Wedding Party Poses

Looking for creative wedding party poses ideas but failed? Here is a wedding poses list of 100 the brightest and romantic, funny and breathtaking wedding photos to make your work with newlywed easier. 



Bridesmaid wedding party poses

Pose №1 Helping hands

Helping hands

  • You will need to ask bridesmaids to step around the bride
  • Each girl should pretend to help with smth
  • Don`t forget about smiling
  • Shoot against natural light

Pose №2 Hands on your hips

Hands on your hips

  • Hands look quite skinny
  • Female figure is accentuated
  • ¾ view is the best angle for women

Pose №3 Let`s sit together

Let`s sit together

It`s not necessarily that all wedding photos should have standing poses! Try sitting on the grass, but don`t forget about individual blankets not to spoil dresses. To add pastel or matte effect on your photos, apply free Lightroom presets wedding – sunning wedding photos are guaranteed. 

Pose №4 Stairway


Staircase is a wonderful opportunity when you need creative backdrop. Moreover, such photos have much in common with TV shows. 

Pose №5 Under veil

Under veil

Are aware of advising how to pose for wedding pictures bridesmaids? Just hide all girls under the veil! No complicated poses are required. 

Pose №6 Scene behind

Scene behind

Ask all photographed girls to hug each other. That`s a cool way to show the beauty of dress backs.

Pose №7 Identify yourself

Identify yourself

Give guests different tables and ask to write down who they are to the bride. 

Pose №8 Reflection of bride

Reflection of bride

The first glance at bridal dress is always a pivotal moment of every ceremony. So, catch this moment by taking a photo of full-length bridal reflection in a circle of her bridesmaids. 

Pose №9 Close circle

Close circle

That is a sample of bride and bridesmaids pictures that have already become classical.

Pose №10 I can`t see you

I can`t see you

Ask girls to hide their faces and get totally intriguing image.

Pose №11 Hands up

Hands up

Instead of risking and experimenting with portrait pictures, suggest using bodies to get creative bridesmaid photos. They may just hold their bouquets up and even jump, why not?

Pose №12 Show you are close

Show you are close

Instead of boring lines by height, suggest making a cluster of bridesmaids and putting arms together. Such photography is great to be later sent to guests.

Pose №13 In the mid of getting ready

In the mid of getting ready

Don`t forget to take funny bridesmaids pictures of bride`s getting ready. That is a chance of capturing the sincerest emotions. 

Pose №14 Everybody hugs

Everybody hugs

Just try shooting not from the middle, but from aside.

Pose №15 Circle round bride

Circle round bride

This is the strangest pose in this wedding poses list, but is often used by wedding shooters. Well, if you want to be in trend, follow this instruction. 

Pose №16 Holding hands together

Holding hands together

These poses are alike. The difference is only in the made figure.

Pose №17 Kiss me

Kiss me

Sure every bride wants some portion of love from her besties, so capture it. This pose is the first one among all traditional wedding photo poses. 

Pose №18 One color line

One color line

Such bridesmaid photo ideas suit only for girls dressed up in one color dresses. 

Pose №19 Interlocked friendship

Interlocked friendship

Just the same as previous one, but ask to interlock hands.

Pose №20 Hey, look back!

Hey, look back!

Such cute bridesmaid poses are popular because they show beauty of dresses backs. 

Groomsmen wedding party poses


Pose №21 Watch your hands

Watch your hands

Don`t let groomsmen leave hands hanging in order not for a photo to look awkward. There are 4 basic poses: hands in pockets, only one hand in one pocket, strictly crossed arms and hands on lapel. And the main secret of getting natural groom and groomsmen poses is to ask to put weight on one shoulder. 

Pose №22 Everybody walks

Everybody walks

That is the simplest wedding groomsmen photo ideas to follow. Just pretend you photograph in Quentin Tarantino’s style. 

Pose №23 Wrestle


Want action images? Ask groomsmen to compete.

Pose №24 Oh God, its explosion

Oh God, its explosion

To get cool groomsmen photos like this, count to three and ask to jump. But try to capture groom`s, that will be in the middle, head higher than others.

Pose №25 See my power

See my power

That is a complicated pose, but what groom will refuse from being like a Jedi master? Still, it`s similar to “jump pose”. 

Pose №26 Getting ready

Getting ready

A perfect example of classical groomsmen pictures ideas.

Pose №27 Groom in the air

Groom in the air

Pose №28 Why so serious?

Why so serious?

Pose №29 Hold a happy bride

Hold a happy bride

Pose №30 No jackets

No jackets

Pose №31 Groom in the light

Groom in the light

For this idea you will need lightning equipment.

Pose №32 Traditional line

Traditional line

Pose №33 Fashion stars

Fashion stars

Such groomsmen shots will not be left without attention! Luxurious atmosphere and fashionable lightning. 

Pose №34 Hugs, hugs, hugs

Hugs, hugs, hugs

For bringing up candid emotions there is no better decision than tight hugs. 

Pose №35 Random


Try staging groomsmen haphazardly, but mind to place a groom in the center and make sure nobody covers others.

