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Collection of must-have poses for weddings

The posing is one of the most important aspects of a beautiful wedding photo. The list of poses provided by us isn't the final ones. Always keep your eyes opened and consider the specific and stylistic features of each couple. 

All couples dream of their wedding becoming one of the finest and colorful days in their entire life. In other words, they wait for this day as for the most responsible moment of their adulthood. To memorize this event, the best wedding photos ever must be made. Each photo has to bear in itself a highlight of tenderness, humour, originality, romanticism and surely real feelings and memories.

In turn, the successful photo shoot will demand from you as much efforts, as the wedding ceremony does. Interesting poses, wedding photography edit and good spirit should each digital photographer has. The photographer is obliged to support and realize any, even the most extraordinary ideas of the groom and bride.

The posing is one of the most important aspects of a beautiful wedding photo. The list of poses provided by us isn't the final ones. Do remember, that poses, gestures and a mimicry of which you can see on our or some other websites, doesn't mean that this pose, gestures, etc. will suit your wonderful couple. Always keep your eyes opened and consider the specific and stylistic features of each couple.

1.Classical official pose

The classical pose is the must-have shot in the wedding album. Make sure that the newly-weds are situated closely to each other and their hands don't hang in a weak-willed position. Let them hold hands, or, for example, the groom can put one hand into a pocket, and you can suggest the bride embrace her future husband.

Remember that they only have to look straight at the lens. The background should maintain in the style of the photo. You can choose a beautiful landscape, a garden, a sea or a park. Everything depends on the young people's imagination and the photographer who will spring all of these ideas into life.

Also, you may try the classical official pose when the couple is seated. Don't forget to see after the hands position, because if they are incorrectly placed, hands may spoil an ideal photo. The groom has to embrace the waist of his beloved woman, and his other hand should hold her hand. The bride can gently put a free hand on her dress or on her knees.



Let the bride put her head or just lean her elbows on the groom's shoulder, and he should stand still, looking straight into a shot, or at the bride. Also, don't forget about a smile!

3.Make experiments, don't be ordinary.

poses for wedding

4.Face to face

poses for wedding

This is a beautiful and gentle photo without kisses. Make sure that the newlyweds eyes are closed and they don't look at each other. This pose is perfect for couples where the groom and the bride are of equal height.

5.Wedding Shoot accessories which are very popular nowadays.


6.Going to each other

This is a very original pose for a wedding in which the groom and the bride stand a one-meter distance from each other, having bent for a kiss. It is necessary to remember about the background; it has to be perfectly at the center of this photo.

7.Be crazy


8.In the dance beat

poses for wedding

It is one of the most dynamic poses. Make sure, that the groom is steady enough and can hold his darling, and in turn she clasps him around his neck with both hands.

9.A glimpse

poses for wedding

It is very difficult to take such a kind of picture; you have to catch the moment when your shot doesn’t seem to be a staged photography. The couple has to look at each other while smiling and holding onto each other.

10.An intimate look

poses for wedding

The groom and the bride have to stay close to each other, as it creates a more intimate feeling. Besides, make sure that none of partners deviates and moves aside as it can damage the photo.

11.Make it a surprise

poses for wedding

Talk with the guests and make a surprise for your wedding couple in order to catch real emotions without posing. Be sure, that you will still get an excellent shot.

12.One glance

poses for wedding

The bride should look straight, and the groom, on the contrary, may look at her. You can also make it vice versa. Without a doubt, such a type of photo has to be present at any collection of wedding photos.


poses for wedding

Don't be afraid to use signs with funny signs and phrases, balloons or even special effects. Professional retouchers will help you to create an interesting look and make your photo unique for an affordable photo editing prices


poses for wedding

Don't be afraid to use framing in your wedding shot. It can be done with doors, windows, paths, and with a blurring effect. Otherwise, you may create it by yourself, with the help of hands.

15.A kiss

poses for wedding

This pose doesn't demand a big description. Just do remember two basic rules: the groom and the bride must stay close to each other, being in contact with their bodies and their hands too.



Also, it isn't always obligatory to photograph a just married couple from the front. Make a set of romantic photos taken from behind or sideways. Add a beautiful landscape or church hall in a shot and you will strengthen the impression of a picture.

17.On different grounds

The bride is in focus in the foreground, the groom is in the background. On posing don't alienate them too far from each other, keeping an opportunity to recognize the groom in the photo. Also, don't forget: the groom in a background looks in a back of the one who faces him, but is not straight in focus.

Everything mentioned above is only a starting point for your creativity and imagination. Make your own changes, additions and surely your own unique style of shooting and then let your retouchers do their final wedding photo post processing. Read our previous blog post about How not to spend tons of hours on wedding photo post processing. 

Try to put a couple at ease, they have been preparing for their wedding day for several months and this day they need somebody to help them to relax, cast away all cares and to give vent to their feelings. It is necessary to forget about cameras and just try to enjoy during the most colorful day in their lives. And the photographer has to take care of advantageous and unusual poses and provide an interesting plot.

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