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Street wedding photography - inspiring pictures

Are you tired of ordinariness? Are your looking for creativity? This article is for you. In this blog post we're going to discribe the street wedding photography and the most unusual photographers who shoot in this direction.

Are you tired of ordinariness? Are your looking for creativity? This article is for you. Nowadays, wedding photography is developing rapidly, as the photography overall. The new genres and aspects are appearing every day. The wedding photographers create something extraordinary to surprise people and make their works unique. The photography is not traditional and the same as the century ago. With time flowing, our tastes and vision have been changing. We have new trends and new ideas. We prefer something gripping, something, which inspires us and doesn’t leave our mind. The more people adore the photographer’s masterpiece, the higher professional level he has.

The street wedding photography is a relatively new way of shooting in wedding photo business. We are used to the traditional wedding photos with usual poses and backgrounds. However, the new century is time to change everything dramatically. The photographers are looking for new ways of shooting. They create modern shots without the elements of old well days. The present-day wedding has new trends and the photography is not the exception. So, the street wedding photography is becoming popular. The photographers capture the connection between the lovely couple and familiar landmarks of the native or alien city. Let us observe the street wedding photographers of the world and their out of the box images. You also will have a chance to get to know the street photography tips, reading until the end.

Worldwide wedding street photographers and their works

The photographer has different purposes and ways of inspiration, creating the wedding street photography.  Someone like the architecture of the city, aiming to emphasize the majesty of the medieval buildings and monuments. Others like to show the connection between the couple and modern city life, this hustle and bustle, targeting to stresses on their inner peace and love. Every photographer has his own vision on the same things. So, we presented your attention the worldwide renowned professional photographers and their street wedding shots. Let’s enjoy them!

1. Creek street photography. 

The creek street photography is a friendly and pleasant photography studio, which are managed by husband and wife team Anna and Ronny in Sydney. They are working with wedding, baby and portrait photography. They find the wedding precious and momentous day. Their propose is to capture emotions and special moments of the unique wedding store. Their street wedding photos are bright and incredible. The greatness of the buildings is amazing.

2. Janson Groupp

The Janson Groupp’s wedding photography experiences the individuality of every couple he works with. All members of his team are fond of photography and everybody is the unique master.  He has his own style on Manhattan’s streets. The Jason Group” was found to revolutionize traditional wedding photography in New York. Janson immediately creates a sense of place in every shot. He captures the relationship between just married and city streets. The way of creating a sense of intimacy between couple and a familiar landmark helps him to earn customers from around the world. 

3. ATEIA  Photography

It is a team of professional wedding photographers, working in Australia. They have passion for what they do. The photographer’s team has high level and they are continuing to gain reputation. They shoot 300 weddings internationally and around the world every year. Their street wedding photography is specific and very marvelous. Focusing on the love and passion of the couple, the photographer wants to show that nothing will be bigger than love in their life. Time passes, the love stays forever. The couple is inseparable unit. 

4. Eric O’Connor

Eric O’Connor has his own photography studio in Chicago. He finds approach to every his client and the way to shoot then. He makes people feel comfortable. His aim is to capture natural emotions and broad smiles. His street wedding photos have the look of greatness of the couple and bigger greatness of the large city. How small the couple looks, but which ginormous emotions supercharge them. Eric’s images are captured in soft tones, what creates cozy atmosphere. 

5. Josh and Debra Jones

J Jones photography studio are in great request in South Carolina. Their target is to take beauty and emotions of the wedding. Josh’s way of shooting is unusual. You will not feel strained and nasty, working with them. He with his wife are high-qualified specialists in wedding photography. Which angle to choose and how to choose a wedding background is better are not the problems for them. The quality and customer’s satisfaction are two ideas they are following. The image, reproducing the passionate kiss in the middle of the main street is wonderful. The night, lights and silence give this image something magic. It looks like a fairytale. The couple seems to think about nothing.

Of course, we have presented not the whole list of street wedding photographers. Our world is boundless and we cannot collect all photographers in one article. Therefore, we prepared the list of the photographers, whose works surprised us most of all. Their works are lively and reproduce true emotions and it means that the author find individual approach and he is crackerjack. To improve your photography we recommend you to observe tips for wedding street photography. 

Tips for street wedding photography. 

The photographer, as any other master of his work, can read and listen to tips for many times. The best way to improve your photography is the practice. Observing the tips is only one part of fruitful job. Learn new things to avoid wedding photo mistakes and begin the photo session. Before you begin, you have to understand to become a great wedding photographer, don’t concentrate only on the photography. First, it is about the approach of the photographer and his behavior. Be open and you will shoot at ease. The preparing must take only 30% of the whole preparation. The other 70% you should enjoy your work, as it is your passion. You must feel how to take the greater image. 

Prepare equipment 

The camera in good order is the main thing for good shooting. Take your camera and observe the settings that are on your best lenses for wedding, make sure you know all the settings, guess the models, work out all the options available on your Speedlite. There were cases when the photographer can’t continuing the shooting due to camera defects and miss the important moments. The skillful handling is the principle of professional photographer. 

Choose the location.

The location is another significant aspect, which you should plan before. We do not mention typical locations and pass on the places of the city. For street wedding photography, every corner will be suitable to take interesting picture. Just choose the right angle. But we recommend you to looking through the photos of famous street wedding photographers and search for locations on the internet. It can be the central square of the city with magnificent palaces.

You will not be mistaken in this case. Take in mind the landmarks, that to have taken before and thought over the angles and poses. Write the shot list not to forget everything. It will be very helpful in such busy day. You know, it is the crucial component of preparing! 

Take a counterfeit wedding.

If you want to be properly ready properly for shoot, take an imitation of the wedding. The experience is priceless. Ask your friends and acquainted couple to help you. Go through the spots and landmarks, you have chosen, and shoot all your ideas. During such work, you will have the opportunity to broad your ideas.  

Don’t afraid of the bad weather. 

Every season is beautiful for street wedding shooting. It is no matter if it is snowy winter or sunny summer day. You can take amazing pictures of any weather conditions. If it is rain or snowfall, take umbrella and blanket. It makes you photo cute and cozy.

Nighttime shooting is amazing.

Think about the nighttime shots. They can be very beautiful, but it is more complicated. It takes a lot of time to set up, light, and execute shots in the dark. A good photographer has plenty of ideas and may need time to experiment with poses, angles, composition, and lighting. But the best time for shooting is the late afternoon or early evening. 

We hope these basic tips will make your street wedding photography better and the works of professional photographers will inspire you. Hoverer, the one more tip is left. Take into consideration the achievement of perfection is provided by photo editing service. There are often unwanted elements on the photo or the light is not enough bright. Their drawbacks can be corrected.

We recommend you our photography post processing services. Our skillful photo editors are ready to help you with your photos. The advanced edit is their work. If you like accuracy, order, and perfect production, you will not be wrong, sending your photos to us. Moreover, our cheap photo editing prices will please you. We are fully confident, you will be satisfied by our work.  

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