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Theme wedding aesthetics - only unique wedding photography poses

 Tender feelings of newlyweds always turn out the sincerest in photos. Therefore, such moments have to be captured professionally. We recommend you to read this information for your further wedding photo sessions.

Wedding. The word, which includes so much power. The word that has such a deep meaning. There are some days in your life, that will change your way of living. The wedding is one of these days. You now, this day will pass so fast, you won’t even understand, that it’s already over. But one thing is as clear as day, you’ll always remember it. If you don’t want to lose some details from your memory, you should have a great wedding photo album.


An image of bride in the beautiful white dress, who looks like an angel, a handsome bridegroom in the luxury suit with happy eyes staring on his soulmate, children’s laugh and guest’s amazements, all these things must be captured in photo. Each woman tremblingly waits for day when she dresses in beautiful wedding dress, when her beloved man makes her the beautiful proposal, when all relatives gather to become witnesses of connection of two people loving each other. This day everything around the bride has to be ideal, and surely at this important point there has to be a good photographer nearby. It is really important. Then, many years later, it will be possible to reconsider these pictures and to remember what emotions were experienced then by future husband, the wife, and all family. The shot given below is very emotional wedding selection which shows all tender feelings of this event. A wedding is one of the main and fine events in our life which can't simply be forgotten. 


Wedding is one of the most fatal events in life of young couple. The wedding is truly their first and main ball of Love which will be remembered well and which will open absolutely new life for them - family life. It is very important that this event was bright, memorable, sensual, emotionally filled. The wedding is a love in all her manifestation. This love will be with you always; it is important to make this day perfect. Then you will be able to show the wedding album to your children and grandsons. Then you will remember those feelings that you had in that special day. Then you will lighten yourself the mood every time you look at these photos. The wedding is feelings, those feelings that make us people. It is a set of emotions, even from those people, from whom you haven't expected such emotionality. Tender feelings of newlyweds always turn out the sincerest in photos. Therefore, such moments have to be captured professionally. There are a lot of miracles in such days. Even men can cry this day. 


So what is a theme wedding? 

Themed wedding is wedding that have a special structure. In its turn, this structure corresponds to a particular style. The style can be as decorative, for example purple wedding, green wedding, and design with plot, for example pirate style, the style of "Chicago 1930". According to the plot of well-known film, traditions of other countries, the profession of the newlyweds.  These weddings fully or partially repeat stories of famous movies ("Cinderella", "007", "Game of Thrones", "Star Wars," "Beauty and the Beast", "La la lend", etc.


The first step in the preparation of thematic wedding should be one hundred per cent finding a topic, analysis of how available will be this idea, and whether they are ready to engage in such a common action? You need to choose a topic that will be accepted not only with newlyweds, but with all guests too. Because a theme wedding is the spectacle, where the newlyweds and guests play their role. 

The second important step in the preparation of thematic wedding is choosing the place. The most common mistake of newly-weds is to book room in the first place, and then think about the theme of the wedding. Remember that this means not only supersaturated decorated halls, but also a complete re-design, because, for example, a wedding in the Imperial style hard enough to make in the place with style of "high-tech", or with wooden interiors restaurant. With the personal choice of restaurant, which is fully in line with the theme of your wedding, you will save up to 100% on the decoration of the Hall!


The third major step in the organization and preparation of thematic wedding is the selection, approval and booking lead followed by writing wedding scenario and possible involvement of creative teams. Thematic wedding script builds logically all common action and does not rule out with this classic wedding ceremonies and traditions. They can be modified, but easily recognizable. The entire competition program is fully consistent with the selected topics, continuing to disclose it in new colors. A good master of ceremonies for thematic wedding is one of the most complex options, because the vast majority of masters of ceremonies did not have to deal with thematic weddings and they are not efficient. He is able to prepare a completely subjective sustained competition program of a decent standard.


Next, you will choose the photographer and choose with them unusual wedding walk routes, which should reveal the theme of the Festival. This can be the roof of skyscrapers, underground secret bunkers, stores, construction sites, swimming with dolphins and some other things. Specificity is in the fact that a photographer must be able to understand the theme of the wedding and do a photo shoot in the same style. For example, the "Pirate Wedding” in the interiors of the sailing ship, and for "Chicago 1930" — in any brick industrial buildings of the beginning of 20-th century. 


I need some creative wedding photo ideas. Tell me. Work. 

There are many different ideas. The very meaning of the word "Theme" gives us a lot of opportunities. This word is so extensive that the theme of the wedding can be associated with music or movies, with flowers or activities, etc. Let's take a closer look at types of Theme weddings. And of course it is best understood by examples of creative wedding photo ideas. 

