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Make your own magic with fairytale photo shoot

Wedding like in a fairy tale — the dream of many brides. Feel like a Princess; marry a Prince, to plunge into the atmosphere of magic and why not take inspiration from this beautiful image and not to organize fairytale wedding photography in the spirit of romantic tales with happy endings?

Wedding like in a fairy tale — the dream of many brides. Feel like a Princess; marry a Prince, to plunge into the atmosphere of magic and why not take inspiration from this beautiful image and not to organize fairytale wedding photography in the spirit of romantic tales with happy endings?

The bride — is the beautiful Princess, feminine, fragile and delicate. Luxury lush dress, long train, tasteful accessories will create a complete image of the fairy tale bride.


Fairytale wedding photography

The most important thing in conducting a fairytale photo shoot is determined by the venue and what kind of tale you will realize. If you have already decided on a specific fairy tale, it's time to begin the decoration of the hall. In order fully enjoy the magic atmosphere of view the movies on the magic theme and turn on your imagination. To make room, you can connect the relatives. The main thing to think over all the details –  are lighting, touching music, a translucent curtain that will make your celebration easy, garlands with twinkling jewels. 

All these details even the most ordinary dining room will make the stay truly unforgettable. If your fairy tale wedding will be held in winter, then in the room to hang a set of artificial snowflakes, a garland of silver balls, pearl star, the composition of snow-covered branches and subtle lighting - all this will not leave your guests indifferent.


Fairytale photography ideas

The tale is a world that may be different. This theme of fairytale photo shoot has hundreds of variants of the incarnation, it is simply endless! Among the fabulous celebrations most interesting are:

"Alice in Wonderland" – in the morning the bride and groom go to travel to Wonderland when they become home heroes tales. Invited to the party location offers a variety of turning, draws, surprises. Invitations can take the form of a stick or disk, where the recorded video: the fabulous style invitation to a tea party in the County of Cheshire cat.


Elven wedding is ethereal, tender, magical story of two loving hearts. The wedding should be decorated in pastel colors. The bride appears in front of guests from the huge flower is a fantastic wedding ceremony where guests dressed in costumes of the elves, and the registration leads them to the Queen. Such a fantastic story looks very nice.


"Cinderella" – is the groom in the role of Prince charming coming to the old carriage with white horses for his beloved. On the fabulous the wedding guests are greeted by the king and various nobles. The event program includes dances (polka, minuet), surprises and magic tricks from the magician. Leaders play the role of good fairies and evil stepmothers, entertaining guests sparkling jokes and unexpected turns of the script.


Wedding based on Oriental fairy tales. If you have a wedding planned for the Eastern tales, it is necessary to drape the room with lots of air, bright fabrics, candles, lamps, rugs and a variety of magical items. In the scenario of a wedding in fairytale style based on Oriental myths is not only the future spouses, but also to dress up the plot.


The tale of the medieval style – a perfect setting will be the surroundings of the hotel Chateau style. Create a romantic vintage look will help shields, swords, jousting symbols, candles at dinner.


Fairy tale based on Russian folk tales. This kind of magic wedding involves Assembly of all the famous folk Russian fairy tales involving various heroes. The groom, in lieu of foreclosure, may pass a variety of tests to fight with evil spirits and overcome other obstacles. The purpose of the trials is the search for the hidden casket with the key of the hearts of his chosen one. Also at the wedding of Russian folk tales can be a goldfish that will fulfill all the desires of our guests. More ideas about wedding photography in style Russian wedding you can read here Traditional russian wedding - what is it like?


Wedding in the style of "the Wizard of Oz" is suitable for organization in any season. The main colors of the celebration are gold, crimson and emerald. Wedding fairytale style is a journey to the Land of Oz, where the young will find their happiness. The venue – is a trendy loft, castle, manor, classic restaurant. For decoration combine retro and fabulous details, for example, magic shoes, magic Stardust, the potion jars. For entertainment, the show of soap bubbles, the predictions from the astrologer, the performance of the magician-illusionist.


