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New Generation of Bridal Black & White Photo Editing

New trends may come and go, but this one is always on the top of the charts, so to say. It’s black-and-white wedding photography.

It’s quite surprising to some extent, but many couples steer clear of black-and-white wedding photography and prefer colorful, vibrant and saturated photo images. They just don’t know what they renounce. After all, there is a multitude of advantages in black-and-white wedding photography. First and foremost, they stay longer. It’s true, that to print black-and-white photos usually costs more than colorful ones. However, such photos start fading out only in fifty years.

It can’t but rejoice since your precious moments and memories will stay alive for much longer. What is more, black-and white photography is just perfect for catching sincere, exceptional moments that are flooded with emotions. The thing is that vibrant colors already grab a lot of attention and we, consequently, don’t take notice of real emotions and meaningful tiny details. It’s different with black-and-white photos.

They seem to draw your attention to full of life emotions expressed by newlyweds or their relatives and friends. Besides, black and white photography is what you need for preparation shots. No pimples and blotches or red patches can be spotted on such images, which colorful photos can’t boast of. All in all, monochrome pictures just look so intriguing, alluring and deep. They have a soul, since they usually capture definitive moments. And that’s exactly what people tend to cherish, don’t you think so? 


Which wedding photography editing styles will be popular in 2017?

Every season photographers do their best in order to amaze others, produce a va-va-voom effect on viewers. Some people concoct something new, others get interested and try it out and it gradually come into trend. As soon as a particularly photography method grows to be trite and ubiquitous, it’s high time for ingenious photography artist to generate new ideas once again. And so it goes. That’s why such trends as smoke bombs for a wedding photo session, landscape wedding photography with lots of Beach Wedding Photography Ideas and others, flat lay shots and some other  trends as seen in the article Winter Wedding Style 2016-2017 exist nowadays. As far as trendy wedding photography editing styles are concerned, there are a couple of trends that are worth paying attention to. 

To begin with, there is an “au natural” trend or in other words – no filters. The main aim of this trend is to stay focused on the natural beauty. Wedding days are literary impregnated with those. There is no need to resort to heavy editing in this case unlike other wedding photography editing trends. A basic kind of retouching will do, like subtle skin and body retouch when it’s really needed.   

One of the wedding photography editing styles that are supposed to be popular this year is quite controversial to the previous one. The stronger the filter settings are the better, Colors should be vibrant saturated and juicy, that’s the point. It doesn’t mean that one should over do with post processing, which is one of the Top most frequent photographing mistakes, but that photos should acquire some additional mesmerizing depth with photography objects clearly standing out. The HDR trend is pretty similar to it. The only thing is that such technique looks best with landscape wedding photography but not with portraits, alas, since it may bring out the worst in pictures due to extensive contrast and sometimes even toxic saturation.   

Another two techniques, as well as the last one on this list, are quite frequently incorporated by street-style wedding photographers as you might have noticed in our article on our retouching blog - Street wedding photography - inspiring pictures. These wedding photography editing trends have something in common – hewing.  The first one may be called “a hipster style” or even “a moody hipster. Photographers usually shy away from vibrant colors and extensive saturation. They make everything more subtle, calm, using additional hues to make some particular mood. Faded shadow look is quite popular in this case. Another one just avails itself of using various hues. Most often they are pink, pale yellow or some creamy shades.  They all supposed to make a tender kind of effect in order to show fragility and touchingness of loving moments, most probably. Anyway, these techniques do their work. 

New trends may come and go, but this one is always on the top of the charts, so to say. It’s black-and-white wedding photography. Taking into consideration all of the advantages mentioned previously, one can’t but incorporate black-and-white photos into a wedding photo session. Surprisingly, but this trend always does its thing. Therefore, it’s never outdated. Currently it’s especially trendy to make black-and white photo sessions. Even some of The Best Celebrity Photos Of All Times are produced relying on this trend. Many professional photographers are just perfectly aware of the fact that black-and-white photos are timeless and are apt to depict more sincerity and cordial openness. They always arrest sight showing more depth than any other photography styles. Therefore, don’t lose your chance and try to make use of black-and-white wedding photography ideas it you still haven’t. It’s definitely worth the hype.  


