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Top crazy professional wedding photo montage

 There is a multitude of would-be-married couples who would give up a fortune for stupefying and enthralling wedding photos. 

All couples are in constant pursuit of creative and mesmerizing photos. They hire top rated and most sought after photographers, order best quality wedding photography post processing services, do all the possible wedding preparations for their wedding to be the best one, so then can look absolutely amazing. There is a multitude of would-be-married couples who would give up a fortune for stupefying and enthralling wedding photos. 

But not everyone ventures to bring crazy and astoundingly unusual and wedding photo montage ideas into life. There is only a tiny fraction of wedding couples who will eagerly try out something crazy and unexpected for wedding photography. If they are lucky enough, as well as persistent, the will find the right photo artist who will produce gripping and unique professional wedding photos. Sometimes life has its twists and turns and so nobody is protected from failures. In some cases unusual ideas turn out to be a disaster if trusted to an unskilled person or someone lacking of creativeness and professionalism.



What is a wedding montage?

By photo montage in general we mean a process of creating a composite photo image which basically consists of overlapped or rearranged pictures or their separate elements. What is a wedding montage then? When it comes to wedding photo montage there remains, of course, the same principle: several wedding shots are combined together in order to create some specific visual effect or to show more of a couple than it can be seen in a single photo. 

What is more, a wedding photo montage may presuppose that there should be some additional elements which can aid in upholding a wedding theme or just spice things up, making wedding images look more unusual and therefore magnetic. That is the reasons why many couples  tend to gravitate towards wedding photo montage. 

Not all couples are both handy at uniqueness and unusual creativeness. The majority of newlyweds are eager to obtain timeless photo shots that dance around their most important event, as well as invoke sensations, emotions and feelings. Anyway, there are always some couples who would like to stand out from the crowd, to try out something unusual and astound others with their peculiar wedding photo album. For some people, it’s even a chance to make a dream come true or even express their inner world, etc. with the help of a wedding photo montage. Thence, they tend to order such a wedding photo editing service.


In the era of technological diversity everything is possible and anything can be done to wedding images. It all depends on clients and their desires and creativity. What is more, it also depends on the photographer quite a lot. Not every photo artist is capable of being exceptionally creative and ingenious, and thus they don’t usually have extraordinary wedding photo montage ideas that anyone can be amazed by. 

Sure enough there are plenty of skillful and flexible photographers, as we have mentioned on our retouching blog in the article “Luxury Wedding Photographers Are They Demanded?” All professional photographers use the best cameras and lenses to shoot weddings, have a splendid collection of must-have poses for weddings  and perfectly know how to choose the right background for wedding shots

Nevertheless, only some photography artists can create real masterpieces out of wedding photos by means of applying a professional photo montage to them. For such photographers it’s a great possibility to express their creativity, striking imagination, as well as an unusual way of thinking and perceiving the world around them. 

Top 5 wedding photo montage ideas

There may exist different wedding photo trends and styles which mingle with generally accepted ideas of wedding photography, as seen in our article “Winter Wedding Style 2016-2017”. 

Or look, for instance, at Street wedding photography - inspiring pictures are everywhere. There are dozens of great wedding photography editing techniques, like a New Generation of Bridal Black & White Photo Editing which is on the peak of popularity now. 

Some people consider it to be too mainstream and even trite. Consequently, they endeavor to obtain something more memorable and extraordinary, like crazy professional wedding photo manipulation. If it’s really thought through and is done conscientiously, such unusual wedding photos turn out to look amazing and draw a great deal of public attention. Here are some examples which show that crazy wedding photo manipulation may look great and be worth paying attention to.

T-Rex attack 

It may look hilarious but when it’s done in a professional way it seems to not be a bad idea. Dinosaur attacks for wedding pictures are quite a popular idea nowadays. Such photos are usually composed in the following way: there’s a petrifying dinosaur in the background, while the groom and the bride or the whole wedding party runs from it in the foreground, trying to make their faces as amazed as possible. Just look at this shot. It looks quite unusual. No wonder it’s currently one of the trendiest ideas in event photography. 


The Tentacles

This idea features a giant octopus trying to crash the wedding with his slippery mighty tentacles. It looks pretty realistic, as well as interesting due to its oddness. If it wasn’t for an appropriate location, it wouldn’t look so striking. In this case the castle does wonders. 


The Apocalypses

This wedding shot with an interesting wedding photo montage looks really fine. This photographer’s editing techniques are definitely on point. Most importantly, the background is gleaned quite in a good way for this kind of photo image. It makes everything look as if the wedding had been caught by this disaster by surprise in the middle of a peaceful day.


Zombie combat

This very shot has a similar topic with the previous one. The burden is that the day which was supposed to be the most peaceful and full of happiness turns out to be spoiled by a disastrous event. In this case the bride and the groom have to fend for themselves, survive on their own in such a crazy situation. All in all, it doesn’t look scary or abominably but vice verse. It even seems to be fun and quite entertaining. 


Attacked by AT-AT or snowspeeders

This idea is absolutely crazy, that’s for sure. They are all borrowed fro the domain of fantasy, there’s no doubt. Nevertheless, this shot stand out the most due to the general editing techniques and style of this wedding picture. It looks as if it were a shot from some fantasy film which is going to be packed with actions.  


Wedding photo manipulation fails

Not every idea of such a king turns out to look great. It’s natural that people try to amaze each other. They have to try out something new, concoct new ideas which weren’t utilized in the photography world before. It’s quite understandable. However, some attempts look just ridiculous. In most cases that is due to the lack of editing quality or the idea is just way too extravagant and carried out in a poor way. Here is one more shot out of chasing series. However it looks absolutely ridiculous since you unintentionally puzzle you brain over the question: “How come the groom chases his would-be wife and the quests, and how did he managed to end up being a giant?” It even makes no sense.

 This wedding was apparently spoiled by an innocent swan… or was it the swim of this swan in the local pond spoiled by a couple? Did they want to escape for their honeymoon in such a way? 

It’s so ridiculous that no word’s can describe this wedding shot. The bride knows hoe to butter her bread. 


We hoped that this one was just a bad joke, but nope, some couple paid for this intentionally. Such a shot will definitely amuse the next generations. Perfect for illustrating comical bedtime stories. 


Some people may have pretty nice ideas able overwhelmed with creativeness and imagination. Unfortunately, not all of them can bring those peculiar ideas to life due to the shortage of necessary wedding photography editing techniques. If you would like to make your ideas come true our company will gladly help you with it. We have highly-skilled and experienced professional photo editors at our disposal who know what they do, but most importantly, adore their work. Besides, our photo editing company has reputable photo retouching rates. As a bonus, it should be added, that we posses highly affordable photo editing prices and our photo retouch before and after examples prove that cheap pricing doesn’t necessarily mean nor very high quality editing! What is more, we are a versatile company and can also supply you with family photo editing, professional portrait retouching services, black and white photo editing, clipping path service and photo culling services, as well as body retouch and many others. We are always glad to give a professional helping hand!

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