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Valentine's Day - fresh couple and engagement ideas

 St Valentine’s Day has always been known for being the most romantic day of the year. Romantic dates, lovely couples everywhere, lots and lots of sweets and Valentine’s Day cards.

St Valentine’s Day has always been known for being the most romantic day of the year. Romantic dates, lovely couples everywhere, lots and lots of sweets and Valentine’s Day cards. Being in the street you feel love in the air and it’s as if you can clearly see those bow-boys hovering in the air. 

Of course, each girl wants to be proposed to on such a day, connecting it with the charm of the event and guys are head over heels in love, so they make that dream come true. There is something stunningly magical about capturing a proposal in a photo; the amount of emotions running high, joy, passion and love is literally enormous. What young lady would be against taking a forever-lasting photo of her lover popping the question? What is more amazing is that in winter the most gorgeous engagement or wedding photos can be done. Love and the holiday season, Winter Wedding style 2016-2017  is the surefire way to make it never-to-be-forgotten.



St Valentine’s Day – love story photography

St Valentine’s Day is the best day to get married. Paying close attention to this holiday, we assume that many people comment on the importance of it being exaggerated and cheesy, though St. Valentine’s Day implies a greater message behind. 

Saint Valentine was sentenced to death because he married couples secretly, hiding it from the king, whose law forbade men to get married. So, Father Valentine broke the law to make wishes of couples come true. Valentine is the patron saint of lovers and looks after those who get married on his day to maintain their happiness for all their life. After he was slain, people started to celebrate St Valentine’s Day because we have come to realize that crashing onto somebody and getting married on this day is a pretty darn good idea.  What is more astonishing is that falling hard is a matter to be celebrated!

That is why out of several pretty romantic days from the whole year, St Valentine’s Day suits to the ground most of all.  To crown it all you’ll never forget your wedding anniversary! Furthermore, it is a luxurious opportunity to pop the question. You can get down to Wedding photography: 10 helpful tips to shoot an engagement  and make it a red-letter day. There is a multitude of would-be-married ones who would give up a fortune to make this moment memorable. That’s why they use a wedding photo editing service to enhance the moment in perfect photos to be able to remember it. Some boyfriends get inspired and want to make the event unusual, so some crazy ideas may pop on them. In such a case, Street wedding photography – inspiring pictures  are at their disposal to put into action all these desires. 




Extraordinary engagement ideas

You may be super creative and original; spend hours planning the proposal to the love of your life, but you will definitely be eager to make it unique. It is tough to find out of the box ideas to make a truly unforgettable great proposal. To clarify your desires you may take a look at The best photo celebrities of all time at   And a sure thing is that you don’t want to overdo it on the one hand and be fabulous on the other. 

Only well thought-out products are required, elaborate and artsy, simple and outdoorsy, and what is more valuable is connected with your love story. That would be the story to spike the imagination. To carve it into memory, you hire top rating photographers, and best quality wedding photography post processing services to capture the absolutely amazing moment. 

However, only some photography artists can create real masterpieces out of wedding photos by means of applying a professional photo montage to them. For such photographers, it’s a great possibility to express their creativity, striking imagination, as well as unusual way of thinking and perceiving the world around.


It’s a sure thing that photographers have a splendid Сollection of must-have poses for weddings   and perfectly know How to choose the right background for wedding shots . Still, you may suggest your alternative to make your engagement a red-letter day.

There exist numerous amounts of engagement photo trends, such as Destination Wedding Photography – what is the best place to shoot wedding which are sure to help you to enhance all the variety of opportunities. Let’s get started!


Proposing on a hike 

What a better place to pop the question than at Heaven’s door, just at the end of the trail. It is symbolistic and breath-taking moment of viewing the end of the world and the chances to hear “yes!” run high.  Such photos capture both the magnificent background and decisive emotions. 


Flash mob proposals 

This kind of popping up the question has been the trendiest for a couple of the years already.  They are the most astonishing being full of emotions and energy. Tens of people around, friends, a bride and the one for affection for whom everything is done. That is an opportunity to start life together with a bang.



Scavenger hunt proposals 

You should think to choose some meaningful places for your couple and send some friends to those places for you to help. Make several stops on the way (in a salon appointment or even at a boutique to choose a new skirt. Along the way give some tips of the significance of the place to enhance the relationship. It may be made in the form of cards or even a voice recording. At the end of the hunt you can propose with a romantic background with your friends or family witnessing it.

Proposals caught on camera Tell your partner that you have won a romantic photo session and she has to get dressed up. Be sure that you hire a photographer to capture your proposal after several mid-shoots. You pick a nice place and pose to propose when the photographer is hiding somewhere discreetly. After you’ve popped the question, he can take some posed snaps.  


Family photo editing – what should you pay attention to?

Professional photo editing is a logical continuation of taking some qualified footage, which is no less labor-consuming. It would be silly to have numerous professional portrait retouching services and not use them since it evolves alterations of product photos by means of professional photo color correction, improvements, drawbacks eliminations and various touching-ups. Even though it involves time-consuming alterations to make the shot either beautiful and qualified, notwithstanding its rough copy, an author’s vision should be taken into consideration to produce a masterpiece and make it still more-and-more appealing to customers. As a result, you’ll be surprised seeing photo retouch before and after. Sure enough, there are plenty of skillful and flexible photographers, as we have mentioned on our retouching blog in the article “Luxury Wedding Photographers Are They Demanded?” The best way out is to hire a professional to avoid the most wide-spread mistakes of mere fans which can spoil the snaps.

  It has been a trend nowadays to use different body retouch techniques to make it seem ideal in fixing the smallest imperfections. No doubt photographers do their best to make snaps perfect by taking into consideration the background of the photo session – whether it was taken outdoors or it was done in a house. That’s why the primary accent is laid on the subtle retouching of the minor bodily imperfections, brightness, color characteristics and light conditions which sometimes make raw photos look a little bit dull and unattractive. Skin and body retouch are the first things paid attention to in editing photos. As a result, we may observe that even teeny-tiny skin fold and micro wrinkles which seem to be invisible at first sight are retouched nowadays. Paying close attention to this photo we can spot how considerably the brightness is changed, together with the shade of the skin color of the bride (it was even tanned a bit). Besides, her skin is obviously retouched, with some skin below her armpit and some wrinkles being eliminated from the photo.


 Background is of great significance. in wedding and engagement photos. So, it is impossible to shy away from clipping path services even if you get down to black and white photo editing. Therefore, it’s quite obvious that it is important to change photos to be more eye-catching, as it is seen in the photo above, for instance. If you get inspired, but are short of time or knowledge in photography techniques, our company is sure to give you a helping hand with all that stuff. Our highly-qualified and experienced professional photo editors are at our disposal. To crown it all, our photo editing company has reputable photo retouching prices. What is more appealing that will still surprise you are our highly affordable photo editing prices and our photo retouch before and after examples  that prove that cheap pricing doesn’t necessarily mean not very high quality editing! In addition, our company is diverse and can also supply you with family photo editing, professional portrait retouching services, black and white photo editing, clipping path service and photo color correction services, as well as body retouch and many others. We are always glad to make your memories brighter!

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