Stunning B&W wedding photography examples

There are always some ingenious photography artists who stand out of the herd of others.  They surely know How to choose the right background for wedding shots or are aware of  4 Basic rules of a brilliant shot like every other professional photographer. The most important is that they produce some of the Best contemporary wedding photos in the world, and a lot of them are produced with the help of black and white photo editing techniques.

José Villa

This photographer always shoots weddings on films and don’t shy away from black–and-white photos which turn out to look fascinating. She is always a destination wedding photographer and works all over the globe. That’s why even celebrity couples appreciate her work.

Christian Oth

Capturing sincere and imitate emotions is the ultimate key for this photography artist. Besides, he knows how important it is for couple to feel absolutely free and comfortable since it has a great influence on their candor. 

Sarah Falugo

It’s significant for Sarah Falugo to produce timeless, romantic photo shots full of natural beauty. For these purposes she makes use of black-and-white photography. This travel photographer loves capturing intimacy and tenderness of couples towards each other for them to always appreciate one another.

Corbin Gurkin

This destination wedding photographer adores new places and especially country sides with marvelous landscapes. He considers them to be a source of his perpetual and endless inspiration that helps him producing such brilliant shots.

Meghan Kay Sadler

She considers candid moments to be the best. She actually has an eye for authentic and elegant moments which can mesmerize anyone. Black-and-white photos only help making those precious moments timeless for loving couples.  

Charlotte Jenks lewis

For this photography artist a wedding is a story of emotions and sensations that must be captured and depicted in picture for unfolding it. A great plus is that she is a pleasant  person and making someone calm and comfortable isn’t a problem for her at all.  

Noa Azoulay of Feather Love Photography

Being a versatile person Noa Azoulay also turned out to be a an all-rounded photography artists with diverse ideas. She says her photos are usually dreamy and somehow nostalgic even.  What is important is that  her black and white photo editing techniques are on point! 

Elizabeth Messina

Calmness and quietness which produce a tremendous impact is the goal for her. This photographer also has a desire to capture sincere and intimate moments which will rejoice her couples every time they look at their wedding photo album. 

Eric Kelley

His photos are diverse since he does his best to show unique and core features of his couples. Depending on their vibe and emotions, as well as personalities Eric makes splendid wedding photo shots that look fabulous in black-and-white. 


Classic is a go to for this photography tandem. It’s better to make timeless photos which will always bring joy no matter what rather than to be in a constant pursuit for trends. That’s what engenders couples to them and help them feel absolutely comfortable.


Black and white photo editing techniques

Many puzzle their brain over the question how to edit wedding photos in Photoshop  or whether they should better do black and white photo editing in Lightroom . You do you.  It’s only essential to know unique  necessary and handy black and white photo editing techniques in order to edit pictures and produce outstanding black-and-white wedding images, which won’t look slack, uninteresting or flat. There are basically destructive and non-destructive methods for b&w photograph, with the last being more preferable to use for not damaging the initial shot.

The most basic techniques for you to remember and dance around are non-destructive ones that make use of adjustments layers, as well as color channel mixing technique which deals with basic color channels – red, blue and green. And most importantly – experiment more and try thing out till you find your own unique style, as well as techniques that work for you the best when it comes to black-and-white photography. And don’t just bother yourself with questions like how to edit wedding photos in photoshop or do black and white photo editing in lightroom without doing nothing.

Still, there is a plenty of time needed for fulfilling these tasks, especially for photographers. What there are opportunities to arrange new profitable and prolific photo sessions, one should prioritize. Our article Wedding photo post processing – How not to spend tons of hours  covers this problem quite sufficiently. Most importantly, it’s recommended to outsource your photos to reliable photo retouching companies for you to save a great deal of your working time.

Photographers always consider Wedding photo editing prices. Our photo retouching company offers excellent wedding photography post processing services, including photo culling services and clipping path service, professional photo montage, professional portrait retouching services and family photo editing. Most importantly,  we offer great black and white retouching and our wedding photo editing service charges only reasonable and affordable prices for conscientious and highly professional photo editing work. Besides, we have great photo retouching rates and packages, our exemplary photo retouch before and after samples in the portfolio are the best prove of our professional skills. We are always happy to help photographers with their creative works and can make posh b&w photos for you as well!  

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