Culling Examples:US $0.05 per picture

Color Correction Examples:US $0.20 per picture

Advanced Edit Examples:US $10.00 per picture

Album Design Examples:US $4.00 per picture

Wedding photography post production services Retouching examples


Photo retouching before and after

Photos can reflect any event of our life. Wedding photos take a special place, as they leave sweet moments in our memory forever. They tell the story of love. Photographers are those who help to tell the story of this day. The photographers exert every effort to make unique, appealing and bright photos. Their task is to emphasize the emotions of the couple and to make the photos colorful. The question "How to create captivating shots?” rises. We think you have guessed the answer. You might be right. The wedding photographer must work without ceasing to create their masterpieces. They have to capture emotions and elements of the wedding. If your photos inspire other photographers and makes people cry for happiness, your photos are astonishing.

The one point of the successful shot is wedding photography post processing services. You won’t always succeed in taking the photo you planned. There could be a list of problems, which are produced by light, unwanted elements or inappropriate background. Sometimes your photo is good, but you want to make it perfect. The photographer usually makes color correction, sharpness correction or adjusts the contrast. In this case, the photographers resort to the help of professional portrait retouching services and photomontage services. If you want to know how they work, take a look below, and you will be pleasantly surprised. We want to present your attention to the retouched photos before and after images. These shots show a recent retouching artist portfolio. The professional and amateur photographers from different continents used our photo editing services. They are continuing to use them. They send their shots for wedding photography post-processing services and highly appreciate our skillful Photoshop retouchers.


Photo Editing Levels

All wedding photos are Before - After retouch examples, which are edited with high-level standards, taking into consideration the wishes of our users. You have a chance to see retouching rates below, which our photo editing services have presented. Our Photoshop retouching portfolio is divided into five parts, so you can see more examples of every rate.


Culling Service

Why is photo culling service( so important? We will give you a few reasons. First, you want to show your clients, which of your photos show the professionalism of your brand. Then you will have an opportunity to choose the shots. The purpose of our culling serve is to choose the best photos of your photo session. The wedding shoot is divided into several categories, like bride and groom, ceremony, details and tables, dances, cutting cake, etc. 

Out professional photo editors will put all the photos into categories. Moreover, using a family photo editing service, they will make photos with your relatives unforgettable. Also, the portrait photos of bride and groom, can be retouched in portrait retouching service, and will kick up a row. Looking through culling examples of a retoucher portfolio, you will see a noticeable difference of the look of retouched photos before and after. Let us keep the decisive moments, and save your time of looking through those images you would prefer to see again. The culling service is just $0.05 per picture.


Color Correction

The color correction is one of fundamental photo manipulation services. It is based on the adjustment of the quality of the image using such tools as correction of the deviation of the photo and improving its light and color temperature. The photo color correction services are a trick to emphasize the spot, which you want to be unmissed by the viewer. The adjustment of exposure, adjustment of vibrancy, color saturation, adjusting color tones, adjustment of color temperature, shadow compensation, background removal, clarity adjustment, sharpness correction, contrast and density correction, black and white retouching, color adjustment are the main color correction. 

Using all tools of photo color correction services will help to create masterpieces. Don’t mind, our photo re-touchers will do all the work instead of you. We are sure, your parents will be proud of your wedding photos, and your friends will be jealous, looking at them. The color correction picture is only $0.20 per picture.


Artistic Edit Level

Our photo retouchers are also art connoisseurs. To create  extraordinary photography is not a problem for them. They will do professional portrait retouching. Our professional photo re-touchers will remove unwanted elements, like wrinkles or stray hair. They will improve skin color and make it more natural and smooth, using body retouching. Our photo retouchers will make the color temperature higher on the spots, you want to be emphasized. They also remove the original background and make the one you want. What is more, the sharpness, contrast, and clarity will be improved, what makes your shot saturated. The fantastic photo montage services’ work is the outcome of the editing. Just $2 per picture and you will get a wishful result.


Advanced Edited Level 

Many professional photographers prefer advanced photo editing. As at this level, you will sure that everything will be done the highest level. Our skilled retouchers will do body correction, exactly remove tags and wrinkles, suggest background removal service - change or extend a background, do spot coloring and make eyeglass glare disappear. We also cope with any artistic enhancement, adding any cute elements. Looking through retouched photos at this level, you can notice the great difference of the end result from its look before retouching. The advanced editing is just $10 per picture.


Album Design Service

Are you too busy with shooting and do not have enough time for post-processing or album design? It is no problem, we will take care of it. The opportunity of album design is very important, especially for wedding photos. To collect all photos into one place for bright memories is a great idea. As you can see from digital retouching portfolios of album design, you may choose and put three or even just one photos on each page. You can choose the best photos by yourself, or rely on our creative photo editors. They will arrange the photos in their own way and it will please you, we are sure. The album design photo retouching rates - $4 per page. 

Our team of skilled retouchers copes with wedding retouching with their great power. Our wedding photography post processing services are ready to help you and save your valuable time.  Our photo editors will do this work instead of you in no time. Be sure, we will turn your images into masterpieces.