Wedding in the forest style

Fresh wind, birds singing, soft moss underfoot. The feeling of unity with nature you can feel especially strongly in the forest. For lovers of greenery, natural materials, mysterious and romantic atmosphere of the wedding in the forest style fits perfectly. For forest wedding it is perfect romantic, airy, natural image of the bride. Slight negligence in hair barrette or a wreath of flowers in her hair highlighted closeness to nature. Free flowing curls, easy styling or effect mess up hairstyle will accentuate your natural beauty. The image can be complemented with a wreath on the head of leaves or field flowers. It better to choose a simple dress with simple cutting of flowing fabrics. Delicate lace adds your image romanticism, but rhinestones and lush skirts on rings should be abandoned.  Bouquet of free form is the perfect complement to the image of the bride. It may consist entirely of various kinds of leafy greens or it can be collected using garden-flowers and wildflowers. Dried flowers will also be a good solution.  Image of the groom. You should choose a suit made of natural fabrics. If the groom is not a fan of the classical style, then the focus of botanical wedding completely eliminates unnecessary formality. Instead of the jacket you can wear a cardigan, vest or sweater, and even in warm weather, you can just wear a shirt. Braces, bow tie or scarf will give a complete image. There are a lot of wedding photography post processing services, which will help you economize your time and make your photos look fantastic. 


Special attention should be paid to the wedding polygraphy. It is perfect to use craft paper, modern calligraphy, thematic drawings. An interesting option is the invitation collapsed in the form of scrolls, just put it in the crafty box with the moss substrate. Forest theme is free enough, so any image of groom will be OK: from classic to the informal, the most important thing is that he's not going all of the overall concept of the wedding and harmony with the way the bride. The best option is a relaxed look in casual style. Forest wedding is best done outdoors. Forest ceremony decoration style should not be a lush, sometimes that’s enough to find a beautiful tree and to register directly under it. Don't forget the details. A variety of garlands, lanterns, light bulbs and even dream catchers will add personal look to your celebration, and will also make the atmosphere more festive and romantic. For table use napkins tablecloths and runners made from natural materials, such as linen or burlap. Making better withstand all in muted natural colors. For central songs wooden crates and saw cut is good. You can use the moss, plants, succulents, boxes of lotuses, various greens, garden and wildflowers. Candles on tables will add the peculiar atmosphere. Dessert buffet must match the theme of the wedding. For its decoration fits moss, driftwood and greens. Cake can be decorated with flowers, moss or berries. 


Vintage wedding 

Vintage style is becoming more popular design of interior, design of photo shoots, and so on. It is subject to the party and wedding and these weddings are chosen hundreds of brides worldwide. What is the secret of this style and its main principles?

The word "vintage" in translation from French means "ripe", originally the definition described a good perennial wine. Subsequently, the "vintage" became known as any vintage stuff. The main difference between the style of vintage and retro style is just that retro allows some replicas simulation of antiques, modern clothes, styled under the wardrobe from past years, artificially aged things, which are made, nevertheless, of modern materials. Vintage, in contrast, assumes that all the old things find the original in antique stores, flea markets and grandmothers ' chests. To find wedding decor, fully consisting only of vintage things, is very difficult. But each such item becomes your proud, will emphasize the individuality of your celebrations and family traditions, stored more than one generation. Vintage phototshooting was one of the best creative wedding photo ideas for many years. 


Wedding colors

For vintage wedding best fits soft, pastel shades: beige, peach, pale pink or green, light blue or lilac, mint, grey and blue, silver and gold, as well as all shades of brown and burgundy. It is perfect to use in the style of such wedding material capable to transmit the spirit of the age — leather, antique wood, slightly shabby, gilding metal, ceramics and porcelain, flax and cotton corduroy and velvet, delicate lace, yellowed old paper.

Bridesmaid dress


Vintage bridesmaid dress is a character in itself. If you wear modern dress, then let it be changed in the style of any era. The most popular 1920 's and 1950 's. Slinky backless dress, fringed or embroidered with glass beads? Maybe boat neckline, the length of the midi and the bouffant skirt? Choose which style is closer to you. Remember, that the lace and pearls for vintage style are always relevant.

You can create an exclusive vintage wedding dress, alter their mom or grandmother's gown. It will be a real designer thing and an ace up your sleeve.  If there are no dresses, you can borrow from relatives some element of their wedding dress, for example, in make-up emphasis is important either for the eyes or the lips: graphic arrows, smoky eyes, and thick false eyelashes, rich red or Burgundy color lipstick, these are the main methods of creating stunning vintage image.


