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Top Wedding Hashtags On Instagram

Need an Instagram tool that will help your photography services account grow to 5k followers in a week?

Need an Instagram tool that will help your photography services account grow to 5k followers in a week? Top wedding hashtags on Instagram is a must-have marketing strategy for your work to help you attract more traffic to your portfolio/website, more customers, keep your customers around, give more engagement, get more social media followers in several clicks. See how to choose these magic hashtags, when to post and what are the trending 2018 wedding hashtags below. 


Hashtags are also used in Twitter and Facebook, but in Instagram app, they are the main way to find photos. Finding hashtags in Instagram allows people to notice your work while searching, among all the other images of this network.

instagram wedding photography

You can go by generating random hashtags for weddings, or you can go deeper and put the hashtags intelligently for each photo. I will try to make out these two strategies and analyze the top of wedding hashtags not only in the Instagram, but in general.

24 hours wedding hashtags

Top wedding hashtags on Instagram

The most popular hashtags are the ones used for wedding photographs. Among them, you will see thousands of unremarkable photographs, and the same number of interesting ideas on the theme of wedding photography. Despite their popularity, you do not need to insert them all under each photo, 11 is a golden number. More than 11 decrease the number of views in 75%. 

wedding hashtags nteractions on instagram

Think about which audience your photo can attract, and then use it boldly, applying all your hashtag ideas.


Perhaps, the most popular and even a "classic" hashtag on this topic. But a funny fact, 60% of posts with this hashtag #wedding contains the photos or videos completely unrelated to wedding, so I do not recommend using it.


The most popular photos on the wedding are the bride's photo. Those who are just planning a wedding will search for images using this hashtag. They can see examples of your photos and want a photo shoot in your photography style.


I recommend using this hashtag for the key moments of the wedding day - kissing, dancing newlyweds, going out of church and for the group photos, because such pictures perfectly show the mood of the whole holiday.


A great common hashtag for your business services, especially if you use the next hashtag too. Describes what your client will probably be looking for.


Yes, this is a less popular hashtag, but I would call it the most necessary for the photographer. With the help of it, you separate yourself from the total mass of amateur wedding photos, since under this hashtag, you will find the photos taken only by professional photographers.


Photographers who use this hashtag usually share their new thoughts about photography, so you can get an idea of all the funny, modern and sometimes unusual things that other shooters do on the wedding day. Of course, do not forget to suggest something creative from yourself which can become in the list of top wedding hashtags later.


The hashtag used by Weddingku - a wedding planning company in Indonesia. It is used only by the customers of this company and their photographers, so I do not think that you will ever need to use them. 

More interesting and regularly used hashtags:


Basic types of wedding hashtag ideas

Making individual, top wedding hashtags on Instagram for each photo takes much time but is reasonable, since it makes each photo unique. Remember, the individual hashtags should be used together with classical wedding hashtags. Otherwise, people who want to buy a dress or cook a cake will view your photos. 


Each wedding is filled with a huge number of details that you want to consider separately. Usually these are rings, dresses/costumes, invitations, or a wedding cake. You can add the hashtags with these words either.


The bride's dress is the main decoration of the whole wedding, so most photographers prefer to give it individual shots. Together with this hashtag, you can use a hashtag of a designer or a stylist. This will help you post your photo to a wider audience.


Like the dress, the bride's hair is given a lot of attention. Remember this when planning your posts in Instagram.


The way a wedding cake looks is usually planned for a very long time, since this is one of the highlights of the celebration. Using this hashtag, you attract people for whom such a picture is important.


Flowers are an integral part of every wedding, so they are everywhere - in the hands of the bride, on tables, walls and even the ceiling. Try to cooperate with a florist, since using this hashtag will also expand your audience.


Use for the portrait photos of the bride. Discuss the cooperation with the stylist using his/her hashtags.


Often people are looking for interesting places for wedding photos in their city, or they want to hire a shooter from their hometown. Location-related hashtags attract visitors from a specific destination to view your page and photos, and decide whether to use your services or not. In addition to the hashtag of your area, make sure you're using geotags. The geotag that you use must match one of the location hashtags.


For example, the #newyorkwedding request contains 106,000 publications and binds the photo to a specific location. Couples who decide to hold a wedding in this city will search for a photographer under this hashtag.


Using these hashtags means that you provide your services exactly in the territory of a certain city/state.

HashtagTogether with the geotag, it allows people to find the photos of the place where the photo session was held – destination, palace, restaurant, etc. 

Wedding style

Not every wedding takes place in a restaurant. Nowadays it’s very popular to hold a wedding party at unusual places or during the cold season. Each client will have some vision on his or her wedding day, some kind of style. While shooting not a classical wedding, do not forget to use the hashtags of the photography styles you used to attract customers who just want to hold the wedding in this format. These hashtags demonstrate the different types of weddings that you shoot, so potential customers can imagine what their wedding day will look like in this style.


