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What do the getting ready wedding photos holds?

 In preparing for the wedding, attention should be paid not only to the images of the bride and groom, the venue, but also to the choice of the photographer, videographer and wedding attendant. Why it is so important?

A long-awaited holiday is approaching – the day of love, the day of your wedding! All future honeymoon couples want that on this day everything goes smoothly and perfectly. A charming bride, an elegant bridegroom, proud and excited parents, and the closest people who came to share this joy with you! Preparing for the wedding that all went exactly so, you need very responsibly come up and think through everything to the smallest detail. Ideally, if all these efforts you can trust the wedding agency. Their experience and proven base will help to hold a wedding at a high level. If, pre-wedding cares will be assigned to the newlyweds and their relatives, it will be necessary to make a lot of efforts. But even this is possible. In preparing for the wedding, due attention should be paid not only to the images of the bride and groom, the venue, but also to the choice of the photographer, videographer and wedding attendant.


An important and bright wedding day, newlyweds, of course, will want to capture and preserve the most beautiful and touching cadres for memory. As a rule, photography begins in the house of the bride – the photographer collects the brightest moments of gathering the bride for the wedding celebration and makes the most popular must have wedding photos, and then takes the arrival of the groom. Already at this stage, many brides begin to panic and ponder how to accommodate invited guests in an apartment or a small house, where to hold a meeting, and at the same time be able to calmly start a wedding photo session. For this simple reason, more and more often young couples decide to spend the bride's preparations in a rented house or hotel.

At the majority of newlyweds, the morning of the bride and groom causes associations of turmoil and unrest. But if you prepare in advance for such an event and carefully think through all the nuances, you can have a wonderful time before the wedding and at the same time capture the most exciting shots.


Many brides refuse to shoot getting ready wedding photos because of pre-wedding excitement, fear of facing the camera in an “unaesthetic” way. But it's important to capture all the pre-wedding stories, and here it's impossible to do without the morning, which starts the most significant day in the life of every girl. In addition, photographers, in order to hide any lowlights, can always turn to tricks of photo retouch before and after. In this article, we will discuss the features of shooting bride’s and groom preparations and several photo-images for atmospheric photographs.

Where to start the getting ready wedding photography?

The morning of the bride and groom is the first stage of the wedding photo session, in which it is important to make beautiful photos; because these pictures will inchoate the photo-chronology of the whole wedding day.


In order for the morning photo session to be successful, the positive attitude is very important, the other factors are secondary, the solution of which the photographer will take. It must be remembered that even a very beautiful interior cannot replace the sincere smile of the bride or the groom's face in anticipation of meeting with the beloved. When preparing for the wedding, all possible irritating factors should be minimized, try to delegate all routine tasks to the wedding decorator or the surrounding people.

A common mistake at this stage of the wedding is incorrect timing. Often, the wedding stylist is late with the completion of the wedding image of the bride, due to which the time allotted for the photo session is reducing. To prevent this, it is necessary to discuss this moment with the “image-maker” and it is possible to start working on the hairdo and make-up even earlier. Fortunately, men do not face such problems, they have already made their choice and, perhaps, participated in one secret photo session, which they themselves ordered “Love-story making or how to take photos for a marriage proposal

Getting ready wedding photos of bride’s morning and let the whole world wait


How does the morning of the bride begin? It starts with awakening in the joyful anticipation of one of the most vivid and exciting moments in the life of any girl – her own wedding. This special day will bring a lot of happy emotions, but this morning is the last few minutes of peace and quiet before the maelstrom of events. A flurry of forthcoming organizational arrangements for the fabulous transformation of Cinderella into a princess will glimpse in the head for a thousand times. Every girl wants everything to pass like in rainbow dreams.

Much is already done: a luxurious wedding dress hangs on a hanger, waiting for its stellar hour, perfect manicure is done, a make-up artist and a hairdresser are invited, and getting ready wedding photography is planned.

What includes the morning getting ready wedding photos? Bride's preparations are the beginning of a wedding day, the most touching and romantic part. Without it, there will not be a complete history of the celebration.


The locations of the morning photo shoot:

• Rented hotel rooms and chic apartments with impressive interiors and high-quality interior lighting.

• Shooting at home: in the apartment or parent's home.

Beautiful views, exquisite interiors and stylish decor are important, but do not be discouraged if you could not realize this rich idea. The main cadres here are portrait photos, objective shooting of process of preparing and wedding attributes: dresses, a bouquet, adornments, and accessories.