Image of the groom

The groom would be good to replace the traditional costume of the vintage. Suit and items such as a jacket, vest, coloring nonclassical suspenders. Stylish accessories will become a butterfly, hat, pocket watches, vintage cufflinks or tie clip. For a wedding in the style of the 1920 's you can even rent a tuxedo. The vintage theme of your wedding, be sure to warn guests in advance. The usual modern outfits can ruin all of your efforts and break the concept. Guests should also prepare for and try to match.



Vintage style is characterized by delicate flowers in pastel shades: peony, peony-and-rose shrubs, gypsophila, hydrangea. The most commonly used flowers are those, of which it is easy to make composition of correct round shape. It was not uncommon in the bride's bouquet, calla succulents. Vintage bridesmaid bouquets very fashionable decorating with cameo. Such detail makes it spirited and often is the epitome of intergenerational: it is possible instead of cameos to decorate the stem bouquet vintage pendant with a picture of his parents. Bouquets look luxury with rhinestones and stones.

Groom’s boutonniere is not necessary be made of flowers. Under the style perfectly goes an unusual buttonhole with feather, key, medallion or other vintage gizmo.

Place of ceremony

Place of ceremony in vintage style is often decorated using vintage cells, chandeliers, jars or vases with flowers that you can hang on the branches of trees, backs of chairs or special stands along the symbolical paths to the wedding altar. Often instead of wedding arches used old doors with cracked paint and brass handles and floor vases with floral compositions may be made of stone or metal.


Place celebration

Choosing the place of celebration, choose restaurants that already have vintage style. They often are located in historical buildings, there may be columns, stucco, frescoes on the walls, stained glass Windows and other decorative elements inherent in style inside. It’s better use soft lighting to make mysterious shimmer silver, expensive fabrics, mirrors create a unique atmosphere. For evening lighting candles are perfect.

If you would like to arrange a celebration on the air, it is best if the playground will be located in the garden or the picturesque park under the arches of the trees, where you can hang garlands of lights and decorations.

Décor items

Vintage decor can be very different in style: bright, lush and elegant, light, tender and touching. To create the correct atmosphere, use all the rare stuff, which you will find: old suitcases and players, typewriters and cameras, mirrors and black-and-white photos in the intricate frames, vintage watches and telephones, luxurious chandeliers and figurines, vintage chests and boxes, porcelain cups and books, keys and hoop.

Pay special attention to the textile: tablecloths, chair covers, napkins, draperies and tapestries — all this will decorate the banquet hall or an open area to the celebration. Backs of the chairs can be decorated using fabric bows or flowers, produce that themselves very easily using our master-classes.


Cake and sweet table

Vintage style cake can be overwhelming and chic or it can be small and modest. Most often the cakes and cupcakes are covered by light cream or mastic, are decorated with different patterns and swirls, pearls, flowers, and ribbons.


A special place in vintage wedding takes photoshoot. Here you can give freedom to imagination and be photographed in the historical interiors, antique sofas and chairs rented for filming of retro-car or something else. The main thing is that there was an atmosphere of last century, which masterfully burst photographer. And processing of images in the style of vintage will also require a certain skill: perfectly supports the style of black-and-white footage and sepia.

Uniqueness and main plus of the vintage style that it can be combined with other styles. Glamorous vintage is a luxury and glitter of The Great Gatsby, vintage rustic is the charm and elegant simplicity of country life, bohemian vintage is the wonderful atmosphere of travel and the nomadic lifestyle of the past century. Don’t forget about wedding photo editing service.  Entrust the work with wedding décor to the professionals or try by themselves, and your celebration will be the most stylish, sincere and unique. If you don’t know how to choose a good photographer, you can read “Luxury Wedding Photographers - Are They Demanded?” 


Not bad, and what about fun wedding photo ideas?

There is a separate category of photos. This is funny photos. There are so many fun wedding photo ideas This category is good connected with sense of humor and gives people the sea of positive. There are many different pictures that evoke a smile. But the wedding is funny photos from the list of other photos. This is what your photos remain as a reminder of the beautiful emotions on the day of your wedding. 

If you want to surprise all visitors with funny pictures, then read carefully. We have just stayed a couple of ideas for your photo shoots. This is especially true for theme weddings. They are very creative, and a flavor of fun will add them even more colors. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed. 