Wedding in the style of "Sleeping beauty" the bride wakes up from a kiss a loved Prince. This begins the celebration. The main attributes of the wedding become the thrones for the newlyweds, poisonous red apples, colorful lights, candle holders. For the photo shoot is to choose a picturesque landscape. 


All these fairytale photography ideas are based on fairy tales with a set of magical elements, distinctive characters, and special atmosphere. When the concept is selected, consider the venue. Find a scenic area, for instance, beautiful pond, forest edge. For the warm time of the year the perfect solution – is fabulous wedding style in nature. For colder weather, choose old estates, castles, palaces. Find a place that will reflect the intent of your magic performance:

- For the Russian folk tales will fit the rustic surroundings, a cafe in the folk style, forest landscape with a river or lake.


- For the wedding of Oriental style chooses the Arabic restaurant nestled in the picturesque nature, where you will need to build stylized tents.



Hall of the Palace style is perfect for any fairytale wedding photography. Day it needs to be filled with light, and in the evening to Shine with the reflections of the chandeliers. Candles, lanterns, fairy lights help to create a special atmosphere.


Clothes newlyweds and guests for a fairytale wedding photo shoot 

Fairytale wedding style is a freedom for imagination when selecting wedding attire for the bride and groom, but above all the combination. In order to completely determine the images of selected characters of a particular tale, sit down and review the cartoons involving these fairytale characters, analyze them and based on what he saw create your style. A few options who could become a bride one day: 

- Princess in a sundress and a beautiful headdress on his head instead of a veil; 

- Elegant Princess white lush dresses with crinolines, bows, ruffles and off the shoulder. On the head of Princess can be like a veil with a tiara and crown; 

- Oriental beauty in silks and brocade with lots of gems.

The color of the dress for a fairytale wedding chooses according to their own preferences. Even if your relatives trying to dissuade you from buying lush yellow dress that Belle from the fairytale "beauty and the Beast", stand your ground. You will need the whole day to carry on. Besides, now the bridesmaid dress need not be only white.


The groom for the wedding can choose:

- If the wedding is based on the Arabian tales - standard costume-deuce with elements of Oriental embroidery;

- A fabulous European style suit and bow-tie.


In the post process of registration of a fairytale wedding can be faced with a very important question: whether to introduce a dress code or not. On the one hand, if all guests will adhere to it, the photos get even more colorful. But, on the other hand, think about the fact that not all invited will be able to afford it, and they will have to feel uncomfortable. In this case, it is best to suggest to guests that you would be happy if they'd dressed for it, but insist on it will not. To inform guests about what your wedding will be themed in the invitation. Style wedding invitations must be according to the theme of your event.


The bride's bouquet


A fabulous bride's bouquet should be brilliant, colorful, and bright. To generate using of a strand of pearls, feathers, rhinestones, ribbon, braid, lace, decorative insects. Flowers can pick up any, but most importantly, the shape of the bouquet and the color scheme was correct. The palette depends on the style of the wedding. For a bouquet of Snow white choose of field and forest flowers for the composition of delicate Cinderella of the fairy tale – light purple orchids, blue roses, Snow Queen adorn the bouquet of beautiful white roses.


Decor table

On the tables, arrange floral arrangements, candles, and vases with sweets. Lace tablecloth is the perfect complement to a festive fairy-tale atmosphere. Cutlery is better to choose classic crystal, porcelain and perfectly emphasize fabulous orientation identities. Remember that in fairy tales makes a feast for the whole world. To the feast was like the feast of kings, see the viands mentioned in the tales. Cups with wine, roast quail, a beautiful table setting – it all depends on the tale, which was inspired by the reason for your fabulous wedding style.


Wedding photo post-procession in fairytale style 

No tale is not without magical means of transportation. The challenge newlyweds to impress invited an unusual motorcade to move. It is unlikely you will be able to find a wedding carpet, but carriages, horse-drawn wagons at your disposal. The bride and groom can get to the registry office, ride through the city, photographed inside a luxurious fairytale procession drawn by beautiful horses.