Probably, there is nothing more popular than a wedding on the beach, which hashtags were the best wedding hashtags 2015-2017. This kind of wedding will be diluted with the photos near the sea, in the sand, night photos near the fire and the photos in swimsuits. Customers should be sure that you have all the skills and techniques for such photos


The hashtags, which are associated with the season, narrow the circle of customers who will be interested in holding a wedding during this period. This will allow them to be sure that you know a lot about these photos, because inexperienced photographers may have problems with the photos of a bride in a white dress on a white background. Take winter wedding photos, apply free wedding Lightroom presets make final adjustments and post with this hashtag. 


The best wedding hashtag of 2017 is associated with a trend of celebrating wedding using only natural materials for decorations, which are most often held in the forests or near the lake. Perhaps, this trend, like the hashtag, will also be popular and relevant this year, but I think, it will be replaced by the #naturalwedding hashtag which was also in the top of wedding hashtags in 2017.


Thematic weddings are a very popular trend nowadays. Last year's trend was a wedding in the style of the Games of Thrones, where passionate fans dressed, decorated the room and even held the ceremony as close as possible to the style of the TV-show. Cosplay weddings, comic style weddings, Harry Potter, The Lord of the Rings are also popular in the US.

Mind these hashtags too:


Branded hashtag ideas

Create your personal photographer’s hashtag that will allow people to see all the photos you have ever made. Yes, they can go to your account and see your works, but they can not see all the information you previous customers left about your services. Here is a proper usage of the branded photographer’s hashtag - @tecpetaja:

Here we see that the photographer @jaygao_photography used the hashtag #tecpetaja mentioning his work, which will allow other users and customers to evaluate all his works simply by clicking on this hashtag. 

The main rule of creating your hashtag is to come up with a unique name, and then do a search. If the result is zero - boldly use your individual photographer’s hashtag.

 Trending wedding hashtags


This hashtag was always on the top of trending wedding hashtags, but this year #flowerbride / #flowerdress will compete with it, because the dresses made from lightweight fabrics with a lot of natural and artificial colors are popular. #blackweddingdress will also blow up the Instagram. Despite the fact that this is not the most popular choice of brides, but all future brides want to see this amazing dress on the woman.


Wedding parties were always popular, but in 2018 there will be a trend for long and noisy parties, group photos and photos on the move.


Flowers are everywhere, starting with tables, arches, chairs, walls and ending with the ceiling. In addition, single-color bridal bouquets will be in the trend, so do not forget to make an accent on them during photographing the wedding. Also it can be used like funny engagement hashtags. 


On an equal basis with flowers, natural pearls and decoration with stars, space themes will be on top in 2018.


Purple is the choice for those to whom the black color is too extravagant, and the white is bored. The bride and bridesmaids’ dresses, decorations will preferably be in this color, so mind this.

#clearmarquee / #glassmarquee - After Pippa Middleton and her huge glass tent for the wedding, many couples also began to rent tents for the wedding complementing it with a huge amount of greenery and flowers.

Make me a hashtag correctly

On the example below I will show you how to select good hashtags for wedding photo before making a post. It's not difficult - just take a look at the photo and describe it using hashtags.

wedding photography

1. First, take a few common hashtags - #wedding, #weddingphotography, #weddingphotographer and, of course, #bride.

2. Let's go through the details:

• The main decoration of the photo is the bride's dress, so #weddingdress

• Since the bride is holding a bouquet, we use #weddingflowers

• The photo shows the bride and puts an emphasis on her appearance and to expand the circle of people who will see the photo - we use the suitable hashtag #weddingbeauty

3. Set the geotag for the photo and hashtag of the location. Here I have #temeculawedding. If I work as a photographer in this territory, I will also put #temeculaweddingphotographer.

4. Since the background is an old building with green plants, I think that the hashtag #ecowedding along with #naturalwedding is what I need.

5. Finally, you must specify your personal hashtag and hashtag of the wedding if it is available:  #«personal_photographer_hashtag», #«personal_wedding_hashtag».

Top hashtag generator Instagram

They say it's useless to select top wedding hashtags on Instagram for each photo because it’s a waste of time. The best choice would be to use a free hashtags generator, store the results on your smartphone and insert them under each post. I don’t quite agree with it, because I think that no photographer wants his/her photographs of a bride a wedding dress, to be found when searching for #weddingdj. You can just be hated for such things. Believe me, your customers do not want this either.

I reviewed the top free random hashtags generators on request #wedding, let's compare their results.


all hashtag 

As we see, the most top-level hashtags are gathered here, but what confuses me - everything is mixed up. I do not know who wants to put #weddingcake together with #weddinghair, if it's not a picture of the cake on someone's head. And pay attention to #weddingku, as I mentioned earlier this is a hashtag that is better not to use in your posts.

Top-hashtags - Top hashtag generator Instagram

top hashtags

This service offers a convenient list for selecting the hashtags according to their popularity in Instagram, placing the most frequently used at the top. Plus of this generator hashtag is that you can find out about the popularity of various hashtags without going to Instagram. Perhaps the best free generator for Instagram hashtags.



