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Wedding photo post processing – How not to spend tons of hours

Step by step the high period of wedding photo sessions is coming. All photographers have mapped everything out for days to the last five-minute increment. How can you cope with a large volume of work and not  lose the clients? 

How can you do qualitative wedding processing in time? We will talk about these and other issues in this blog post now.

Wedding season is too short to spend it on photo editing

The lack of time was always one of the main problems for the wedding photographers. This event can take place in another city, another state or even another country. It may continue for several hours or several days. This process makes even the most professional photographer feel tired. And then, the most exhausting work comes - wedding photo editing.

If it is the high season now, so it will be twofold harder to save your time. Let’s look at it from different angles.  If you retouch your photos without an assistant, you may just edit the main things, for example, remove blemishes or make the color corrections. This will let you spend about 10 hours posting more than 1,000 photos. On the other hand, you may give a job to a smart editor for $15 per hour who will be in charge of your wedding retouching. This solution will provide you an ability to spend your free time accepting new orders and taking pictures of new couples. 

The Golden Rule of the brides’ shooting is hurry up. Generally, the wedding photographer takes more than 1,000 images per one event, and the client receives about 400 highly retouched shots. Usually, the only thing the photographer does with them is basic retouching, namely removing small objects, skin smothering, and color brightening. 

As a rule, many of the professional photographers use Photoshop or Lightroom for these corrections, and it can take  about 12 hours. But if you are an amateur person in using these programs, your total time will be much longer. 


Do always remember about photos’ post production, don’t skip it. Otherwise, you can always rely on the wedding photo retouching services. Find the most skillful company with reliable photo retouching prices and start a collaboration. You may do it using Google or asking your friends-photographers. Don’t forget to pay attention to the time they spend for retouching. We advise you not to work with online editing services which require more than 2 weeks to send you the final photos back.  

Things you have to edit after shooting

When you have finally downloaded the last picture on your computer, it is a great time to start your wedding photo retouching. What do you need to start with? Let’s look through the main directions of editing you should follow.

Each wedding photographer starts his/her post-production work with culling. Sometimes this process can continue for more than an hour. Nevertheless, it’s very important to choose the right photos which the couple will like for sure. All of the pictures need to be in one style and they mustn’t be blurred. Pay attention to this process, in order not to come down in your clients’ opinion.

Color Correction is also very essential in post processing of wedding photos. It consists of fixing the overall tonal and color problem places, correcting color balance, exposure, and saturation. To make the wedding photos have a vanilla style, play with color temperature and tint, and do not forget about highlight and shadow compensation. Color Correction is great, but BW pictures can look juicier in comparison to the best color images.

Very often, especially brides ask for Artistic Editing. They want to look perfect on their special day without the red eye effect, blemishes, stray hair, etc. Skin smoothening is obligatory on each photo, because it is difficult to be good-looking during this grueling event all day long. But if your client wants weight reduction, it calls for Advanced Editing. 


It demands more time spent on retouching. This step of post-production also includes wrinkles deletion, background changing, and any artistic enhancements your client may need. Additionally, the last but not the least in meaning is Album Design. You can create a wedding album or book, which will be done in the same style of editing.

Who are the editors and how they can they help you?

What if the light is chosen correctly, make-up is done and the model has the right pose, do we still need the wedding photography post processing services? The answer is YES, because it is impossible to take the best wedding picture from the ground up. 

Here comes the retoucher, who provides help to a busy photographer. If you just want to start a successful wedding photography business you certainly need the editors’ help. 

Anyway, post-production is a very longsuffering labor. It happens that the photographers do retouching themselves, but sooner or later they touch upon the problem of time economizing. 

There are three types of retouchers, they are the amateur retoucher, the experienced retoucher and the digital artist. If you are looking for a graphical assistant, this person has to be the second type. Many wedding photographers hire  assistants, but sometimes it is a hard task to find a worker who will do the editing correctly and for an affordable price. 

Nowadays, collaborating with online post processing photos services is becoming more popular. There is a great amount of web suppliers which provide all of the editing you require. Having looked their prices, examples, the time spent on correcting, make an order and decide: do you need it or not.


Our wedding photography editing services is always ready to help with your wedding pictures retouching. We suggest the affordable prices – starting from $0.05 and finishing with $4.00 per picture. We have an experienced team of editors who will understand your instructions and do their best. Chose the best level for you and let’s work together! Wedding Retouching will turn a good picture into a brilliant one. 

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