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Everything about USA wedding photography

Do you know the state of high wedding photography business and professional wedding photo retouching services in the USA?

Today many new photographers enter the photography trade. USA photography industry contains everything from studio photographers to photo journalist, from wedding photo retouchers to boudoir image editors. And only those shooters who maintain steadily high quality, offer valuable products, charge photography and image editing pricing that sustain a living wage, stand out in marketing and have a good status, and work hard to support a family or make his/her clients be satisfied with results, will stay in business and elevate the profession.

Do you know the state of wedding photography business and professional photo retouching services in 2016? Today we’re going to come across some important points as a wedding photography genre, top cities for working as a wedding photographer, best wedding photographers and wedding image retouching services in the USA, and what should we expect from modern professionals in photo industry, and about new trends in wedding photo business?


Top US states and places to shoot weddings

Every state of the US can offer a wide range of scenic backdrops where you can find a haven of comfort. When strolling a captivating city with breathtaking views such as, for instance, Chicago, New York or Los Angeles, you can`t help admiring these places, and it`s common practice to take some photos. When it comes to some special events, as a wedding, for example, it`s obvious that you`ll be eager to make such an exciting event memorable. Thus, it is necessary to choose a pleasant and alluring place to shoot your wedding ceremony. You should know how to chose a background, because it may play a crucial role in your photo session as it is a particular motif of the whole shooting. Besides, the background and the right poses are of great importance since they may change the whole image radically. You can inspire with our collection of the best ideas for a wedding photo.


Photographer: Zhang Jingna, New York, NY, USA


But let`s return to the top US states and places where to shoot. One of the most popular and stunning states to make professional wedding photos is sunny California. It embraces a diversity of places to make the wedding romantic and wonderful: Beaulieu Garden in Napa, Bear Flag Farm in Winters, Huron Substation in Los Angeles, the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. 


Photographer: Keylight Photo & Video, Los Angeles, CA, USA

These unique spots make your wedding album a breakout piece! The next state to be mentioned is New York. As we know, New York City is the “city that never sleeps”. Throughout  the whole year, any month can be good for a wedding. Take into consideration such places as:  Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Central Park Loeb Boathouse, New York Harbor on one of Manhattan's sail trips. If you want to choose some exotic places, Hawaii is the most appropriate variant. There is a series of lovely and romantic islands: the Big Island, Maui, Kauai, and Oahu. 


Photographer: Jingna Zhang, New York, NY, USA

We should not also forget about one more fab state – Nevada, especially its most bizarre city – Las Vegas. Consider, for example, Paris Las Vegas’ Eiffel Tower, Little Church of the West, some outdoor wedding locations: The Grand Canyon and Valley of Fire helicopter weddings (Maverick Helicopters, Sundance Helicopters offer these ceremonies), Lake Mead, Spring Mountain Ranch. So, if you want your wedding ceremony photos to become the stuff of legend, do your best to choose the right place!



Best portrait and wedding photographers in the USA

Nowadays there is a great amount of photographers who put themselves on the map by using different techniques and styles; they have a burning desire to make a photo perfect by using up-to-the-minute cameras of high quality, the best cameras lenses,  wedding photo and image retouching services, special editing services and programmes for the photos to speak of the spirit of the modern world, and meet the aspirations of our generation. 

Among the American people, who are on global trend and contribute to the sphere of portrait photography, it is worth noting such names as Annie Leibovitz and Steve McCurry. They are considered to be ineffably talented and gifted masters whose photos enjoy popularity and respect. 

Annie Leibovitz can be recognized due to her photos of celebrities, which enjoyed the pivotal moment in such magazines as Rolling Stone Magazine and Vanity Fair. Her photos are characterized by use of bold colors, various effects of light and identifying distinctive features of men of the world. Annie`s unique style helped her to achieve widespread glory.

This year she took part in the outstanding project Pirelli 2016 Calender. Instead of snapping supermodels in skimpy lingerie, Leibovitz’s vision was to shoot 13 “women of outstanding professional, social, cultural, sporting and artistic accomplishment” in her New York City studio.