A very simple and user-friendly service that gave me the results that were different from the previous websites. The list includes the hashtags that are used all over the world, here is the Italian #noiva, and the Russian #свадьба, and the Portuguese #casamento hashtags. But I'm more than confident that you do not need to promote your business in Portugal, unless you are certainly its resident.

Instagramtags - random hashtag generator


There is no open search in this service. To find the hashtags for weddings, you need to enter the Holidays section, which is not very convenient. The results are too generalized. Such hashtags a #happy #love #forever #smiles #together are suitable for engaged couples, but not for professional photographers.



As well as the previous website, the service prefers an inconvenient partition system. It seems to me, that they stole a list of hashtags from Instagrantags, or vice versa, because there are too many common hashtags for personal wedding photos, but not for wedding professional photographer’s photos. And I also noticed that the hashtags are often repeated in this list, for example, #party is used 3 times. Guys, can you fix this bug? 

Hashtag generator for wedding

More than half of all US weddings now have their own hashtag. They place it at the entrance, on the invitation cards and even on the napkins. It allows you to collect all the photos of the holiday made not only by the photographer but also by the guests attending the wedding. Most often, to have a hashtag exactly unique, they use generators of wedding hashtags. Be aware, that wedding hashtag generators can create the various puns, instead of regular hashtags. Using random names John Smith and Mary Smith, I checked and compared the quality of the results on the following websites.

Ewedding - Instagram hashtags generator


Service Ewedding offers a convenient creation of a wedding booklet step by step, starting with the creation of a hashtag. Surprisingly, they were not very good at this task. As we can see, there are 79 hashtags generated, but we can not see them all at once! You have to click on this arrow 79 times to see all the results, it's terrible.



These guys developed the idea of the previous service and made it more convenient. Yes, you also can not see all the results, and the hashtags are often repeated, but there is a distinctive function – “add to list”. If you like a hashtag, you simply add it to the list below. This is very convenient and you do not need to constantly copy the hashtag you like into a separate document.



Here is my choice of the best hashtag generator for wedding! The entire list of hashtags is in front of you, they are divided into 3 subgroups - simple, advanced and wedding hashtags with your lastnames. You just choose what you like and create a booklet from a huge number of templates.

Hashtag generator bachelorette

You can come up with your own hashtag for a bachelorette party, but to be honest - it can be tedious if you did not have a list of creative associations and ideas. I suggest using hashtag generators for the bachelorette party, but unfortunately, almost all of them are paid and cost about $20 for 5 hashtags. Before you paying, try using the services of the following site.



This site offers you a free list of, probably, the best bachelorette party hashtags. Some results will be stupid, but there are amusing and interesting hashtags, which remind funny bachelorette party sayings.

Best hashtag generator apps

Since Instagram is primarily an application for smartphones, it will be more convenient to use the generators via smartphones. Let's look at the most popular hashtag generator apps available in the App Store.



The best hashtag generator app for the Instagram. Very simple and nice interface, you just launch the application, enter the desired request and you are provided with a list of more than 50 hashtags, as well as their popularity. 

Hash Tags

Hash Tags 

There is no search for hashtags, there is only search by headings, like However, you can see only 10-15 hashtags in a small window that can not be increased. When copying them and pasting into your post, you will see the rest.

Best Hashtag - couple hashtag generator

Best Hashtag  

Unlike HashTags, this application allows you to see all hashtags and choose the ones you like, and copy. All hashtags are categorized too.

HashTagged - top wedding hashtags app


I like the design of the application and the ability to save a hashtag set, but otherwise - it's no different from the past two apps.



The design and usability of this program looks like Hashtagger has, even the ability to select a hashtag due to your photo. As you can see it showed nice results, especially in the middle of the list. But I was confused by the emoticons in the search results and the constant request to buy the Premium version. Despite its cons, Hashme is a good and partially free event hashtag generator.



This application also automatically selects a hashtag for your photo, but it does it badly. 95% of the selected hashtags do not fit this photo at all. This is a typical example of a bad app. You will face the advertisement in the end of your hashtags list that is always should to be deleted. This is not a free event hashtag generator, you can use it only 3 times free.

Summing up about top wedding hashtags on Instagram

As you could see, using apps to select the appropriate hashtags for your wedding photos can be convenient, but the results you will have to edit. Therefore, I prefer those applications that allow you to copy the hashtags one by one.

perfect time to post on instagram

When applying hashtags to your photos in Instagram, pay attention to how popular this hashtag is, and how many times each tag was used per hour. Using a frequently used hashtag will briefly put you in the first place under this hashtag, but only for 5-10 minutes. The number of posts under this hashtag does not always mean that it is very often and actively used. For example, #weddingphotographer has 8.9 million posts, but people look for it only 320 times per hour. 

And it’s only about the most active hours, from 6 to 9 a.m. and from 7 to 11 p.m. It is important to take this matter into account when posting your photos, because if you decide to post your work from 10 a.m. up to 4 p.m., then the number of people who see them will be extremely small. You do not have to use various fairytale wedding hashtags for being popular. Nevertheless, many people say that less popular or simply funny engagement hashtags will allow you to stand out. The best choice would be to combine popular and unpopular hashtags.

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