Best fairytale photographer

1. Margarita Kareva

Margarita is Russian photographer which specializes on fine art fairytale photography. She photographs girls in the images of the different princesses. Using Photoshop it gives the pictures surreal elements that make a photo truly memorable. She says that she draws its inspiration for even dark fairytale photography from fiction books.



2. Anita Anti

Anita Anti, a Ukrainian fairytale photographer, works which do not leave people indifferent. Inspired by the fairy tales she creates incredible images of fantastic characters, engaging more girls in your story.



3. Kirsty Mitchell 

Every girl childhood reading tales wants to be a Princess, to travel to distant lands and feel like a real fairy tale. One girl, who from childhood dreamed to move the tale in reality, is a photographer Kirsty Mitchell from Surrey.

On the basis of their memories about stories from childhood of her already deceased mother it has created an amazing series of photos. Using more than 1000 fresh flowers she created the story of Alice in Wonderland, which he dedicated to his late mother Maureen, who was a teacher of English language and life inspired the students with his stories.




4. Katerina Ploynikova 

Russian fairytale photographer Katerina Plotnikova did an incredible photo with the help of two professional animal trainers.

With the help of the mythical and fabulous photo, the audience is transported to a place beyond space and time. Itself the photographer calls this a Wonderland. For example in one photo of the dark fairytale photography the woman extends her hand to bear like a majestic creature invites her to dance.

This girl creates is really a fabulous, delicate and majestic pictures.



5. Heather Larkin. 

Photographer located in Athens, removing the fantasy faerie portraits! It features a number of photos of children in different fabulous images. Over 10 years of experience with this subject, she has developed her own style and has been published in such magazines as "Professional photographers" magazine "Model of life" and "the Canon of online learning".

Funny fairytale wedding pictures

To be in demand as a wedding photographer and have fairytale photography ideas you need to have a strong imagination and skill that will bring joy to the newlyweds. The wedding photographer Ekkachai Saelow not just watching all the smallest details in his work — he really turns his models into small parts! The main feature of the work of the photographer is turning the happy couple into the tiny men living in a big world. And, as you can see in these fairytale wedding pictures, the end result looks very unusual and even a little surreal.


Showing the Majesty of the world he does not forget about the fairy tales which inspired him for this work. So for example, a photo shoots in the style of a fairy tale "Thumbelina". Based on the traditional tale, he creates a new story.


All girls dream of the day when they will be princesses, and typically embody their dreams during the wedding and the wedding photo shoot. So here's the story of Cinderella, the most favorite of all, but those who don't want to be like everyone can watch the original solution to this photographer.

Wedding is the occasion that I want to remember for a lifetime. And all people want the original pictures, they will be proud of, to show the children and tell them fairy stories. Fairytale wedding pictures of Saelow are the best example of creativity and pride.


Fairytale motifs in fashion photo shoots

The theme of the story is becoming every day more and more interesting not only for wedding photos, and fashionable fairytale photo shoot. This photo shoot gives you the chance to be a powerful magician or like a Princess that you will not be able to survive in everyday life. And of course in such sessions you will be able to see the merging of childhood innocence and adult eroticism. And what is most important is that these pictures are incredibly colorful and beautiful that you cannot cast a spell.


A master of creating fabulous photo is American fairytale photographer Annie Leibovitz. On account of its dozens of stunning magic of photo shoots featuring the brightest stars of show business.


Photo shoot "beauty and the beast" with the participation of drew Barrymore for Vogue – the handiwork of talented Leibovitz. As you might guess, this interpretation of the famous Walt Disney cartoon about a Prince who was cursed by a witch. Drew, of course, appeared in the form of Beauty, and the role Monster played with a real lion. 



Kiera Knightley was lucky enough to work with Leibovitz . The actress expertly accustomed to the role of Dorothy – heroine of the cult fairy tale "the Wizard of OZ". I especially liked that the photographer to "modernize" the story and introduced the modern art of dark fairytale photography, school orchestra and adorable designer outfits.



