Best cameras and lenses to shoot weddings

Today we're going to discuss our 5 best cameras and 3 best lenses for a wedding photographer, so let's move on to these matters right now!

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Lightroom or Capture One Pro: what is better for wedding photo editing?

There is a broad array of very effective fallbacks to Photoshop, as you will open, but today we're going to discuss pros and cons of Adobe Lightroom and Capture One Pro for weddings photographers.

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Top most frequent wedding photography mistakes

Wedding-retouching has collected the top most frequent wedding photographing mistakes which photographers make. Here are several best suggestions on how to avoid these failures.

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How to choose the right background for wedding shots

To find a perfect background sometimes turns to be a struggle, nevertheless, you can choose the one you like best from the following options. In this article you will find the information which will help you to find out what background you need for your weddings.

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4 Basic rules of a brilliant shot

Nobody knows the secret of a masterpiece, yet there are still tips which will help you to get closer to it. Having followed the main principles of composition, any photographer is capable of capturing a beautiful photo.

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Collection of must-have poses for weddings

The posing is one of the most important aspects of a beautiful wedding photo. The list of poses provided by us isn't the final ones. Always keep your eyes opened and consider the specific and stylistic features of each couple. 

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Wedding photo post processing – How not to spend tons of hours

Step by step the high period of wedding photo sessions is coming. All photographers have mapped everything out for days to the last five-minute increment. How can you cope with a large volume of work and not  lose the clients? 

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Our1 wedding photo retouching company has the photo editing blog where both amateur and professional wedding photographers can find something new, get all the last Photoshop tips and tutorials, discover the last-trend wedding photography ideas, choose the most qualitative gear, etc. Our wedding photography post processing services’ blog has four categories in digital photo editing tips: Cameras & Lenses, Editing, Grow Your Business, and Photography. Wedding-retouching is churning out new articles every week. This page includes a list of blog posts our wedding post production company has published for aspiring photographers.

Picture editing tips

This blog consists of 4 categories on tips for editing photos.  These tricks are fabulous lists for newbies and seasoned veterans. Our skilled photo manipulators took the time to put these guidelines together, and help you with pieces of advice. 

Cameras & Lenses

This option includes photo editing tips for beginners in choosing the best cameras and lenses to shoot weddings. Our photo montage services recommend the top lists of the best and necessary photography equipment exactly for weddings photographers and their second shooters, the best prices of photography gear, and places where you can afford them. The writers of this retouching blog are always ready to answer your questions any time.


Our professional digital artists share their photo editing tips about choosing the best wedding photo editing software, discuss advantages and disadvantages of working in Photoshop, Lightroom, Capture One, Picassa, and others. Also you may find here the best photo editing tips about how to do family photo editing, enhance your body retouching, photo color correction services or make Album Design. Make your wedding photos look better with our professional portrait retouching services. Check out our photo retouching before after examples to make sure in our photo editing quality. 

Grow Your Business

In this section you will find information about how to build and develop your wedding photography business. Our bloggers will open you all photo editing tips and tricks which well-known wedding shooters use. Our wedding retouching firm shares with your tips about how to start a successful wedding photography business, show you a guide to photographing your first wedding, and how to choose the most experienced portrait retouching service in the USA and other countries. Here you will find tips on photo editing which will help to economize your time spent on post-production. Our articles will help you to be clear about wedding photo editing prices and why should wedding photographers use editors' help.


The last category of our photo editing blog is dedicated to all essential wedding photography tips and photo editing secrets. Our post is a collection of the best wedding photography tricks ever gathered. These picture editing tips were submitted by our wedding photographers. Our posts will be very useful for your future as a wedding photographer. Here you will find facts about the top most frequent photographing mistakes and the best contemporary wedding photos in the world. The collections of must-have poses for weddings and engagements are written in this photo retouching blog.

Photo editing secrets

Our customers always ask to share with the secrets of our photo manipulation services. That is why Wedding-retouching has created this blog to tell about our tips for photo editing, namely secrets of black and white retouching and background removal service.  Our essential guide to wedding photography gives you everything you need starting from a few tips on checking out the location for a wedding shoot and finishing with tips on editing photos. You may also view our wedding photo retouching before after samples to be convinced of the resulted pictures’ quality which we provide to wedding photographers. Find something new for you! These articles are very informative and be sure our tips to edit photos are very helpful and the most comprehensive you have ever read. Please, do not hesitate to pin them and share with other photographers on Facebook.

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