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Color correction style

Here you can see the before and after photographs provided by Wedding-retouching where you are welcome to view all photo retouch example we have in this style. Our team provides the most reliable photo retouching rates in the wedding photography market, just $0,20 per 1 wedding shot. If you are interested in quick and highly professional image retouching services, we recommend to view our Portfolio’s pictures in full size to ensure in the high quality we produce.

You may order this style of retouch and receive photo Color Correction services, if your pictures need a basic modification of colors, tones, highlights.

You will get:

  • Adjusting Light Balance & Exposure
  • Correcting Tonal Range
  • Stylized Black and White Retouching
  • Color Temperature and Tint
  • Highlight and Shadows Comprehension
  • Contract Correction
  • Saturation Adjustment
  • Vibrance Retouching
  • Color Correction which Reflect your Style

We have 4 other photo montage services styles which can satisfy your needs that include a deeper adjusting of your wedding pictures’ flaws.

See Culling Retouching style which helps busy wedding shooters to select the best shots from the thousands of photographs they have made. This process is done very quickly so you do not have to spend much time for that and prepare for new wedding ceremonies. 

See Simple Retouching style which is specialized on family photo editing. If you need a deeper fixing of the portrait and working with skin color and smoothness, stray hair removal this style is the best choice anyway.

See the most detailed photo retouch style -  Advanced Edit Retouching. In our Portfolio you will find the before and after examples which show the way our digital masters make background removal service or body retouching. You are always welcome for any suggestion and constructive critic.

See the last photo edit style which is called  Album Design Retouching that is an amazing Photoshop tool to help you to create any design style of albums from an ancient times to loft one.

Moreover our firm’ workers are professionals in portrait retouching service which is obligatory for all wedding photo sessions. We are interested in our clients to be fully satisfied with before and after resulted photos.

We want you to pay attention to the fact that Weddingretouching does NOT post our clients’ images on our website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social networks until we have their personal agreement. Since 2013 our wedding photography post processing services provide full secure, high quality of all professional portrait retouching services, affordable pricing, and fast turnaround time!