Another beautiful work of the photographer – is a photo shoot on the fairy tale "Hansel and Gretel". The winner of the in truth fabulous appearance, Lily Cole is on the way Gretel, actor Andrew Garfield Hansel. The role of the evil witch – is Lady GaGa herself. The singer has perfectly performed his role to so fit she looks.


The work of Annie Leibovitz is not without the most popular fairy themes – the works of Lewis Carroll "Alice in Wonderland". In the role of Alice Natalia Vodianova, and images of other actors tales embodied on a photo the most talented and popular designers of our time.


In another sequence authored by Leibowitz the way Alice tried on Beyonce. A series of photographs have been created specifically for advertising "Disneyland" and many celebrities felt honored to be invited to this shooting.


What makes a photo magical?

We all know that art family photo editing gives the photograph atmosphere, color, make photos magical and beautiful — perfect. For me, photos are the main idea, the transfer of man's inner world, his feelings and emotions.


Wedding photography post processing services

 Now anyone needs to go through in Lightroom or Photoshop. It is something without which it is simply impossible to get a good digital photograph, according to the vast majority of users of digital cameras, which called photographers, even beginners, I do not dare.

Therefore, you need to remember that real photographers use only Lightroom and Photoshop for labor-process their images.

Everything else is not true and nothing else.


How to learn the art treatment for the photographer?!

There are many video tutorials on post processing and they are all wonderful to talk and show you how to remove skin blemishes, faces and figures. There are a lot of useful information in our Blog for example: Basics for photographers: how to edit wedding photos 

The problem with these lessons is that their authors often do not have sufficient professionalism not to tell about when and where you stop.

The appearance of the girls, after a similar artistic treatment, is even more appalling.

In General, the lessons for the treatment of many labor-processing are too much. Otherwise the will not be true. So you can see some photo retouch before and after


Fairytale wedding pictures post processing. 

1) a Little theory.

• Inspiration. 

• The picture even before post pressing the camera. 

• The creation of an image.

• The fit of the model. 

• The shooting process. 

• Color - as the basis of artistic photography.

• The color circle what is and "what it eats".

• The compatibility of colors. 

• The volume in the photo. 

• Methods of transmission volume when shooting and when post processing.


2) The starting point: RAW and how to cook.

• Basic processing of the RAW file nuances. 

What can and should be done in RAW already at the stage of basic treatment.

3) Work with the composition - cropping, transformation, stretching of the frame elements of collage.

4) Retouching.

• Frequency decomposition "for the lazy".

Draw a volume light shadow (Yes, the same dodge & burn).

Eyes, nose, eyebrows, lips, hair, hands, and work with the facial features of the model: create your own ideal.

Work with the body, clothing, and face: plastic - the strongest tool Retoucher.


5) Displacement, light, accents.

• The volume in the photo.

• Accents on photography.

Trivia - important! What to look for when working with light and shadow.

Lighting effects (rays, glare) - how, where, why and how much. 

6) Color - different methods, different effects.

• Choose harmonious colors.

• Popular and nice color combination. Split-toning.

• How to match colors in practice. Learn to work with the cooler.

• How to make the colors juicy, but not "nuclear". Learning how to make a picture full.

What tools when and how to apply curves, gradients, gradient map, color balance, selective color correction, photo filters ...and it all good to use.


7) Plugins for Photoshop.

• The most popular and interesting plugins in Photoshop. 

An overview of the main filters and presets in plugins effects vintage, vanilla, BW and toning, beautiful sharpness and contrast, color correction, "cine", film effects, grain.

One click - ready processing: creating recipes (presets) in the plugin.


8) Brushes and textures 

• Draw glowing fireflies, light spot, glare, dust, fog/haze, petals.

• Texture - what how to use.

Create a painting effect on your photo. Noise, grain, blur.

Softness and luminosity effect soft focus.

9) Preparing photos for publication on the Internet.

• Sharpness and clarity.


We hope that this article can help you, but you should understand how it is important to use wedding photo editing services. If you are interested in it you can find our photo retouching rates. We wish a lot of luck in your work and we will be glad to work with you. 

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