking shoots on such occasions.

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And the last but not least, remember we believe that the customer is always right! 


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