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The Best Photo Color Correction Services

There are million variants of image manipulation. Depending on your needs, editors provide all services you can imagine to please you, make you happy and help you earn your living. Color correction services are actions during which an editor changes some or the entire picture’s colors to make the shot more vivid, alive, brighter, or to make it correspond to his or its owner’s view. There are as many creative ideas about every art in the world, as the number of the people living. You can turn your picture into something completely new, into something, you like better, something that makes you feel good, happy, that matches your style, your inner world, your business, or your interior. An editor who is skilled enough to apply a change is overwhelmed with his or her possibilities to create, to alter, to improve, to influence. If your shot is a sunny and shiny one, a professional can turn it into a dark or gothic one at your will. Making picture its antagonist in high end quality means that the editor is a quite professional one, and that it is great to collaborate with him. These days, when technologies allow us make everything look like we want it to, anyone can order to add or to apply some style effects. We can make your photographs look bright like rainbow, gray like the sky in the bad weather, black and white like this is an antique photo and it is about to ruin. Make new pictures look older, make old pictures look younger – that is merely a couple of things we are able to do. And all this is due to the professional photo color correction, that is a basic start for literally any kind of image manipulating in the world.

Photo Culling Services' Importance

World Wide Web also influences photography art sphere very much as it contains millions of bright ideas online, that everyone (at least in the first world countries) can look up, learn, how to do it, and apply in his or her alteration. When you are walking down the streets you can see people in every imaginable clothes: hijabs, cocktail dresses, gothic heavy boots (even in the summer!), bright hippie-like dresses and skirts, official costumes, cosplay costumes which may differ from swimsuits to dresses, from dresses to robot (mecha) costumes, and so on. This world is so different and pictures we make everyday are also very different, just as humans. A good photo color correction company is able to reflect any subculture’s idea, atmosphere, show their point only by providing good color correction service. Their representatives are often quite popular models despite the age of each trend, because people like looking at the difference and enjoying beautiful pictures.

Now imagine, that each photo shooting that a person has – no matter for what reason – has several hundred digital shots. It may sound like a huge number – and it actually is a huge number. If you try to cull them yourself, you may miss some blurred ones, some that were taken from some strange angle, too dark, etc. Now, color correction companies’ employees are used to finding those mistakes and other drawbacks of any photo quickly, which means that the person who will be culling photos is a professional and he or she knows perfectly which shots to keep and continue ameliorating, and which are better left on the client’s computer. Thus, you will not have to waste your time over choosing bad pictures to be post processed! And photo culling services will be good, they will be provided quickly and the chosen shots will be ready for the next photo editing color correction.

Objects of the editor’s culling photos

As you know, wedding photographs need as much attention as any other kind of photo. Professionals acknowledge that post processing wedding photos means to give good body retouching, because the happy ones always should look on their best, careful ground work removal service, if a couple wish to add real magic and to appear in a fairy tale or if there are any unwanted objects etc. Portrait retouching service should be as great as fashion beauty shots, i.e. red eyes must be removed, make-up has to be fixed, the skin has to be cleaned from acne and at client's wish even from the birth marks. Photo color correction services also play a highly important role. They create unique mood and atmosphere of the session when it is done, and this means that good post production editing photography implies the removal of the noise, correction shadows etc. We want our customers to have their wedding portfolios to be finished without any disagreement in tastes and work hard to achieve it. Even if this concerns not a wedding post production, but family or children pictures, some cosplay shootings and so forth, our employees know ideally all the aspects of the successful image post production.

As you know, wedding photographs need as much attention as any other kind of photo. Professionals acknowledge that post processing wedding photos means to give good body retouching, because the happy ones always should look on their best, careful ground work removal service, if a couple wish to add real magic and to appear in a fairy tale or if there are any unwanted objects etc. Portrait retouching service should be as great as fashion beauty shots, i.e. red eyes must be removed, make-up has to be fixed, the skin has to be cleaned from acne and at client's wish even from the birth marks. Photo color correction services also play a highly important role. They create unique mood and atmosphere of the session when it is done, and this means that good post production editing photography implies the removal of the noise, correction shadows etc. We want our customers to have their wedding portfolios to be finished without any disagreement in tastes and work hard to achieve it. Even if this concerns not a wedding post production, but family or children pictures, some cosplay shootings and so forth, our employees know ideally all the aspects of the successful image post production.

