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Wedding photography & wedding retouching services in UK

Now we are going to highlight some topical issues as a wedding photography genre, top cities as places for wedding shooters to work in, great wedding photographers and wedding photo editing services in the UK.

Nowadays photography industry can boast lots of professional shooters. They specialize in different genres, such as photo journalism and studio photography, boudoir image editing and creative wedding retouching. Efficient specialists give status and recognition to the photo industry by making their pictures of excellent quality, offering the wide range of services which have adequate prices, mastering hi-end techniques and being on trend due to their fertile creativity. They are sure to make the most of the opportunities and provide clients with first-rate and splendid images by confirming ongoing relevance of the photo business.

best-wedding-photoPhotographer: Steven Rooney, North West England

What can you say about the state of wedding photo industry and professional photo retouching services in 2016? Now we are going to highlight some topical issues as a wedding photography genre, top cities as places for wedding shooters to work in, great wedding photographers and wedding photo editing services in the UK. Besides, we`d like to find out, what should we expect from contemporary shooters and what should we know about modern trends in wedding photo business.

engagementPhotographer: Jon Mold, London, UK

Top UK venues to shoot weddings

wedding-photoPhotographer: Rich Howman, South West England

No matter what kind of wedding venue you want to shoot your must-have wedding photos in, you will certainly find the perfect one for you in Great Britain. The UK offers a wide range of picturesque places and unique spots where you may enjoy your wedding day. It will be no exaggeration to say, that each couple want to shoot in the setting of dreams, and they may be quite different: delightful and cosy pubs or elegant and exquisite estates, glamorous restaurants or quiet cafes. It`s up to bride and groom what to choose in order to make the most wonderful wedding images! 

wedding-photo-retouchingPhotographer: Ross Harvey, London, UK

The first venue to be mentioned is sure to be extremely popular and meet the aspirations of highly demanding clients is Dartmouth House, London. The specific feature of this charming 16th century building is an enclosed country yard that provides ideal location for making chic pictures and for wedding itself, of course. 


If you have a burning desire to organize your wedding day in a Parisian style, it would be the perfect place as the admirable fountain, architecture in Baroque style and luxurious wrought iron tables and chairs create pleasant Parisian atmosphere. Thus it`s obvious that Dartmouth Hose helps wedding photo industry to profit handsomely from its subtle charm.

best-wedding-photographerPhotographer: Adam Johnson, London, UK

In London you may also observe such enchanting places for wedding ceremonies and photo sessions as The Roof Gardens situated high above the streets of Kensington, Clissold House which is found in the calm surroundings of Clissold Park, One Canada Square for couples who want to organize their weddings in the style of Great Gatsby or Strawberry Hill House for those who have been dreaming about a fabulous gothic wedding and even Natural History Museum where they house world-know collections!


One more wedding venue to be admired is Berkeley Castle, situated in the town of Berkeley, Gloucestershire. Having almost 900 years of history, the castle has been designated by English Heritage as a grade I listed building, as Wikipedia says.

The church is also can be found there for you to book a church wedding ceremony. Moreover, the beautiful rose garden and lily pond are sure to make the photo session more than perfect! Imagination and wedding photo editing are also to make the shots exciting and romantic.


If you are eager to have an outdoor wedding ceremony and take pictures there, you are to choose Kilver Court, Somerset, since it is ideally suited for these aims. At Kilver Court you can marry at the lakeside Dovecote under the pleasant warm rays of the Sun, and moreover enjoy beautiful picturesque gardens, a haven of comfort and good location for stunning shots!


If you want to submerge in the atmosphere of country and fresh air you may choose Ballyfin, County Laois, Ireland. Being in the past the ancestral home to the Duke of Wellington`s family, this Regency mention has been restored over the past decade and now is considered to be a lovely place for weddings. There you may also observe a lake, the shores of which serve as best wedding background and it is possible to take wonderful wedding pictures. 


So, consider the list of wedding venue and make the right choice!

