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The Best Celebrity Photos Of All Time

The celebrities wedding are eye-popping. They are always associated with gold jewelry, miraculous decorations, sophisticated dishes and specific destinations. Find here only the best ones of all time.

The life of pop stars, outstanding actors and famous worldwide people are in the crosshairs. Different moments of their life appear in mass media and shock the readers. The fans always want to know kicky news first. They are following the celebrity’s lives and want to be in the swim. It considerers not only celebrities career, but also their private life. Such moments as childbirth, vacation photos or some meetings strike the readers. However, what strike them the most? It is the celebrity’s relationships and their development. Who have divorced? Who dates and with him? The latest scandals and gossips.

We decided to present your attention the most wonderful day in every couple’s relationships development. You might already guess, it is wedding day! The gorgeous wedding with precious wedding dresses and extraordinary destinations. All this may surprise the readers. The celebrities wedding are eye-popping. They are always associated with gold jewelry, miraculous decorations, sophisticated dishes and specific destinations. May be this is the reason of high inquiry of wedding photos and stories of wedding. We would like to present your attention the most beautiful celebrity weddings. We will also surprise you the best celebrity’s weddings, celebrities wedding dresses and destination. Let’s see these majestic photos and enjoy stories of celebrities.

The most beautiful celebrity weddings.

The fans always follow their favorite celebrities and are aware with the hottest news. The fascinating celebrity weddings is one of the main topic for discussion. To see the more covers with celebrities, read the article Esquire magazine - extraordinary style of High End photo editing. Some celebrities like to shoсk their fans with such claims. They are in the swim of relationships development, preparing for the wedding and its planning. We want to say that the celebrities always succeed to strike their follower with wedding details. However, there are such celebrities, who keep in secret their wedding plans and don’t bring to public notice. We have collected the photos of different years, and you can see some differences, as the photography industry is developing every day. If you want to learn more about USA wedding and portrait photo sphere, read the article Everything about US wedding industry. So, let’s observe the most beautiful celebrity weddings. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton

The celebration of the wedding in Royal family took place in 2011 in London. The wedding was held according to the all Royal traditions. Gorgeous bride dressed in the Alexander McQueen dress was remarked by 26 million of people. 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

The celebrity couple has many fans. This wedding was highly anticipated.  The wedding took place in Florence in 2014. The couple surprised with their celebrity weddings dresses. The bride looked remarkable long-sleeved dress by Givenchy, while the stylish three-piece suit disturb the attention of fans.

If you want to get more information how Kim Kardashian uses wedding photo editing service, read the article The way Kim uses wedding photo editing services. In addition, if you are big fan of this celebrity, look through the following articles: Best nudes of Kim Kardashian – boudoir photo editing or natural beauty? and Myth or Reality: Kim Kardashian without Photoshop. 

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt 

For many years the followers of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt has overseen the relationships of this celebrity couple. One of the most beautiful celebrity weddings took place in France in 2014. Angelina Jolie impressed with her angelic Atelier Versace gown. Their kids were present at the wedding, and helped with dress decoration. Her dress is an expression of her children’s creativity. To get such appealing photo, the photographer might use the family photo editing. 


Ivanka Trump and Jared Kusher

One of the most gorgeous and expensive celebrity’s weddings. Ivanka Trump, the daughter of recently elected American president, was inspired by race Kelly's classic gown. Vera Wang is the designer of this brilliant gown. The wedding was held at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster. 

Beyonce and Jay Z

This couple kept in secret their wedding by the end, until the couple was spotted picking up their marriage license. The couple decided to celebrate their wedding on the day, when the both had a birthday. The wedding looked specific by virtue of 70.00 white orchids. 

Elizabeth Taylor and Conrad Hilton

Elizabeth Taylor is famous for her charm and unique appearance, what may be made her bride 7 times. The marriage with Conrad Hilton is one of the first four marriages. It took place in 1950. The couple looked so sweet, so we decide to reckon among best celebrity weddings. Too bad they spent together, as a family, only a year. 

Stunning celebrity weddings dresses and destinations

The wedding looks and its place are also important for every wedding celebrating.  They create the intimate atmosphere. The way of choosing is induvial couple. Some couples prefer sophisticated celebrations and spend millions of dollars. The others like to stay away from press interesting and to have demure celebration in cozy atmosphere. Read the article Destination Wedding Photography to found out great samples of wedding destination photography. The celebrities impressed us with their choices of wedding dresses as well as destinations. We collected the most extraordinary ones. You will be astonish by the wedding dresses photos and wedding destination photos of all times. 

