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Wedding photo editing is an important part of wedding photography industry. Being a wedding photographer you understand how it's critical to deliver the wedding photo session order in time and of the highest quality. Most of your client are fond of wedding photo sessions because of their undoubted brightness and a magical ability to lure. That is a particular moment of absolute happiness, which is captured and further printed on paper to get a possibility to enjoy them every time a person are in need of cheering up or just refreshing warm memories.  And you are responsible for the results. Wedding photo editing can fix minor mistakes occurred with bridal makeup, dressing, poses, accessories, destinations, etc.

Our photo editing company specializes in wedding retouching since 2013, we are the part of FixThePhoto photo retouching services team and our photo retouchers is known due to exceptional quality & unrivaled image retouching results, and friendly customer service. Read more about our wedding photo retouching services and how we can help you.

Our Wedding Photography Editing Services Include:


  • Quick help in high wedding season period.
  • Personal approach to your specific wedding photo editing needs and instructions.
  • Easy way registration and detailed work under all your photographs.
  • Special image culling at the very high speed.
  • Elaborate color change & natural touch up.
  • Portrait - the basics of all wedding shots - without visible flaws and zits.
  • Enhancing background & deleting unnecessary details with strange things.
  • Making modern & high quality look.
  • Packages for wedding photo editing – make the client's album artistic & unique.

Start Enhancing Your Images with Our Wedding
Photo Editing Service in 5 Simple Steps:

You shoot the wedding
Use Dropbox or upload your wedding photos online
Submit your wedding photo editing order online
Give us instructions how to edit wedding photos
Your wedding retouching order will be ready soon
We edit wedding photos online since 2003
Your wedding photo editing order can be revised

Do you need photo retouching services?

Surely we love our job, but many wedding photographers consider it to be even laborious & time-eating. During all these years we have been trying to gain breath-taking perfection in professional photo editing skills. We set wedding photographers free from a retouching routine that is quite inevitable after every wedding shooting has already come to a logical end. We analyze every received image and improve until its quality cannot be doubted. We are a photo editing service for wedding photographers of all styles: classic, lifestyle, documentary or creative.

Our wedding photo editors can work in your unique style to give your clients perfect wedding photo albums. If wedding photography is not the only one genre you shoot in, we can offer you wide range of professional photo retouching services including portrait and family photo editing.

All-In-One Photography
Retouching Services

Many times we have mentioned about photo retouching services and benefits they bring to photographers. But what does this term exactly mean? Let's look deeper at the photo as an example of wedding photography editing.

Contemporary wedding photography produces images which then should be processed by photography retouchers in editing programs like Photoshop or LightRoom to make the end picture bright, clear, and beautiful. During any photo editing a photo retoucher takes responsibilities for all aspects of the process starting from simple culling to the last steps in artistic retouching.

The following photo collage "Before-After" shows how to edit wedding photos professionally. First of all it starts with the background edit - enhancing the nature around the couple or a bride, giving the sky a fairy tale look. In the retouched photo the sky replacement was made - clouds were added. These changes are close to the basic color correction techniques. LightRoom is the best helper. View our example. A bride's look becomes much better and worth to be placed on the cover of family album. Note, removing stray hair, using Dodge & Burn effect, smoothening skin, brightening eyes, etc are obligatory tasks too.

We provide the whole energy-taking process of wedding photography editing to every customer. Just outsource all shots after wedding photo session, give us clear instructions and wait for result. You do not need to waste valuable time in front of monitor to select only the most pleasantly looking pictures and to puzzle your brains over organization of wedding photo editing to get the most sparkling results.

Submit Your Wedding Photo Editing Order:

Submit your order for wedding photo editing now!
You can send up to 2Gb of wedding photos to edit via Dropbox
Use WeTransfer to upload wedding photos to edit
You can send up to 2GB wedding photos to edit via WeTransfer
Use Google Drive to send wedding photos for editing
You can send up to 15Gb of wedding photos to edit online
Use our website uploader for wedding photo editing
You can upload up to 20Gb of wedding photos for editing at our website
Use email to send us wedding photos to edit
You can send up to 25 Mb of wedding photos for editing

If you or your colleagues still think that placing an order for wedding photo editing is a complicated task, we can prove opposite! Due to comfortable usability of our website and friendly customer support (find online help at the bottom chat window), you will have no problems concerning your photo editing orders. Everything you see on our website is done for customers` comfort. So, just try to make your first  order and realize how simple it is.