Try to experiment, for example, with any sport. There are a lot of pictures from brides on the football field. Picture where the bride will score the ball in the basket while standing back to it will leave nobody indifferent. 


Don't forget about your photos with pranks. Jokes are always interesting, especially if you are pranking the groom or bride. You can also prank of guests. 

Photos with masks will also diversify your wedding photoshoot. Masks have always been in fashion. Humor can never become oldfashioned. 

Picture, in which the groom shows his ring to his friends, the photo where the bride shows her muscles - it’s so inappropriate but fun.  The bride and groom can just make funny faces, and this is going to be fun. Because they are dressed completely differently according to such action. 

On the theme weddings guests with newlyweds can play out scenes from the film or fairy tale, if it fits the theme of their celebration. 

If you are able to add a bit of mischief to your wedding photography the photoshoot won’t be failed. These fun wedding photo ideas cause the greatest interest among the public. When guests will look family album and find funny pictures, merry laughter and enthusiastic cries is complete. And the newlyweds feel proud to have created such an original photoshoot. 


Oh my Lord, there are so many ideas. I want more. Do a wedding photo ideas list

As this topic is quite extensive, you'll find a wedding theme to your taste. In fact, there are so many different themes. We will give you an exemplary wedding photo ideas list for themed weddings. 

• Making photos of the work of make-up master and hair stylist to show the image of the bride

• Moment when the bride wears a wedding dress, and bridesmaids are helping tighten the corset 

• The bride looking in the mirror

• Photo of the bride with parents

• Photo of the bride with the whole family

• Bride and bridesmaids

• Full-length photo of the bride.

• Photo with bouquet

• Photo of the groom, putting on the shirt, bow tie or tie

• Full-length photo of elegant groom. 

• Photo of the groom with parents 

• Groom with the whole family 

• Photo of the groom with guests. 


Family photo editing is used to make your family photos warm, friendly and full of love. And of course the pictures of the ceremony in itself. 

• Exchange of wedding rings

• Photo of the bride and groom who are registering their marriage. 

• First kiss of newlyweds. 

• Newlyweds in a wedding car.

• The total count of all guests with newlyweds.

• Groom kissing bride

• Lovely look of newlyweds. 

• The first dance of the newlyweds

• The bride's dance with her father

• Grooms dance with mother.

• Cutting the cake

• Bride throwing a bouquet

In addition to these traditional obligatory training, you are able to come up with something else. Imagine, do experiments, use wedding photo ideas list and have fun, because this is the happiest day of your life.


Okay, the last step is unique wedding photography poses. Am I right?

Often newlyweds, who do not have skills in modeling have the problem — how to pose for photos? The experienced photographer will undoubtedly tell; what unique wedding photo ideas list will look best.

• A touching portrait of a bride. A photo, which is made under such an angle allows successful perspective to show the make-up of the bride and her hairstyle. The bride looks somewhere aside, however, it is important she to stare at one point. The easiest way is to choose some object. At the side-on photos it will be seen the dress and graceful shape of the main beauty of this celebration. You also can make a portrait shot. But photo retouching is an obligatory thing. If you want to make your photo look great, just browse some retouching blog and look photo retouch before and after. You’ll immediately understand that it is a necessary thing. Don’t economize, because photo retouching prices are really small. 

• Basic posture. Posture, which is present in 90% of all wedding photos. Not that it's some kind of routine, pattern rather a true classic. And classic is eternal. Make sure that your body "models" are close enough to each other, and their hands are not "stick out" on the different sides. Newlyweds can cuddle, hold hands, the groom may also put one hand in his pocket, and the other to hug the bride and she put one hand on the belt. Look they are extremely straight into the lens. Distance to you is not very big, better take some scenic background (garden, Park, the sea, etc.).


• Touching foreheads. Beautiful and very gentle pose: bride and groom touch each others foreheads, but not kissing. Tips of noses may also relate to each other, eyes are closed. Quite often it is used in traditional wedding photography. You can do the same thing, but only in a sitting position.

• Meet in the middle. Fashionable and original pose for wedding photos, in which the bride and groom stand at a distance of about a meter apart, leaning to each other to kiss. But don't overdo it, just a slight touch of the lips.

• Also it is not necessary to photograph the newlyweds only in front of you. Make a series of romantic frame rear or rear and side. 

• One of the most classic wedding photography options — the groom holds the bride in his arms. Experiment with the angle and distance.

Of course, our unique wedding photo ideas list can’t include all photo poses. But there are a lot of them. For example, you can read «Top crazy wedding photo retouchers portfolios».  


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