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Wedding photo editing pricing - how to choose the best for you

We suggest coming across some important topics about wedding photo retouching prices today, and finding out all pros and cons of this issue.

Almost every day wedding photographers face the question of how not to spend tons of hours on post production work, and how to choose the best wedding photo editing service which provides reliable pricing and many discounts. Our wedding retouching company doesn't want to set our price list based on what the US wedding photography competition is priced at. All we want is just try to strike a balance between what we think our post production work is worth, and what our clients will pay.

So, we suggest coming across some very important topics about wedding photo retouching prices today, and finding out all pros and cons of this issue.

What does the wedding editing process include?

We should note that wedding photo editing pay can be based on several variables, and you may be competing with the Craigslist crowd as well. First of all, the pricing depends on the photo editing level, the things that have been done to edit your wedding shots. Let's consider some photo editing levels in the example of our wedding retouching service.

Culling is the basis of every wedding editing process. You choose the best photos which look good without blurring or other very visible flaws, and delete the images that are the same. Moreover, all shots should be in one style, in order not to come down in your clients' opinion.

One more important step in post-production work is color correction. It is fixing the overall tonal and color problem places, correcting color balance, exposure, and saturation.

Also, Artistic Editing is present in any wedding album. Want to get rid of the red eye effect, blemishes, stray hair, etc.? Want to make smooth skin? This type of retouching will help.

But if you need weight reduction, it calls for Advanced Editing. Who doesn't want his/her wedding shots have a magazine look?

Or sometimes grooms want their shots to look as if they were taken from a fairy tale or a movie. Use Advanced photo editing level in this case.

Album Design level consists of creating a wedding album or book, which will be done in the same style of editing. It's the most difficult and time consuming work.

Why should wedding photographers use editors' help?

To avoid the drudgery of editing thousands of shots for hours on end, trust your images to the wedding retouching company or retoucher who will take care of the grunt work so you don't have to. This freedom then allows you to focus on more important steps of your business like finding new customers, improving your photography skills, testing new wedding cameras and lenses, scheduling and visual creativity.

If you just want to begin a successful wedding photography business you need the editors' help for sure. It's obvious, post-production is a very longsuffering process. It happens that some photographers do retouching by themselves, but sooner or later they touch upon the problem of time saving.

Three types of retouchers exist, namely the amateur editor, the experienced retoucher and the digital artist. Nowadays, working with online photography post processing services is becoming more frequent. There is a great amount of web suppliers which provide all of the editing you require. Have a look at their wedding photo editing pricing, their wedding photo retouch portfolio, the turnaround time spent on correcting, then make an order and decide: do you need it or not.

The lack of time was always one of the biggest problems for the wedding shooters. Because of this reason, today many wedding photographers use the wedding photo retouching services. They just seek the most skillful company with reliable photo editing prices, and start a collaboration. Type your request into Google or ask your friends-photographers. Pay attention to the main condition - TIME they spend for retouching. We recommend you not to work with online editing services which require more than 2 weeks to send you the final photos back.

Editing rates for wedding photographs

Wedding photo editing cost depends on multiple factors like required time, expertise, expected quality of output, and the condition of the source shot. Another aspect on how the cost will be influenced is the type/level of post-production work you are asking for.

That's why hiring editors or using a professional photo editing services for photographers is a smart decision for every segment of your wedding photography business if you want to take your business to next level. Wedding shooters outsource their photo editing job to the photo retouching companies; they are capable of providing consistent quality within the shortest possible time, and obviously have reliable pricing.

Some editors charge $50/hr. for any major editing. Firstly, they find out how many pictures they need edited on average and figure out the workflow. Also, the price depends on if they shoot RAW and use Lightroom, because it can save a lot of time editing/exporting in batches.

Summing up, let's see what the average wedding photo editing prices on the market are:

Color correction $0,2 - $0,4 per a shot;

Culling $0,05 - $0,1 per a shot (submitted);

Light editing - $2, Advanced editing - $10 per shot (or $60 per hour);

Album design - $4 - $10 per a page;

Hourly package starts from: $6-8 hourly & $1,000 a month.

Somebody thinks paying monthly to be a utopia for any wedding shooter. If the budget of your wedding photo session is about $150-200 - the $50-100 editing pricing per hour will be out of your price range! Here, you should choose a 12 months paying plan for your editor. It's also not the best variant, because you just don't know what to send your wedding editing service in winter, and not to lose your money. Our decision is to choose a PACKAGE FOR A WEDDING.

What retouching package does a wedding photographer need?

The web produces a great variety of wedding photo editing services which provide different editing packages. But what does every wedding shooter really need? And what will be the best and right decision? Our wedding editing service considers the following points to be present in a perfect wedding retouching package.

1) Culling;

2) Color correction service (Big wedding – up to 1,200 photos);

3) Color correction (Normal wedding - up to 700 photos);

4) Color correction with the client's stylization or a set;

5) Light or Basic editing of 10-30 photos;

6) Advanced or High End editing of 3-10 photos; 

7) Additional changes of edited photos;

8) Album design;

9) Ability not to pay in winter because of the lack of weddings;

10) Rush of service included;

11) Negotiate a turnaround time

12) Sending the ready shots to the client partially;

13) No hidden payments for anything.

Wedding-retouching is always capable of supporting your wedding photo set's post-production. We provide affordable pricing - starting from $0.05 and finishing with $4.00 per shot. We have an experienced team of editors who will understand your instructions and do their best. Every image is edited by the same US-based retoucher; we don't outsource or use cheap labor here. You can be sure that your pictures are in professional hands.

We provide two packages for a wedding set.

Chose the best one for you and let's work together!

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