Bride's photo - Before - Example of wedding photography editing Bride's photo - After - Example of wedding photography editing

Firstly, choose what package of professional photo retouching services you need. Please look at this wedding photo editing example. That is a task of primary importance as the biggest part of success depends exactly on it. You should be carefully consulted by our photo retouchers who will advise you important things about wedding photography edit.

The next step is registration. It is necessary for us to get some information about would-be client who is interested in photo retouching services and for you to track and review your order.

Uploading wedding photos is surely the next important step. You should be aware of some features and limitations. For instance, you will face difficulties if you plan to upload shots for image retouching that are bigger than 50 mb. In this case the most rational decision will be to ask a photo retouchers or a manager in the online support chat. Our specialists are always open for communication.

And finally, wait for wedding photo editing results.  As soon as your photos are ready you can download them and view work of our photography retouchers team. If you have remarks, feel free to discuss them with our managers and we will fix all of the mistakes.

Choose Your Wedding Photography Editing Package

We offer 5 professional wedding photo editing packages. All are quite different concerning image retouching tasks, but they are completely devoted to one special target to make our photo editing services suit all photographers' needs.

Every package has been created as an indispensable part of wedding photo editing services specially for you. But still we cannot say that they all are alike. Firstly, they differ due to a chosen level of exiting photo changing. Starting from the lightest to the most considerable influence on the raw quality and undoubtedly attractiveness of result photos, they are quite satisfactory, suite for contemporary wedding photography.

Every wedding photo editing package includes corresponding level of retouching. One is special due to unusual brightness, something like editors have with HDR photo editing, another one is famous due to impressive quality of glamour looking photos. But still these wedding photography editing services bring excellent results only.

Choose Your Wedding Photography Editing Package



Create Order Learn More >>
The best images will be selected
$ .06 for each submitted photo


Create Order Learn More >>
$ .25 per pic or try our wedding light package - up to 700 image - $ 99


Create Order Learn More >>
Light retouch + color correction
No touching up of the background


Create Order Learn More >>
One of the most popular level for the business and family portraits
Pro retouch + color correction + background editing


Create Order Learn More >>
Magazine style
Mostly for the professional photographers
High end retouch + color correction + stylization


Create Order Learn More >>
Up to 700 photos total 
Color correction


Create Order Learn More >>
Up to 700 photos total
Color correction
Simple edit - 20 photos
Advanced edit - 5 photos

We Accept Payment Formats:

If you wish to get more informative facts about our wedding editing service, look at our photo retouching prices. You will solve two problems at once. Firstly, you will understand how do they differ and what exactly do digital photo retouching services include. We accept payment for wedding photo editing order with credit card and Paypal.

Pay with PayPal for photo retouching services Pay with VISA car for photo retouching services Pay with MAESTRO card for photo retouching services Pay with MASTERCARD for photo retouching services Pay with JCB for photo retouching services :

File Formats We Accept

send us jpg files for wedding photography editing
we do accept  JPEG files and retouched photos also can be delivered as JPEG
Layered PSD for  wedding photography editing
Order Layered PSD service for wedding photo editing
Please send us RAW files after wedding photo session
RAW files are the best choice to start wedding photo editing
Send you TIF files to edit wedding photos
TIF output is possible for wedding photo retouching services
LightRoom catalogue
We can return wedding photos to LightRoom catalogue after color correction

Wedding Photography Editing Examples
by Our Photo Retouchers

Collaborating with our photo editing company photographers get such services like: Professional wedding photography editing. Just imagine that after sending the photos to your account on our website, you can forget about anything which is related to photo retouching. Just relax and wait for the result.

• Color fixing. That is a brilliant example of light digital photo retouching. No considerable changes, just highlighting strong sides of your images. But still after this retouching the photo looks more professionally.

Portrait retouching service One of the most essential parts of wedding photography editing. Surely bridal portraits will lure everybody from the first sight.

• Background removal. What can spoil every wedding photo? Impropriate backdrop, of course. When amount of guests and just passers-by are so huge, it means they are captured from time to time on your clients' wedding images. Our wedding photo editors will erase all unnecessary objects from the photo background.

• Full body retouch. Who are not dreaming about having a really slim body? Women will definitely support this idea. Thus, body enhancement appears undisputedly essential so that to hide little "secrets".