When arranging an event at home, it is desirable to simply maximize the space from unnecessary items. Adding a couple of creative decorative elements, emphasizing the theme of the holiday, you can get no less spectacular photos. 

Remember: only the good mood of the bride and others and the skill of the photographer will guarantee high quality photos.


The wedding is a family event, where all the characters create a warm home atmosphere. Practice shows that the most significant and spectacular events take place in the morning, at the ceremony and during the banquet. Just such events become the key to success in reportage shooting! Take your time, try to feel the mood of others and transfer it to the pictures.

Choosing a place for getting ready wedding photography, be sure to consider the wishes of the bride, but remember the main thing – the room should be light and spacious, preferably with light tight curtains for the variability of lighting. If there are still a lot of extra items in the apartment or house, one wonderful wedding photo editing service will help, where you can add effects to the photo or replace the background. But ideally, when the preparations, photosession, registration and banquet are held in one place, because there far easier to organize beautiful photo zones.


If laughter prolongs life, then the bride's gatherings with girlfriends will make you younger than 10 years! The girls themselves know how best to pose in front of the camera, but you can always ask them to lace up the bride's dress, spread the veil, make coffee and other must have wedding photos, which everyone has. To get such pictures:

• Select at least two or three hours from the total timing for shooting. 

• Ask the bride to prepare all the wedding accessories (including rings) in advance and put them together in one place. This will not only save time, but shoot everything at once.


• Make friends with the bride's stylist to make shots with her participation.

• You can play the favorite songs chosen by the newlyweds as a music background

• Ask questions and provoke emotions.

• Shoot more, shoot from different angles: the girls like to choose their own photos, which they like more.

Details in details. Just imagine how much time was spent to try on a dress, shoes, and a choice of accessories, handbags, ribbons, jewelry and even perfume. The task of the photographer is not to miss the details, so try to get to the place of preparations in advance and allocate to the shooting for at least 20 minutes.

Do not shoot everything; try to imagine how these cadres would look in the album. Experiment with a contrasting background; use the sunlight from the window to place accents. Try to arrange objects in a natural order: for example, shoes are always on the bottom, earrings or glasses at the top.

Dear mother is always next to us. Years later, photos with the mother for the bride will be the most valuable and expensive. Ask the bride’s mother to help the wife-to-be with a dress, veil or just give instructions to her beloved daughter, and you will see how a cocktail of emotions will overwhelm the two closest and most loved people on earth. The bride's getting ready are an excellent opportunity to make classic joint portraits with parents, and each photographer will necessarily turn to family photo editing so that such photos can be proudly shown to everyone else. Watch the children, their curiosity knows no bounds! Very often they fall into the center of events, trying on the bride's dress or watching the main character.

The portrait of the bride. When the preparation is over, it's time to make some beautiful portraits. It can be a classic filler or side light from a window. The photographer, in some cases, can make a detailed-portrait shooting without using the common space, make atmospheric photographs on the “narrow” lens – hands, earrings, curls, kit-cat portraits, silhouette photos by the window.


Recently, boudoir-style footage that has become very harmonious with the overall photo shoot of “The Morning of the Bride” has started to be popular; you can find more about it here in article “New trends in boudoir bridal photography”.

Every bride wants to keep all the trembling moments of her happiest day, but a boudoir photo session often causes a lot of questions. After all, not every bride has a good figure and will dare to such shots. It does not matter! Because it is not necessary to appear in underwear, the bride looks very feminine in a beautiful silk dressing gown, what warm and soft and peaceful cadres come out. Do not deprive yourself of such beauty. The first step is to choose the place where the morning of the bride and groom will take place. It can be a house room if you live separately, a wooden house or a room in a hotel. But it must be a bright room, decorated in neutral colors or in the color of your wedding so that photos do not get out of the rest of your day's photos. 


Think of accessories for shooting, hangers for a dress and a suit, vases for a bouquet, cushions with rings, printing. A neat breakfast tray, fresh flowers or accessories in a common wedding style. Prepare a small entourage for shooting a bouquet, shoes, garters and other pleasant and such important trifles. Take some ideas for this type of photo shoot, “The best wedding boudoir photo shoot ideas – How to surprise a husband”, after many years these photos will please the bride with her husband.


Brides, do not hesitate to let the photographer in your morning and move away from the standard shooting fees, let's do the beauty together!

If you observe traditions, and joint getting ready with the future husband do not include into your plans, then taking off the morning of the bride, do not ignore the morning of the groom.

