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Best photos of Hot Kisses Of 2016

A kiss is a universal tool of showing love. Sometimes it is even more intimate that you may imagine, carrying greater meaning in it. Everyone was kissed at some point. So, what are the best photo kisses of 2016?

A kiss is a universal tool of showing love. Sometimes it is even more intimate that you may imagine, carrying greater meaning in it. Everyone was kissed at some point. So, you realize that kisses vary immensely: passionate, gentle and soft, or even row. They shouldn’t be exactly on your lips, any part of your body is perfectly suited: hands, forehead, ears, and surely lips. Everything depends on the degree closeness. People say that when we kiss our soul speaks that’s why all of them are so different.

St. Valentine’s Day - fresh couples and engagement ideas has already played its role in lives of thousands. Many marriages were celebrated and engagements took place. Now people are obsessed with destination wedding photography – what is the best place to shoot a wedding. Sure thing, there were hundreds of kisses. What, actually, can be more valuable than kisses on such occasions? More romantic than the first of a married couple? Or a passionate one after agreeing to tie the knot? We’ll try to wind the time back and show you the best ones. But be careful they are too hot!   


Just have a look at this couple! It is their Brooklyn wedding! People all around them are joyful, laughing and chatting of little things. Street wedding photography – inspiring pictures are to embrace all the diversity of such moments.  And that kiss, there is something special about it. It is far from a French one. It is very tender. You feel that love and warm feeling of the couple in your heart when looking at this shot.


Proposals are usually unexpected and at this moment the emotions are truly and you must be skilled enough to shoot it. This secret proposal took place in New York. The jungles of the city are blurred on the background. The main scene is among the nature, perhaps somewhere in the park. The magnificent kiss is the culmination of the moment and the beginning of a new love story. 


There is so much light in this photo and it brides you immensely. The purity along with passionate kiss produces some kind of poisoned combination. This picture is sore to be among Best contemporary wedding photos in the world which are already ready for your close attention.


This is a secret proposal from Washington Park. Young people look similar in the image. Colour of the skin,  pallet of their clothing has given us the feeling of their unity. The accent in this photo is divided into two. On the one and it is the kiss, touchy and charming. And on the other hand, look at their hands. The woman’s hand takes the position of the upper one in order to bring your attention to the ring she was presented with. 


Who hasn’t been a student? Of course there are few of such people. Being bored with all those research papers or having spend a lot of time on looking for a needed book, such images occurred in the mind of a dozen  of young people. And this Yale club wedding is a bright example of such situation. The image is as if taken from the pages of a fairytale embraces you with joy.  


And, of course, the air-kiss! We can’t do without it. Guys tend to say that it is very girlish, but even they should admit that it has its charm. It is as if you were teasing your partner, playing a trick on him. The emotions on partner’s face are real pointing to his state of mind, as if saying: “Oh, my God! This girl drives me nuts!”

 How to shot a kiss and don’t feel awkward

You may say, before reading this further: “what awkwardness are you talking about? It is not more that a fly on the wall!” Unfortunately, here you’re mistaken. When it comes to shooting kisses you may feel and definitely will feel awkward in such moments. If not you, so the couple will, because of the camera. They will feel uncomfortable, if you just ask people do whatever you do naturally. In such situations they have a red mark in their minds saying “You are watched!” Here comes the trouble. But it shouldn’t be so. You need to be skilled enough to make such photos, especially if you’re a beginner. Foremost, the images are to look natural and real, and magnificent. We have already told you about wedding photography – 10 helpful tips to shoot an engagement. The following tips will help you to master this field greater and give you some advices how to make the couple more opened to your camera, when you get down to shooting kisses. So, let’s get started!


Humour is the first to help you and quire the feeling of awkwardness. You may use it in the following way: first, ask the couple to kiss and at this moment crack a joke. It works for sure if you are that funny stuff. As a result you will get awesome triple shots: laughs/kisses/ smiles. If you don’t have that good sense of humour, look into the second tip. 


It is more pleasant to look at the image of a pair having an almost-kiss. You can just ask them to kiss and then smile or vice versa. The course here is not important at all. Young people in such situations usually almost forget about your existence because they start flirting with one another. And that is your turn to make good shots at such moment. In such pics you will find everything: nose bumping and that awkward timing. The pallet of feelings is very bright. 


People can get tired with close-ups. It may feel as if you were pressing on them. Give them some space in order to be freer. Your clients will definitely feel more comfortable after you step back. In addition, you are sure to make a photo with amazing landscape on the background. You may get troubled when shooting for example in the evening and question: “How to shoot with a backlight? Useful tips for a photographer” .  Besides, making shots in one position is not a good politic. While making photos of kisses the perspectives should vary: close-ups, photos from a distance, full body etc. 


You must remember that some people are just like that: they feel shy when kissing in public. That’s why you should help them and point “the direction”, meaning correcting the kiss. Explain to the clients that they for example smashed their noses and it would be better if they just tilt their heads. Or you are to feel frilly to ask them to make their kisses softer and even close their eyes. By the way, kissing photos are great if they are done in black and white pallet, as it is a new generation of bridal black and white photo editing are taking over the world. 


More often people get stiffened when you press on them with your super romantic poses and ideas. They may not used to hugging or something like that.   Ask them to have a walk, holding their hands, and still a kiss on the way. Usually such photos are amazing. 


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