• B&W photo editing. Do you like the tendency of making the shootings in the style of B&W? We too, so we help you editing these photos.

• Family retouching. Another important part of wedding photography editing for any couple. Marriage and family always go together.

• Photo montage. Do your clients what to have crazy wedding photos to impress everybody? Choose the professional photo montage services and give your client what they want.

We have mentioned here the most popular wedding photo editing services. If you have not found what you need, please contact us. You are always welcome to suggest a new project.

Benefits of Using Our Photo Retouching Services

All sweet memories will be preserved with professional photo editing. Our team understands that happiness is too elusive to be captured without making a stop, but we will help you with this challenging task.

Our services are performed by a team of experienced photo retouchers who understand how to follow your unique style.

We are online wedding photography editing service and this means it is simple and quick in a few clicks. The clients always value their time and we understand that.

Software We Use for Professional
Wedding Photography Editing

Photoshop editing
We use Photoshop for wedding photo editing
Lightroom photo editing
We use LightRoom for wedding photography editing
Lightroom Presets
We work with our clients' presets for wedding photo editing
We use Capture One for wedding photo editing
Camera RAW
We use Camera RAW  for wedding photo editing

Why customers use our professional photo retouching services: Pros & Cons

Contemporary wedding photographers know about importance of correct photo retouching. They give unbreakable confidence that functional equipment and devices are the only things which play significant role concerning image results. But having at hand the most recent and advanced photo equipment does not guarantee great results. Photography retouchers are the only people that will undisputedly help you with achieving high standards of modern wedding photography industry.

Very often some raw shots seem to be rather normal, but there is a strange feeling that something must be done or added. "Something" is just retouching service. It is a powerful vehicle that deeply contributes to visible beauty of wedding pictures.

In most modern cases wedding images are so beautiful that they do not need any considerable changes connected with wedding photography edit. Usually location, clothing & make-up are selected so professionally to edit wedding photos specialists do not devote much time which cannot be returned. The only issue they should highlight is captured beauty by improving plus saturating colours.

That particular brunch of outsource editing for photographers is surely wide-spread because it is fast, but still effective.

However, there are particular cases that demand applying some extra wedding photo retouching services of great quality with unique composition and adjusment. For such matters manipulators have a huge circle of all existing grapping retouching services that may have connections with wedding editing at first. In the article which is devoted to explanation how do wedding photographers edit photos, you will find all clues of how to choose necessary company or retouching service and do not be mistaken.

It is an undisputed fact that every contemporary photo editing service which has more than 1 year of experience has a particular level of catching deepness & is suitable for different wedding shots & styles of shooters. But still depending on considerable knowledge in wedding photography editing art and techniques, we have no doubts that most clients choose either light and naturally looking variants of wedding retouch or ask for really advanced wedding photo edit like celebrities in popular magazines have. There are two extremes. But still manipulators may cope with both variants on the highest level and reasonable rate. It is easier to find such services which are safe and sound rather than seek for freelance digital artist.

In pleasant addition to these extremes, our motivated & trained specialists are frequently asked to provide wedding montage. Really this service in wedding photo retouching really contains lots hidden difficulties, due to which not every retouching company is able to present it. But we boast about this retouching service. Thus, if you are creative and crazy enough consider this brunch of wedding photography edit and enjoy unusual beauty of your wedding album.

Don't Miss this Point - High End Sample of Professional
Photo Editing Services for Photographers

Every wedding shot needs a special attitude & organization of deep retouch or light adjusment. It is in use but be careful while choosing the perfect place. Thanks to the experience plus years devoted to this industry - photoshopping & art we can tell you about the list of those pictures, genres of shooting & instructions which we receive.

To be on a safe side - please note it. Usually wedding photo makers divide all taken shots into portraits, group portraits & photographed objects. Everything depends on the photo genre and the couple's wish. As you might know, we have carefully organized all unparalleled photography retouch into several sub types as portrait improving, group pictures enhancing and various items retouch.

See the examples in separate section above in the full size. But still this main division of photographers edit has its own subdivision that breaks these three large retouching services into smaller ones, so that every photographer may be luckily presented with any variant of wished result. We found these things more convenient to use.