Weston Fuller is an award-winning commercial (advertising & editorial) photographer who instinctively captures the spirit of his subject then artfully weaves its story. This rare ability creates an immediate connection within the viewer and calls them to action. Weston hales from Salt Lake City, Utah but produces lifestyle, product, architecture, portrait, and fine art photography for clients around the world. He currently works out of Utah and Southern California. Beyond artful skill behind the lens, he possesses an ability to expertly collaborate with people.



It is important to mention also photographers who are devoted to the wedding photography. They inspire, they create photos full of life and energy and give young couples the opportunity to admire professional photos even in decades, remembering those pleasant moments with nostalgia.

One should certainly mention such world-known names as Aaron Morris and Bambi Cantrell, whose fertile creativity let them delight super glory.

Aaron Morris is a great artist of our time. His aim is to create the sense of movement in his photos and he will do his best to create a perfect image of beloved ones. In 2013, he got the name of one of the Rising Stars of Wedding Photography by Rangefinder Magazine, and one of the 100 Best Wedding Photographers in the U.S. and Canada by SLR Lounge in 2016. best-wedding-photographer


Bambi Cantrell is one of the most sought after professionals one of the elite Nikon Ambassadors; she was a recipient of the prestigious Triple Master of Photography awarded by Wedding Portrait Photographers International in 2016. Her main goal is to show the inner and outer beauty of the people, their true emotions and feelings and unique personal features.


So, as you see, the world of wedding and portrait photography is very creative, charming and diverse. Try to become a part of it! If you don't know how to start wedding photo business or you need wedding photo post processing, Wedding-retouching is always ready to collaborate!

What does wedding image post production include?

Do you know the key problem of all photographers? It’s the lack of time, moreover it’s not always in high weddings season, it’s usually difficult to edit more than 200 photos per day. Many wedding photo editing services provide the main aspects of post-production: culling, fixing the overall tonal problem places, making color correction, correcting shadows and contrast balance, exposure, and saturation. Skin smoothening is necessary on each shot, because it is problematic to be good-looking during this exhausting but fantastic event during the whole day. You can create a wedding album or a book, which will be done in the same style of editing. This will be a great memories-book for your clients.


USA wedding trends in 2016

If you are going to marry soon and want your wedding photo session to represent the spirit of new world, this info is believed to be useful for you, as it reveals some on-trend tendencies concerning wedding in 2016. 

First of all you should create a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. The use of pastel shades which are pleasant for the eyes, will certainly lay foundations to glorious and chic wedding.

Show your phantasy and don`t pay attention to the perpetuated stereotypes: why not to wear the wedding dress with floral prints? They are in fashion now! Besides such a dress will be a symbol of fabulous and extremely beautiful bride.



Try to use vertical space, ornamenting the venue by different lights and flowers. Beguiling photos are sure to be made!  

If to talk about menu, it is advisable for it to embrace diverse food. In the past there was a tendency to serve banquet plates of chicken or fish. Now it is no longer essential tradition, so that is why you can easily provide guests with food you love and eat every day. Shooting wedding food, especially a cake, i is a common practice show your love story with help of it. Just insert there some sweet quotes from your relationship and it`ll make the cake wonderful.

Moreover don`t be afraid of making your ceremony unique! It is one of the most important days in your life, everything should be perfect – bride and groom, their cloth and appearance, place, guests, organization, and, of course, wedding photos and album.


Engage professional photographers, who will be ready to follow your dreams and fantasies, fix and edit the photos, use various techniques and styles, editing and retouching services; they should reveal your beauty and love!

It’s difficult to mention all professional wedding photographers in the USA. This nation is full of professional photographers and skillful editors, and it’s impossible to name them all in this article. But if you’re just an amateur photographer and don’t know how to find you unique style of shooting, we recommend using wedding photo retouching services provides high-quality online photo retouching services from color corrections to album creating and from family photo retouching to High End fashion retouching. Also you can buy a wedding package. Wedding-retouching has an affordable photo editing prices - from $0,05 per photo. We work until you’re satisfied. 

Sincerely yours, 

Wedding-retouching team

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