Color Correction Professional Help

So, while choosing a person to perform your alterations, make sure, you can trust him. Perhaps, he or she has some diplomas, rewards, after all, you can always google responses and commentaries to this person’s work. It is also a good sign if he or she can do more, than you need. For example, you send this person your photos, he culls them, corrects the light and everything, crops it, to slightly change the angle of view, but you understand, that this is actually a close up and you want to ask him for portrait retouching service too. This is only natural, that you remembered something after the work is done or in the process, this happens to the most of the editors’ clients and they are ready. Well, if they are not, this is a bad sign. Choose someone who’s work examples amaze you and tell this person everything you want to change on the picture.

Objects of the editor’s culling photos

Photo shooters are people. People make mistakes. They can feel not well or simply be tired and then they do not even notice how the angle is bad, the white balance is wrong, and the lightning is far from great. Some unbeautiful expression on the model’s face, unfortunate timing of blinking, some unrespectful bug – these are some of the possible causes of the mistakes a shooter can make any time. It is no secret that photo shooters often prefer to make better shots in order to skip the correction part later, but sadly, not every shooter is able to make photos on such a high level and of course not every photographers equipment is as modern as you would like too. Photographers color service is what helps shooters improve their shots and give it to their customers flawless and outstanding. Humans’ facial expression cannot be constant, it changes all the time, people move. All sudden movement can either make the shot more alive, or spoil it, which happens much more often. If you blink or move slightly your head, the mood of the picture will be changed. Of course you are not obliged to turn to the editing company if you are ready to spend your time, at least several hours, trying to apply color correction services yourself. Think carefully. Are you ready to dedicate yourself to some photo shooting post production, probably not knowing all the details and techniques, when there are specialists who are ready to help you and to change your photo style, make it modern or antique, make you thinner or change your hair color, give the picture some shining and glamour, or make it darkly gothic? Why waste your time and efforts? Photographers think this way and they are absolutely right! While we are editing their photo, they have more time, inspiration, ideas for the shooting process and eventually, they get more money, than they spend this way.  So photographers color service is of course not a must, especially if you are shooter, who is skilled in editing and like doing it, but they are really hard to find and you should at least consider turning to the wedding retouching company.

Professional Photo Color Correction Advantages

We perceive pictures on the different levels. There are visual level, when we simply value the skill of the photographer and this editor combined, but not professionally, some simple liking or nor liking the work, association level, when we are trying to seize the idea of the photo and have some thoughts about it, technical level, when we can find photo shooter’s and\or retoucher’s mistakes and some drawbacks, perhaps, style level, when we can find some mismatch of the model’s clothes or make up to the style of the shot’s post editing, when the place where the shooting took place cannot fully tell the idea, and so on. After culling five hundred photos in several shootings, professionals know for sure, that between thirty shots of the same scene, one can often find no good one in them. It hurts sometimes, if the model or the shooter put their hopes into this particular shot, but it happens. Our workers will do their job quickly and good, because they train not to lose their focus after the hundreds of the similar shots. And then there is a need to show a client our skills in all imaginable forms and we do it, because we understand your needs and your heart, and we want only to do good. If you need some post production in time and for moderate prices, turn to the people with experience, who will understand your expectation and give you exactly what you want.

Color Correction Companies That You Can Find and Their Color Correction Service

Of course, when you google such companies, you find out, that there are hundreds of them. But as you take a closer look you find out that only half of them does their job properly and some of them do not even have examples of their work on their sites. Many of them literally have zero reviews and you start to feel disappointed. This happens to everyone who enters the sphere of photography as an interested person. You feel suspicious and you know you would not give a penny to this companies before seen your shots post edited properly first, and this is right. But there are naïve people who believed them and gave them their money! Of course it is hard for them to understand what they did. Do not repeat their mistakes and always check the company you want to trust before sending them either money or your photo shooting’s result, i.e. your photographs. Trust only people with reviews and commentaries, with contracts and guarantees. The best situation would be when your friend recommends it to you after altering his or her pictures there, because then you can be sure about everything: prices, quality of the job, money, guarantees, and, the last but not the least, that your nerves will not suffer.

Why Do Photo Editing Color Correction and Some Details about It

Of course there is a chance that you will think that such enhancement is very easy to apply and that you can do it yourself. After all, there are many lessons on color correction available online as well as in the manual books, that you can buy, but they often only describe the principles of image processing. Before you can begin working with pictures, you need to understand what color correction is and why it is used. Color correction – is a process of replacement for the original component color, hue, tone, and saturation of the image. It is used for several reasons. To start with, it often happens that we see the real colors totally different on the picture. This happens due to the incorrect camera settings, poor quality of imaging equipment and specific lighting.  Our cameras are usually not able to adapt to the lighting in the same way as the human eye. This causes errors in the image reflection. Secondly, there are color defects. These include the possible light striking of a snapshot, excessive darkness, haze or dullness of tones and colors. And finally, of course there is place for creative experiments. Color correction allows you to reflect the intentions of the photographer. Photographers add fairy tales’ elements or brutality, they make photographs more expressive or dull. Every effect depends on the intent of the photo shooter.