Among those retouching services that may be quite
useful & in high demand we will enumerate:
wedding photography editing for photographers
wedding photography editing for photographers


What is so special point that enables this popular brunch to occupy leading positions of wedding photo edit? The response cannot be irrevocable. This photo retouching is asked the biggest number of times comparing with other image retouching services that are also considered as popular. It becomes obvious that the primary attention is devoted to work with portraits, mainly with portrait photography of couple in love. But still as a matter of exception, our specialists are ordered to work with guests` portraits. But that is more an exception, than regular rule concerning wedding photo edit.

wedding photography editing for professionals
wedding photography editing for professionals

Post Processing Services

This brunch shoulders all possible responsibilities of busy wedding photographers. This innovative editing has collected the brunches of retouching services starting from the simplest - most sophisticated ones.

wedding photography edit by professional photo editors
wedding photography edit by professional photo editors

Body Edit

Really imperfect body can sometimes spoil the composition. We have retouching service that is focused on improving photographed body in order to make it alluring and definitely pleasing for people`s eyes. Having an aim to enumerate all optionsthat form this beneficial photo editing service, our trained team may provide slimming, figure & color fixing and many other techniques which undoubtedly create final outcomes of wedding editing here.

wedding photography edit by photo retouching company
wedding photography edit by photo retouching company

Photo Montage Service

Do you believe that wedding editing service is monotonous and boring concerning final results? Then we are quite sure that you are not familiar with wedding montage our website has. All innovative options & secrets enables this not very popular level of image retouching service to be really unsurpassed for those customers, who are not afraid to make crazy wedding shots. This retouch brings really mesmerizing outcomes and contributes themed events sessions.

wedding photography edit studio
wedding photography editing by wedding retouching

Family Photo Retouching

It was said a lot about undoubted importance of group photo retouching. These images are of great importance in each album. But exactly modern options are the part of this retouching service & the whole process. Here we enjoy a combination of unparalleled portrait & body enhancing. Thus, it is considerably more advanced than just ordinary wedding photography edit we use for portraiture. It takes more time and requires more efforts.

wedding photography editing

Levels & Color Adjusment

There is one interesting thing to mention. The matter is that there is really no difference what photo editing will become your choice. Colors, shadows, levels, tones are those important vehicles that can make either juicy wedding photos or turn them into strange pieces of photography. All these are frequently made in LightRoom. Thus, photo color improving services are so vital.

wedding photography editing
wedding photography editing

Black & White

Searching for new & untouched waves of wondrous photo editing services online in the web, contemporary editors received conclusion that there is nothing better than an old & forgotten thing. Thus, B&W now occupies popular positions. It creates highly stylized wedding albums. See before and after samples to ensure.

wedding photography editing
wedding photography editing

Enhance Background

And the last issue that has undeniable connections with wedding photography editing is astonishing background correction. It helps to get rid of all unwanted items and strangers that have been captured by a photographer`s camera plus looks strange preventing from enjoying final pictures. This photo retouching is not as simple as it seems. If you want to make it invisible, it will cost more. This kind of wondrous wedding photo edit also includes adding, transferring and deleting any objet.

Why Outsource Photo Editing Service is Great?

If you - a wedding photographer with some experience, you must know for 100% that outsource photo retouching is a rather comfortable & effective way of organizing wedding photography edit. Matter lays in the undoubted feature that astonishing outsource editing for photographers makes everything instead of a wedding picture maker.

We have only trained specialists & outsource photo editing is so highly demanded. Modern wedding photo makers that enjoy really constant flows of customers, consider outsource photo retouching to be a saving force without which they will not have enough time for their creativity and business.

Why it's Worth to Outsource Editing for Photographers?

A big advantage of the following unsurpassed & delicate photo retouching is the most vital is a great ability to gain the time. What is more effective, to spend sleepless nights in front of hated computers or we who present you with any wedding photo edit you wish?

We guarantee complete safety to your pictures. And even those photos which you may notice while reading this article & other pieces of information concerning wedding photo retouching services or this unbelievable photo retouching examples have been uploaded & displayed after written consent between our managers and buyers - the legal owners of wedding pictures.

One more thing that must persuade people to try free trials we suggest. If you are not sure whether you may trust your images to our professional photo retouch or there are some reasons for choosing another one, you must have this trial for free, which means no payments. Undoubtedly it will reveal secrets and specialties of this mesmerizing photo editing services.