Kelly Clarkson and Brandon Blackstock

This couple opts for the shy wedding celebration. The wedding took place in Blackberry Farms, Tennessee in 2013 and it is considered amazing spot on the earth. Such choice Kelly explained by the words “Our whole life is a celebration”. That is why, they choose cozy intimate place for celebration. The bride prefer full-sleeve Temperley Bridal  dress. 

John Lennon and Yoko Ono

The couple had a classic wedding. It was one of the iconic weddings of 70’s. They refused from expensive gorgeous looks. The bride wore simple tennis shoes, knee socks, white felt hat and mini-dress. The wedding took place at the Rock of Gibraltar. It is great idea to hold the wedding near the sea or ocean. To know more useful beach wedding photography tips, read the article Beach Wedding Photography Ideas. 


Nicky Hilton and Jame Rothschild

Nicky surprised with her gorgeous Valentino wedding gown. Stunning full-sleeved wedding dress grabbed the attention by millions. The wedding took place in London in  2015. The couple had street wedding photography, what is very frequent for weddings in the cities. If you are tired of ordinary street wedding photos, the article Street wedding photography is for you. You can find there tips and examples of creative street wedding photography. 


Kaley Cuoco and Ryan Sweeting

This wedding brought plenty of gossips. We are used to bright white wedding dresses, but the Kaley’s dress knocks your socks off. She chose a petal-pink strapless tulle ball gown by Vera Wang. This dress is reckon in the best celebrity weddings dresses of all times. The wedding took place on New Years’s Eve in 2013. Winter is good season for wedding photo shooting as well as the others. The article Winter Wedding Style 2016-2017 will be useful for you. You will make sure, how winter wedding photography wonderful is. 


Ellen DeGeneres and Portia di Rossi 

This wedding stroke us by bride as well as by its destination. The couple did not overthought the place for wedding celebration long. The delightful wedding took place in the garden of their home in Beverly Hills in 2008. They decided to devote this day for their love.  The ladies wore Zac Posen on their special day to look fabulous than ever. Look at their wedding photo. The photographer coped with background choosing even in the garden. If you want to improve your photography skills, look through the key tips in the article How to choose background for weddings photos.

Outstanding celebrity weddings 2016

We have listed the best celebrity weddings of all times and found out the extraordinary celebrities wedding dresses and destinations. We notices how the wedding style has changed with years and have one conclusion: you wedding and your rules of celebration. Many celebrities do not follow the latest trends, but create them by themselves. The 2016 ended up and it is high time to observe the magnificent celebrity weddings of this year. We would like to present your attention 5 most sensational celebrity weddings 2016. 

1. Audrina Patridge and Corey Bohan

The couple made their relationships official on November 5.  Audrina and Corey tied the knot in Hawaii. The bride looked stylish with lace dress and red flower in her heir. The groom wore white shirt, khaki pants and suspenders. The 100 guests came to congratulate just married couple. 


2. Ciara and Russell Wilson

The gossips of Ciara and Russell engagement did not leave the covers of popular magazines. Three month lather they had long-desired wedding  at  Peckforton Castle in Chesire, England. The bride wore white dress by Roberto Cavalli. Now the couple is expecting their first child. 


3. Michael Phelps and Enriko Parrish

The couple tied the knot on June in small cozy ceremony in Arizona. The wedding took place near the seaside with dreamy palm trees. The couple did not want to make a display of their married. However, in October, they had second ceremony in Mexico for their fans. 


4. Eva Longoria and Jose Baston

The wedding took place in Mexico in May. The wedding ceremony was very romantic and intimae. The bride wore gregarious gown designed by Victoria Bekham.  Almost 200 guests came to the wedding celebration to congratulate the couple.  

5. Kevin Hart and Eniko Parrish 

After two years of engagement, the couple already decided to get married. The wedding was held in California on August 13. The bride wore Vera Wang gowns, that looked mind-blowing. Two Hart’s children from previous marriage were presented at the ceremony.  


Of course, there were far more celebrities’ weddings in 2016. We selected the best celebrity weddings 2016. Such majestic celebrity weddings images disturb our attention. Their stories surprise us more. The question “How to get such perfect photos?” remains unanswered. We will tell you the secrets of the perfection.


Were best celebrity weddings photos retouched?


It is impossible to imagine the photo without any professional photo montage intervention, especially imaging celebrity wedding photography. The professional wedding photographers use the wedding photography post processing services in any way, as it is the base of photo editing. The wedding photos taking is tense work for photographer, as he has to capture moment and details. To improve skin color or remove the unwanted elements, the photographer uses body retouch

The wedding photo shooting always include the portraits. In this case, the photographer use professional portrait retouching services. The clipping path service helps to manipulate the image, adding some elements or remove them. If you cope with these services not so good, we are ready to help you. 

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