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Wedding photography: 10 helpful tips to shoot an engagement

The engagement is the most important event in the life of a loving couple. That's why a photographer should take care of posing, light, wedding photo editing, and other things listed in this post.

The engagement is sure to be the most important event in the life of a loving couple. It`s quite natural for them to have a desire to make the photos of it, as well as the photos of a wedding ceremony. However, a wedding differs a lot from the shooting of engagement sessions: it is like the photo struggle, and you are seeking for the photos trying to catch the couple in the right pose, light and background. In contrast to the wedding ceremony, the engagement allows you to work at moderate pace. You have much more time to get to know the couple and choose the appropriate poses, thus taking enchanting photos. Here are 10 tips for professional wedding shooters to make a successful engagement photoshoot.


Engagement shooting and wedding photo editing ideas

1. Choose Basic Wedding Poses

"Simplicity in character, in manners, in style; in all things the supreme excellence is simplicity”, these words of Henry Longfellow confirm the relevance of the KISS principle – Keep It Short and Simple – especially when it comes to posing. Basic wedding poses are of great help, since they let you feel self-confident and do your best while shooting. Besides, using the well-known poses, you will meet the demands of a couple, as they need comfort and professionalism. But you should also have some “go-to” poses in your pocket, just as a safeguard.



2. Don`t Take a Heavy Photography Gear with You

Here you may also observe the KISS principle: less is better, if talking about photography gear for an engagement session. Needless to say, that it is unnecessary to take all your best cameras and lenses to shoot weddings. Despite the fact, that you will spend less time taking pictures of an engagement, it is believed to be very tiresome as it embraces the diversity of movements. Just imagine, how difficult it would be to carry all this stuff! So, plan the session in such a way, that you need only camera body and a couple of your favorite lenses.



3. Make Your Instructions Crystal Clear

Usually, it is the first time when you work with the future bride and groom, so they are like a blank sheet of paper for you. Thus, you should provide extremely clear posing instructions for your clients in order for them to understand what exactly you want and, of course, create a pleasant working atmosphere. Moreover, during the engagement photoshoot you have a bit of practice before making wedding pictures. It may help you to establish good relations with the couple and feel at ease while working.


4. Change Shooting Angles

Here we can`t employ the above mentioned “Keep It Short and Simple”: the shooting angles should surprise us with their diversity. Don`t forget to get the “safe shot” in a pose, and then search for various angles before some movements. To make some alternations, think very close up and very far away. Having a wide range of different angles to shoot from, your portfolio is considered to be more manifold, captivating and competitive in the wedding photo business.



5. Make Friends with Your Environment

Use the location you shoot in as the advantage: it is like your own studio! For instance, if you were offered an opportunity to work in a field with wildflowers and tall grasses, move your couple in the bosom of nature. You may also use a particular motif placing out-of-focus greenery in the foreground of the photo. It can give life and vividness to the photos which then compile the wedding album. Besides, it will show your skills of the appropriate use of locations.


6. Explore the Effects of Light

Evidently there are certain times of the day when your photos will benefit from the pleasant sunlight in the most appropriate way. So, don`t be lazy; get up early in the morning to catch the sun rising or don`t miss the ineffable sunset (which is also called the golden hour). Being closer to the horizon, the sun touches the landscape surrounding your happy couple. It will be extremely favorable for you to work during the golden hour, since the photos will certainly be beguiling. 



Tip: sometimes, you may not have an opportunity to make photos at your perfect time of the day, so make the most of the opportunities by exploring different lightning techniques! For example, it will be very useful for you to understand how to work with harsh lightning and shoot at night. Be ready for any conditions while taking pictures of an engagement! What`s more choose the right photo edit software in order to avoid photography mistakes.

7. Let it Snow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…these words from the world-known song may inspire you: don`t cancel the photo session if the weather is cold or wet. Furthermore, there is no bad weather, there are bad clothes. Make good use of it: drizzle or cloudy sky, light snowfall or even mist can act as a visual symbol of natural beauty. Besides, umbrellas and tender hugs can highlight intimacy.


8. Beautiful Album – Beautiful Memories

One of the best ways to show wonderful photos of a lovely engagement photo session is to have them printed and then compile a creative photo album. The pictures can be displayed at the wedding in a guest signing book. While shooting pay attention to some details, angles that may contribute to the creation of a would-be album. Picking some nice and alluring images you may use online photo culling since the couple is eager to be able to share them with their family and friends. Keep in mind that these photos show your professional skills and can be a good advertisment for you.


9. Show their Love Story

Since you are taking pictures of a loving couple, who are devoted to each other and are likely to express their feelings, it is quite natural that you will catch some kisses, hugs and holding hands. It is very romantic to present their love story, especially if it is an engagement photoshoot. With the help of creative wedding photo editing and beauty photo correction make the photos memorable and miraculous. But remember, that these images will obviously be shown to a wide range of people, and that is why avoid the moments that the couple doesn`t want to present to the public.


10. Enjoy the Moment 

An engagement photo session is a source of a fertile creativity: you make splendid portraits of people in love and thereby show your great personal charm and unique style. Combine the useful with the pleasant: get along with the future bride and groom and enjoy together the moments of such a wonderful event. That will make your work during the wedding day much easier! What`s more they are sure to consider the reliable price for a photo.


Help the couple to feel relax by offering them the right and natural poses, and, of course, choose the best photo background. That will help you to catch real life moments and unhidden emotions, and thus make the pictures amazing. You should remember that you are a professional photographer and you are like a guide to the unexperienced models. So, create and be creative!

Everybody knows that professional shooters should be versatile persons who are deeply interested in different spheres connected with photography. It`s quite obvious that there they find the source of inspiration. Moreover, people who are engaged in photography business should keep up with the times for them to know what is on global trend now.

Crazy engagements ideas

Wedding invitation 


Birna & Magnús by Cheesiness Photo, Mexico


Elpi & Alexis by Cheesiness Photo, Mexico


Carol & Fer by Cheesiness Photo, Mexico


Shaira and Johan by Neil Laygo, Philippines


Edwin & Rezza by Neil Laygo, Philippines


Engagement session in Guanajuato by Raquel Benito, Spain


Leng & Kelvin by Neil Laygo, Philippines


Engagement session by Rae Lynne Bergman, KS, USA


We hope you consider these pictures to be captivating, riveting and useful for you. Don`t be afraid of experiments and do your best in order to achieve success. Search also for some photo retouch examples in order to broaden your horizons!

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