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Funny wedding photo manipulations

Tying the knot in many countries has its rituals, tradition and customs ancient as the world.  These traditions vary from country to country. Some of the traditions seem even odd. Still they are common in one thing:  two souls but a single thought, two heart but beat as one. 

Tying the knot in many countries has its rituals, tradition and customs ancient as the world.  These traditions vary from country to country. Some of the traditions seem even odd. Still they are common in one thing:  two souls but a single thought, two heart but beat as one. Wedding customs aren’t limited with the first dance or the bouquet toss as people usually imagine it nowadays. Young couples are very ingenious when it comes to the most expected day.

To begin with the fact people want to preserve old traditions and make it trendy and up-to-date. When it comes especially to traditional Russian wedding you are sure to get surprised.

Traditional Russian wedding is celebrated very ambitiously. The only sticking point here is the financial situation of the future family.

Some newlyweds choose to adopt western traditions. Though it is only with Russian billionaire wedding as it costs pretty penny.

However, they are quite spread in Russia today. Consequently, traditional Russian wedding is still alive and awfully exceeding. Today we want you to pay attention to funny Russian wedding photos capturing the most cheeky and jaw-dropping moments. 

The look of traditional Russian wedding

Russian wedding is quite different from the weddings in the USA, the UK and other European countries. A traditional Russian wedding lasts for at least 2 days. Sometimes it takes even a week. Throughout a celebration there is a great variety of songs, toasts, dancing and tables heavy with numerous dishes. Originally there are no rehearsals, bridesmaids or flower girls.

The best and closest friends of the bride are called witnesses. On the first day of the wedding ceremony of exchanging rings is usually on the first day at the Department of public services while church weddings are not recognized by the Russian law.

So far, the ceremony is considered to be a formality and, frankly speaking, the two-day “party” is more important due to its old roots. First of all, the day begins with a particular Russian game of groom making his way to the bride. You’ll definitely ask why? The bride and the groom are placed in different camps together with their families. If the groom wants to see his bride he has to “play a game” with bride’s relatives who block his way. The groom and his friends have to pay ransom to the folks on the opposite side. It is done it the funny way and people are mostly played tricks at each other. After getting the bride, the couple goes to the place of civil ceremony.

If the couple decides to take Orthodox wedding ceremony it takes place usually on Sunday and last approximately up to the 30-120minutes. It is rather breathtaking both for the guests and the couple. Classics of Russion literature have described it perfectly precisely. 

After the official part and having a party, the couple together with the closest friends and relatives has a tour-walk around the city in order to make pictures in the most important or famous places so called Destination Wedding Photography - What Is The Best Place To Shoot Wedding  In Moscow they are the Red Square, Grave of the Unknown Soldier and Sparrow Hills. After this tour street wedding photography – inspiring pictures are just fading. 

 During all the procession they drink champagne and already singing and dancing. But the most jaw-dropping things begin after the bride and the groom arrive at the place of wedding reception. Exactly this part of the wedding lasts for more than two days. The abundance of loud music (together with traditional instruments), singing, dancing, food and drinks at hand makes the rest of the party unforgettable. The second day of the party is even more fun than the first one. The guests had some rest and with new energy they celebrating the event. Sometimes they even change clothes and play tricks on the couple’s parents. 

Russian billionaire wedding – from 1 million dollars and even more

When it comes to Russian billionaire wedding everything is possible. They may step from the traditions and do whatever they like. Sure thing you have a pretty penny in your pocket and you may buy everything and everybody. If you’ve got a spare million dollars in your pocket you can easily effort a 10-foot cake and a dress costing $600,000, a thousand guests including famous Hollywood stars. Some of these weddings don’t even seem to be real, they are so much exaggerated. At this point comes the question “Luxury wedding photographers – are they demanded?”  and want to look at the best celebrity photos of all the time. 

As far as the world suffers from economical crisis Russian Billionaire weddings are seen and wowed all around the world.  The white dress for the bride is usually so much expensive and unique that even worldwide brands Chanel, Valentino and Dior struggle to satisfy the demands. That’s why the price is extremely high. Somebody will be even never give a thought as for buying a dress for half a million dollars. (Mind, that one dress is not enough. The bride changes her gown a couple of times during the day).  However, when it comes to Russian tycoons, everything becomes possible. 


That is not the end, only the beginning. If you are very creative or have a couple of crazy ideas while planning your wedding you are sure to make them come true. Luxury, diamonds, exotic dishes and expensive champagne – who hasn’t seen or tasted it.  But wedding in a space style – hmmm, that may be interesting and people will definitely boast of it. And circus will gladly help you.

And of course we should mention the events hall. First of all, nobody said that it should be somewhere in Russia. No, Miami as an example is good enough not only for the 3rd wedding of Donald Tramp but also for Russian billionaire weddings. Besides the hall itself must be decorated. Some prefer silver and gold, others Swarovski jewellery still it a must for every respectful tycoon. 


Funny Russian wedding photos

What a wedding without a photo session especially in Russia. Everybody expects to get as much positive and interesting photos as possible. That’s why creativity runs high and funny Russian wedding photos spread on the internet faster than light amazing everyone who sees it. Even the list of top crazy professional wedding photo montage is fading in comparison with such shots.      

Of course, making such photos we should mind that a joke can easily fall flat as there is a fine line between funny and bad Russian wedding photos.

As it usually happens on weddings nobody thinks about the result of the session they are much more entertained by the process itself, especially if you’re on tour around the city with tens of bottles of alcohol.

Consequently, we’ve got bad Russian wedding photos, looking at which tears blur the eyes. It is as if Wedding photos of Kim Kardashian without Photoshop 

Funny Russian wedding photos are so common that you may think that there none to look at in their wedding albums.

It happens quite often that such pics become the most bellowed snaps of the couple and are placed in halls of their houses etc. Someone will think it is ridiculous but such is the reality.

 Pecularities of Russian wedding Photoshop

It is common thing nowadays to use Photoshop to edit their photos, especially wedding ones. And it’s quite understandable. Everybody wants to try new ideas and experience everything firsthand.

Unfortunately, as it usually happens with Russian wedding Photoshop, such attempts just ridiculous. Reasons can be quire polar. On the one hand the idea of the photo is too much extravagant that Russian wedding Photoshop can’t make it even approximately true to life.

On the other hand the editing quality of Russian wedding Photoshop is very low. Taking into considerations these suppositions we are to observe all there “masterpieces” everywhere. These are the main reasons why such photos will never be the best contemporary wedding photos in the world.

When coming across such photos you become quite puzzled because you want to find out the intention of such editing and the primary idea of the photographer. The first one of the obvious suppositions is: “Maybe the background is wrong?” Unfortunately, only God knows what has gone wrong.


Maybe all these guys are the grooms? Or they are glad to the fact that they have caught such a perfect star?  Are these all her ex ones showing to the groom the star he has got?

Oh, Darling! You’re killing me with your love... You’re much better than the Cupid with arrows, you’ve got a main gun...

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