Minimalistic groom getting ready photos

The bride at the wedding is the “queen of the ball” and all attention is focused on her, especially during the preparations. But let's not forget about the groom: behind seeming indifference to putting on a bow-tie and tying shoelaces is hiding the desire not only to remember this day forever, but also to feel like a superhero of the eponymously-named wedding blockbuster.


For the photographer, the groom's getting ready differ from the bride's ones primarily by the approach and attitude of the main characters to the actual photography. Men, as a rule, do not like to pose, so your task becomes more complicated. You should not just take pictures; try to make the process of shooting fascinating and be ready to turn it into a game, if necessary.

The groom, like a real man, should be ready before the bride. Therefore, he will have to get up early, take a shower and tune in for a hard, but extremely happy day. The groom, as well as the bride needs breakfast. And then start the men's preparations for the wedding, and be sure to pay attention to groom getting ready photos.


The best man at the wedding is the main assistant and support of the groom. He must monitor the time and compliance with the planned scenario. Of course, at the crack of down the groomsman should be at the place and help him in preparations and also participate in the photoset.

Photos of the groom are better to do from afar, watching him and not breaking his personal space, when close attention is important to the bride. Nevertheless, to achieve successful results, there must be full trust and mutual understanding between the photographer and the groom on the shooting.

You can start shooting with details. The photographer can ask the groom what is the most important for him: it can be a watch presented by the father or a tie that the bride chose.


To groom getting ready photos turned out beautiful, funny and interesting at the same time, and also surprised the bride, here are some tips:

1. Refrain from banal shots.

Very often the first thing that comes to mind to a wedding photographer at the groom's preparations is to shoot how he dresses. Break stereotypes – even if you are photographing the moment of dressing, try not to direct the process bluntly. Your task is to catch an interesting moment before dressing or, conversely, after. Reporting and naturalness are the keys to visual success.


Use the top and bottom points of shooting, sharp angles. This will help to take a fresh look at the banal plot.


2. Turn the shooting of groom getting ready photos into the game

Nothing put the wind in shooting as a sincere interest and curiosity. Ask the groom to open champagne, help the bride or even brush his teeth: any action will open the possibility for an interesting reportage snapshot.

3. Add the dynamics

Men were born to act – act and you. Nothing will revive your picture as much as creating a motion in the cadre.


4. Do not forget the details

Sometimes during the shooting of preparations it is not necessary to place a direct emphasis on the groom. Try to use the interior as a means to arrange semantic and visual accents. It can be details of both the location for it and the environment around you.

5. A friend in need is a friend indeed and at preparations too

The friends of the groom make the getting ready special. There is no more natural and friendly environment than when the faithful comrades gather together. In this situation, you can simply watch the events from the side, only occasionally referring the guys. But remember the main thing – the groom is always in the center of events!


It is high time for bridegroom’s portrait. While filming the groom's preparations, remember that your main task is to tell the story of this day, to convey emotions and mood. Do not interfere in the process without the need, and involved in it, make sure that the nature of the groom in the photos remained alive and sincere.

Morning with friends of the bride: Funny bridesmaids pictures

To dive from the very morning into the festive and cheerful atmosphere of a wedding day is possible by spending the getting ready with the bridesmaids. Girls can arrange a joint breakfast; pick up clothes in one style: for example, bathrobes and pajamas for shooting in the hotel or light dresses for a photo shoot in nature.


In ancient Rome, the bride and groom called for the wedding of friends, so that they would drive away evil spirits from them. Nowadays, the groom's friends are responsible for humor and good mood during the celebration, and girlfriends create coziness and beauty. Let's figure out how best to photograph the bridesmaids, so as not only to not miss anything, but also to create original shots.

Acquaintance with bridesmaids can begin even before the wedding. For example, a bachelorette party is an excellent occasion to make interesting pictures. It is very important to establish emotional contact with all friends; this will give you a huge advantage on the wedding day. Of course, the girls-photographers will not face with this problem and, perhaps, they do not even have to resort to wedding photography post processing services, because the gimmick is to get live photos. But the male photographer can do it all, the main thing is to be sincere, understanding and with a sense of humor.


The morning of the bride in the company of the best girlfriends is considered to be a very bright and entertaining event. It is important to catch the mood, emphasizing the nature and individuality of each girl. Not everyone can immediately be liberated in front of the camera, so put on the shooting for at least 3 hours – starting from the preparations and ending with a walk.