Pose №36 Classical symmetry 

Classical symmetry

Bowling pin pose formation with groom in the center will never come out of fashion. 

Pose №37 Leg up

Leg up

For underlining groomsmen styles, make a line from them and ask to kick a leg up.

Pose №38 Act like bridesmaid

Act like bridesmaid

Try to copy the same ideas of bridesmaid photos while photographing the groom and his groomsmen and then compare them!

Wedding poses for couples 

Pose №39 Chase us!

Chase us!

Have as many action photos as possible, but notice the dress flow.

Pose №40 Old Hollywood

Old Hollywood

This idea is in the list of timeless wedding poses for couples and the most romantic one as well. Stage brides back to the camera, ask her to stroke groom`s face. Notice that here only body language speaks.

Pose №41 Blind from love

Blind from love

That is a great idea to start wedding photo session. Ask a bride to cover groom`s eyes before he sees her dress.

Pose №42 Romantic forehead kisses

Romantic forehead kisses

That is a cool idea in case your couple is hard to relax.  Ask groom to hug a bride and kiss her forehead. These kind of wedding poses ideas will give her confidence that you will notice during the rest of photo shooting.

Pose №43 Take me in your arms

Take me in your arms

Pose №44 Dip


Ask a groom to dip a bride backward, but don`t forget about eye contact. It will look better if a groom bends at knees and keep face close to his beloved half.

Pose №45 Under veil kisses

Under veil kisses

Want intimacy and romance in bride and groom photos? Capture them kissing under veil.

Pose №46 Lean m back

Lean m back

Plan to have slightly mysterious photography atmosphere? Try this! There is something intimate in poses like that, as they show love and support.

Pose №47 I will always support you

I will always support you

Pose №48 Lye on the ground

Lye on the ground

In case a bride don’t want lying on the ground because of getting dirty, find something like a ladder and repeat this pose.

Pose №49 Will you dance with me?

Will you dance with me?

If you a passionate dancer, choose this kind of the best wedding poses. It doesn`t actually matter whether it will be an easy twirl or complicated ballroom dance, the pose will be always winning. But don`t forget about a loving gaze!

Pose №50 Here is my shoulder

Here is my shoulder

Let your bride shoulder a groom and hold his arm. Glance really doesn`t matter. A bride can look straight or backwards. 

Pose №51 Full love hug

Full love hug

Want a love shine even through a photo? Ask a couple to hug each other, wait for some minutes and start photographing.

Pose №52 Hearing pulse

Hearing pulse

Want can be a more comfortable place for a woman than a chest of a beloved man? So, sincere emotions are guaranteed.

Pose №53 Hug me

Hug me

Algorithm can`t be simpler. A groom hugs his wife`s chest and she holds his arms. And that is the best pose for capturing engagement ring and the best choice among wedding poses for bride.

Pose №54 Stay opened

Stay opened

Want this “opened up” pose? Just ask a couple to open up their feet!

Pose №55 A romantic swing

A romantic swing

Such swing poses always add actions to wedding photo sessions. And a bride will have an opportunity to gauge groom`s power. 

Pose №56 Carry me

Carry me

This pose is a little more traditional than the previous sample. Thus, it will require more power from a groom.

Pose №57 Back to traditions

Back to traditions

Some claim that such posing is overused, but it becomes useful when you need to add variations to your photo session. And focus only on one.

Pose №58 Middle meeting

Middle meeting

This pose is also called ‘penguin kiss” because of similarity of posing. It suits perfectly for symmetrical scenes.

Pose №59 A second and I will see

A second and I will see

Wedding party photos with parents

Pose №60 Divided into couples

Divided into couples

Pose №61 Father love

Father love

Pose №62 Now two mothers

Now two mothers

Pose №63 Three generation

Three generation

That is the sample of the most touching parents wedding photos at your wedding. 

Pose №64 Time for classic

Time for classic

You should not omit using traditional family wedding photos at wedding. 

Pose №65 Break classic

Break classic

A couple is kissing and all guests pretend they do not see it.

Pose №66 Meet my parents

Meet my parents

Bride`s mother, mother of the groom, photos like that will never come out of fashion. 

Pose №67 Back to past

Back to past

Prepare beforehand and ask newlyweds to find wedding photos of their parents. 

Pose №68 Grouped photo frame

Grouped photo frame

Again it requires preparation and photo montage services . Still, for stunning pictures you should not economize time and efforts. 

Pose№69 Double kiss

Double kiss

You will not do without some special photos with sincere parents` emotions. But be sure to take multiple shots for you then to use one with candid expressions. 

Pose №70 Everybody kisses a mom

Everybody kisses a mom

An unusual variant of family wedding photos ideas that shows mother`s love and creation of a new family. 

Group wedding party photo ideas

Pose №71 Start with time-checked classic

Start with time-checked classic

It is important to start with the simplest wedding group poses in order for all unprofessional models to feel completely comfortable. Thus, just line up all groomsmen from the side of a groom and bridesmaids from a bride. Under condition, groomsmen wear boutonnieres, stage them from the right side, so that these accessories are visible on a future photo. You need to draw attention to the center, for getting accents on bride and groom. 