Best wedding photographs to inspire in the UK


Today there are lot of shooters who create breakout pieces by practicing various styles and techniques; they are also likely to take ideal pictures by using modern and qualitative photography gear. Besides it`s obvious that photo edit software and artistic photo edit essential elements of the work of a photographer: they help him to represent the spirit of our new fashion and contemporary generation.


British wedding photographers are considered to have great talent and all the necessary skills in order to take beguiling and eye-catching shots which make the wedding day memorable.


All modern wedding photographers want to capture the very moment of great and beautiful wedding day. With the help of the pictures they want to convey the atmosphere of the day, or, in other words, bring back many pleasant memories and romantic moments. They are always ready to identify distinctive features of the bride and groom and show the invisible connection between them.


The wedding photography is passion and vocation,many UK photographers are sure to be real masters and successful contemporary shooters. Their pictures always act as a visual symbol of beauty and excitement. The shooters try to find something delightful and attractive in each couple they shoots! 



As you can see, the world of wedding and portrait photography embraces the diversity of inestimable talents and versatile personalities who have considerable level of public respect. Do your best if you want to become a part of it! Use your imagination and passion, and don`t forget about beauty photo correction and advanced wedding photo edit. 

What does wedding picture post production include?



What is the most topical problem of all shooters? The answer is – lack of time, and not only during wedding season, but mostly all the time. On the average, a photographer has to edit more than 200 pictures per day. Just imagine, how difficult it is! 

Lots of photography post processing services provide shooters with the main aspects of post-production:

- culling,

- fixing the overall tonal problem places,

- making color correction, correcting shadows and contrast balance, exposure, and saturation.


Skin smoothening is needed on each photo, since it is difficult to look attractive on this exhausting and at the same time splendid  event during the whole day. You can create a wedding album or a book, which will be done in the same style of editing. This will be an awesome book of memories for your clients!

UK wedding trends in 2016


Today it is important to keep up in the time and know what is on trend now, especially if you are going to marry soon. Everybody wants their wedding photo session to be perfect and modern, so consider some state-of-the-art tendencies which can be useful for you.



First of all, just be yourself, since everyone else is already taken, as Oscar Wilde was witty to say. It comes naturally when you show yourselves true, don`t be afraid of that! You are unique and special, your love deserves to be shown in the most beguiling and touching way. Don`t forget about that creating your look and style.



Wedding venues. The right choice of a wedding venue is of great importance, of course. Now more and more couples have a burning desire to combine flora and modern interior by bringing the outside in. It`s like a unity with mother nature, which makes you feel cosy and satisfying. Furthermore such a venue is like a haven of comfort breathing with magic.

Style the aisle: couples are likely to worry about the backdrop to their vows. It should be perfect! Definitely it is to be decorated in a creative way, and be really amazing! Here you are also to use different flowers and plants, creating alluring and nice compositions.


A touch of home.  Couples are likely to bring a touch of home to their ceremonies, thus wedding chill-out lounges remain popular. It is considered to be very comfortable and also quite suitable for elderly people, whose presence is certainly wanted and their pleasure is therefore paramount. 

Honey and sugar: don`t forget about the cake. More and more loving couples seek for combination of dramatic clusters of handmade sugar flowers and exquisite hand-painted details. Using bold colours and extraordinary forms are sure to be on trend in 2016 as well as frills and different multicoloured prints. 

Collaborate with professional shooters who will be ready to make your dreams and fantasies come true! Edit and retouch the images, use hi-end techniques and special styles, photo culling and editing services. They are to show your beautiful love!

It is not that of easy stuff to mention all professional wedding shooters of Great Britain, since the UK can boast professionals in photography sphere as well as in the sphere of editing and retouching. But if you are photographer on the make our recommendation is that you should use wedding photo retouching services which provide high-quality online photo retouching services from color corrections to album creating and from family photo retouching to High End fashion retouching. Also you can buy a wedding package. Wedding-retouching has an affordable photo editing prices - from $0,05 per photo. We work until you’re satisfied. 

Sincerely yours, 

Wedding-retouching team

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