Girls are easier than the guys engage and with pleasure are posing in front of the camera. The story can be both reportage, about the bride's getting ready, and staged, with notes of fun and fooling around. For example, ask the girls to help the bride with a dress or tell a story about her beloved friend – emotional and funny bridesmaids pictures are guaranteed!


If still nothing happens, go for a while “on the defensive side”: try to be inconspicuous (do not use the flash) and watch what's happening from the side. Do not be afraid to experiment and avoid stereotypes. Each wedding is unique and dictates the mood and genre in which the shooting will take place.

The shooting in details. Every girl likes to dress beautifully, and a wedding is an excellent occasion to combine business with pleasure: nothing will decorate this grandiose event like bright colored girlfriend dresses or beautiful details (for example, bouquets, and stylish flower bracelets). Correctly selected details are one of the key moments in the successful shooting of girlfriends.


You can shoot and classic wedding still-lifes, and peeped details during the getting ready and throughout the wedding. When photographing a large group of girls in the same outfits, use the rhythm (alternating objects in the cadre) as the main compositional technique.

Very often the details are associated with whole family stories (for example, a hair clip given by a grandmother, a handkerchief from a best friend, etc.). Show yourself as a photojournalist, catching the most valuable and significant moments for the bride, and you can also make funny bridesmaids pictures, when the girlfriends will help the bride dress the wedding gown or when they will rouge their lips or make the finishing touches before the groom's arrival.


Now, when everyone is ready, we are waiting for a wedding photo session, which is worth to invite and bridesmaids. They not only support the main character, but also create a bright emotional contrast, infecting everyone with their fervent laughter.

Do not forget about the classic group portraits, where everyone looks to the camera or to the bride. Such pictures will stay out of the time and perfectly complement the wedding album. When shooting on the street, try to avoid direct sunlight, this will save you from uneven shadows and overexposure on their faces. In extreme cases, take pictures against the sun, in the back light, then no one will frown.


A few staging ideas of must have wedding photos of the bride's preparations

As a rule, a photo session of the bride at home always takes place according to one scenario, with the addition of only small details to the discretion of the model itself. Everything starts from the moment of make-up and creating a hairstyle. Of course, this point is often in the early morning, so professional photographers advise the brides to sleep well before the photo session, have time to have breakfast and take a shower. The first thing is better to makeup, so that the photographer begins the shooting with the finishing touches. Then in the frame will not get sleepy and without make-up faces. The process of styling the hairstyle can also be omitted by making only a few pictures at the beginning and at the final stage. After this, enough attention is paid to dressing the bride in a bridal gown. Here you can play around this process in various ways. For example, take shots how the bride shows her girlfriends or bridesmaid the outfit or first admire them alone in solitude. In any case, at this stage of the photo session, you should discuss with the bride the most successful poses for her, so that the outfit and the model are equally in the center of attention.


Here are the most commonly used ways of such shooting:

• Awakening. There is only a slight hint of frankness. Especially gently and aesthetically look pictures of negligently thrown silk dressing gown, an air cloud of veils against white bedding.

• Morning tea. Porcelain service in pastel colors with a romantic floral pattern will strengthen the gentle image of the bride.

• Creating an ideal harmonious image: make-up, finishing touches of a stylish wedding hairstyle.

• Magic transformation: lacing dresses, wearing shoes, innocent photos of stockings or garters on a delicate leg, a timid happy smile by the mirror.


In addition, you will receive casual, lively, especially emotional shots of an incomparably beautiful bride. The getting ready give the girl the opportunity to emotionally prepare for the upcoming celebration, tune in to the shooting, get used to the photographer and just be herself, the princess.

After preparation, several shots of the final stage should be taken, for example spraying the perfume to the skin, dressing shoes and waiting for the groom immediately. Further, the final plot of the photo session of the morning of the bride will necessarily follow, when the meeting of the bride and groom takes place, after which they will be inseparable.

Actually, here there are the variants of the most popular venues for the morning of the bride. We hope that this article will help you in preparing for the wedding; you will learn something new or change the decision in the right direction. Photographers must necessarily pre-voice their prices for services and photo retouching rates. And, beautiful brides remember: a wedding is your big and happy day, in which you need to leave questions about preparations, trusting professionals and just enjoying your love.

Do not be afraid to experiment and move away from the canons, do something unusual and individual, something that you like – only then you can get a real pleasure from this day!


So the wedding morning came to the end. Now that our bride is ready, the groom will come for her, and ahead of them there is a celebration! We want to wish you interesting pictures that will inspire you and everyone around you.


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