Pose №72 Get benefit from available seats

Get benefit from available seats

Make this idea come true in the decorated reception area before all guests arrive. You will get a balanced, but not banal shot. Do not order people how to pose groups for wedding photos, just do several shots and wait for perfect result.

Pose №73 V figure

V figure

Large wedding party photos like that are simple, but it doesn`t make them less impressive. Couple should be strictly in the middle.

Pose №74 Intermix


Arrange everybody in the following way. Place every bridesmaid next to a groomsman. That is the perfect variant for formal big bridal party photos but with a punch line. But take care every “couple” face bride and groom, so that a photo will represent unity. 

NB: Pay attention to details like the same height of flowers and groomsmen`s jackets same buttoned or, on the contrary, unbuttoned.

Pose №75 Use drone

Use drone

Pose №76 Stage the party

Stage the party

Staggering a wedding party by using varied positions leads to stylish wedding pictures with bridesmaids and groomsmen. Here the key point is right use of space. In case you have possibility to shoot in opened space, try placing some on the foreground and some in the background. But brides and grooms are still in the focus.

Pose №77 Accent on details

Accent on details

Surely each couple spends much time to plan unique details in order to feature exactly their celebration. So, before starting photo session, take notice of unique props of a wedding. Did couple use a vintage car? To get creative images, try position a couple around a car or separate them by placing one inside and one outside. Moreover, to show off bright features that all bridesmaids and groomsmen place them in a line or in a circle. 

Pose №78 Staircase photography

Staircase photography

Pose №79 Who in the front, who – not

Who in the front, who – not

Again this picture triggers attention to a couple, because they are in the foreground.

Pose №80 Divided


Pose №81 Cheering at bride and groom

Cheering at bride and groom

Pose №82 Look at me

Look at me

Ask all to face the camera. If wanted, the couple may hold hands together. Here the key is to find out the wedding photography poses for all bridesmaids and one for all groomsmen. 

Pose №83 Who is the funniest?

Who is the funniest?

Pose №84 Go forward!

Go forward!

Ask all celebrating company just to walk towards you. They should not make artificial poses, just smile and laugh. 

Pose №85 Kids are not forgotten

Kids are not forgotten

It`s a great idea to take pictures of a flower girl and a ring bearer in the beginning of a photo session, because further they may be naughty and impatient. 

Pose №86 A live bridge

A live bridge

Such bridal party poses have become truly traditional. But still they are in usage, because symbolizing a life-long path made of the dearest and nearest people. Play with photo and try making a serial of photos like that.

Pose №87 Tremendous heart

Tremendous heart

Creative and fun wedding photo ideas

You and all other photographers are already familiar with stereotyped posing the wedding party. Still, to add some unique feature you will need the following ideas.

Pose №88 Who rules?

Who rules?

Just ask a bride to sit on groom`s shoulders and that will create fun optical illusion that shows off who will “rule” in the family.

Pose №89 Naughty bridesmaids

Naughty bridesmaids

Let bridesmaids` personalities shine through. This pose shows “wild sides” of every bridesmaids and makes the whole photo session not so serious. For better effect and contrast invite innocent flower girl.

Pose №90 Wedding wars

Wedding wars

Want playful wedding pose ideas? Here is the most used sample!

Pose №91 Harass a groom

Harass a groom

Suggest having a little play. All groomsmen have 30 seconds to harass a groom in every possible way. Definitely you will be guaranteed candid emotions.

Pose №92 Like models

Like models

That is another type of a fun game. Ask groomsmen that every time you say “Click” they have to change the pose. After two or three shots, pose variants will become more and more ridiculous! 

Pose №93 Time to celebrate

Time to celebrate

Why not relax the whole nervous wedding reparation with some champagne splashes? But be careful with equipment!

Pose №94 Action photos

Action photos

The most unique wedding photo ideas are action pictures, because every time all your models will jump their posing will be unrepeatable.

Pose №95 Through a wedding ring

Through a wedding ring

Such outdoor wedding photography poses will make just a perfect and memorable wedding shot. Besides, there will be lots of sense inside. So, just find right distance and with the help of perspectives do it. 

Pose №96 Human pyramid 

Human pyramid

That is one of the most complicated fun bridal party photos, because of dress and hairstyle spoiling risks. So, discuss it with the couple beforehand.

Pose №97 Who is on the top?

Who is on the top?

In case you deal with brave bridesmaids, take a picture like that. But it`s important not to place groomsmen close to bridesmaids!

Pose №98 Throw a groom

Throw a groom

A fun throw of groom can be even better than throwing a wedding bouquet! But be sure to use a fish lens or post editing to add this alluring effect.

Pose №99 See my ring

See my ring

Really the moment when a bride shows her new, beautiful and sparkling ring always triggers candid emotions. But! Who has told you that only brides can do like that?

Pose №100 Party in the house

Party in the house

I personally haven’t used all presented ideas but most of them work. But do not copy them blindly, add something unique that will characterize exactly you! Share your wedding poses examples in comments below.

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