Fetching Photography Retouching
for Wedding Albums

One more issue that is in the connection with wedding editing - album creation. Nowadays albums printed are not commonly used. It has become a subject of the past years, a situation with wedding albums full of pictures improved with our astonishing wedding photo editing service is definitely different. Almost all couples that have trusted these valuable captured moments to us express a wish getting a professionally designed album. The final highest point concerning these photo editing services. Usually wedding are rich in such minutes, you receive tremendous number of images enhanced by our wondrous photo editing services.

One more certain fact is that the album will be superb & unique. Our outstanding team knows what modern customers need and ready to solve it. This firm has not only specialists in superb wedding photography editing, and enthusiastic designers who knows how to deal with creative decoration.

What Wedding Photo Retouching Services and Techniques We Use for Creating Your Wedding Album

Before starting fantastic work, every wedding photo retoucher needs to provide image culling. That is undoubtedly essential to select only mesmerizing shots that show the biggest number of chances to become masterpieces after astonishing retouching services.

The further decision of used wondrous outsource photo editing depends on the demands of a customer & a quality of both a raw and original shot. To create breath-taking wedding albums with image improved with us. They always include such amazing photo retouching services like color fixing, adding alluring shadows, photo manipulation services & other quite useful image retouching services.  Consequently, they are so diverse that everybody will find something useful and find satisfaction in awesome and grapping photo editing service for wedding photographers.

Why customers prefer using Online photo editing services

Another grapping advantage of this incredible US-based photo editing service by our specialists is that it provides online photography retouch. For modern reality it can be widely viewed as an indispensible part of contemporary Photoshop help. Nowadays busy wedding photographers do not have spare time to spend on really laborious photo editing service and hours of work in Photoshop which will improve done shots.

Among benefits of exactly these services done online the following things can be enumerated: pro and amateur bridal photographers do not have to devote time to drive to many different offices where specialists in wedding photography edit business are operating on a daily basis. Each direction of wonderful professional photo retouching services may be ordered without leaving homes. Additionally, every experienced wedding photo retoucher knows how important is it to have all-day contact with a client he/she works with. And online retouching service supplies this opportunity to the fullest. Maybe because of this fact, our grapping outsourcing photo editing services have a reputation of being quite comfortable and beneficial.


Reviews about Wedding Photo Edit by Our Customers

rate by Anna, San Diego, USA
Can't put my satisfaction of this wedding photography editing service into words. Just bravo.
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Now my pics look so awesome. Why not using this photography service one more time?
rate by Zoey Noel, Mesa, USA
Wish you to improve your picture editing service to have more customers! But in general great everything is cool.
rate by Scarlett, Tulsa, USA
I need more precise info about your good outsource photo editing & digital artists who work there, but once I trusted you, I have no other variants of wedding photo retouching.
rate by Oliver, Atlanta, USA
photo retouching rate by wedding photographer
I`ve come across many wedding photography editing services, but some websites didn’t accept my orders, I couldn’t register or the price for retouching photos was extremely high. On Facebook page I found this service, and use it for 2 years. These creative wedding photography retouchers do impossible things: change the background invisibly, remove skin defects naturally, and make the color correction I need. Highly recommend for personal and commercial use.
rate by Aria, Las Vegas, USA
Wedding editing is my hobby, but with your prof help in photo editing services I have more time for it. Maybe that will become my business.
rate by Sophie, Bristol, UK
Being a working photographer is not a simple task, but your photo editing team supports me a lot, really. Thanks.
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I`m not a prof photographer, but can say for definite that your digital photo retouch is superb for me. Exactly for my level and much higher.
rate by Lacey, London, UK
You`ve inspired me to get down to photo retouching. Want to achieve your success.
rate by Violet, Plymouth, UK
photo editing rate
I`ve worked with you only once, but I`m totally satisfied with your awesome image retouching. I had a volume order for 132 images from a wedding ceremony and a party. My order was 132 photos - color correction, and 25 images - artistic photography retouching. My customers were satisfied with results, and even ask me to make a wedding album. Wedding-retouching service helped me with this task too and offered a discount.
rate by Thomas, Truro, UK
Being far from advanced work with Photoshop, I found your service at random. One collaboration, but much pleasant to remember.
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I`ve started to study photography editing services which include Photoshop with LightRoom on my own & your site was a source of inspiration for me. Like it so much.
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Bravo, guys! These cool results impressed me so much.
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My husband & I dreamt about cool wedding album. Now this goal is completed. Like your photography retouch.
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