Photo Color Correction

Color correction is most often done with the help of famous programs, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, and other similar ones. Photoshop is known for decomposition of the image to the different channels. There are several modes for image editing. The most popular one is RGB, which means red, green, and blue. Then comes CMYK, which stands for cyan, magenta, yellow, & black. In this mode white is used in the channels to show the maximum presence of the chosen color, so black, on the contrary, shows its minimum. For example, if the blue channel is filled completely with black, it means, that blue is missing on this picture.

Correction of the color is important for making photos, enhancing them, for filming some clips and films, for preparing photographs to be printed. When you hear about this type of editing you probably imagine only bright colors, but this is a mistake! If you want your picture in black and white, it still needs professional photo color correction, because working with high end black and white pictures means working with the bright colors first! Colorful digital photography is firmly stable in our lives. Manufacturers of photo printers proudly promise 100 years of persistent storage of printed pictures (and who has time to check and argue if this turn out to be wrong?). It would seem that with the technology improvement shooters will look for the new tools and possibilities, but millions of photographers return again and again to black and white photography along with the army of the black, gray, and white selfies. The universality of such photos is captivating both professionals and beginners. This is a unique genre of photography where you can feel texture, form, lines, and composition of a shot so deeply. And here is a choice for every photo shooter: is it better to capture images in the special black and white mode, that you can find in all modern cameras, or one should better wait for the post editing in some program to make the color change?

This problem is not new to the photography art. Long before the advent of the digital cameras, a similar problem was faced by the operators of the scanners during the preparation of the materials for black and white printing. History repeats itself, but few remember this. Indirectly, methods of solving the problem were found during the rich practice of processing images with curves, because it has inspired many famous authors experimenting with the color channels. Making contrast and improving the bright colors helps achieve deep and beautiful results in the process of the transfer of the colors to white, black, and gray tones in the Photoshop. Though our team usually uses Capture and Lightroom, because they allow both mild and strong image altering and therefore, many variants of the beautiful result. Professional editors are used to working with the whole set simultaneously, because Lightroom lets people do their job without the previous upload of the pictures. This program demands less memory space, than others, so it also allows more productive work to be done without the time waste.

Color Correction Services in Wedding Photography

We can divide the whole process of picture enhancing into three main steps, such as basic post processing, retouching, then color correction professional applies along with other effects if needed. The main processing involves some measures applied to remedy the basic shot drawbacks: like cropping the photo, horizon line correction, lens distortion, lens color aberration correcting process, the alignment of all the light and shadow, making the image sharper, correcting of white balance. Retouching is mostly removing or adding different elements to the picture. In wedding sphere we can retouch people on the images (i.e. face, hair, make-up etc.) and adjust their surroundings. Color correction means giving of artistry because of the colour range and palette changing. It demands understanding the various color combinations, which of them match one another, and which do not. You can find many variants of tone correction: shading, individual variation of some chosen colors, adjusting the saturation, and so on. Smart color correction is as a rule a creative combination of all of the above. There are also special effects – making a picture more interesting by adding different textures, blur; the usage of detalization (the process of artificial underscoring the outstanding details, while the objects begin to acquire additional volume) and liquify (a complex process to make the objects more attractive by changing their geometry), the usage of artificial vignetting.

Five easy steps to create order:


From all said above it is evident that high-quality processing of all the photographs of one wedding is a very long process (depending on many it can take a person from 5 minutes up to several hours). The approximate number of shots taken on an average wedding composes about 500 shots. That is, if we take for at least 5 minutes for 500 shots this will consume at least 41.6 hours of work without a break (if the retoucher does not eat, sleep and never tires even for a second). Therefore, all those wedding photographers who say that they edit absolutely all wedding photos are likely to lie, and if this is not a lie, then their treatment is of quite a bad quality (there is no individual approach; all of the processes are applied in auto modes). Wedding photographers usually post process a small amount of shots but the artistry of their creations might just overwhelm you. Not only that, the wedding pictures have to carry a deep story meaning, they are perfected to the smallest detail. Shooters apply unique colors and complex combinations of graphical effects. So if you call yourself a photographer, your work must match the declared title and it is after all much easier to turn to the editing studio.

Why choose our photo color correction company?

If you have more time to run your errands, you are more likely to achieve success. You may spare your time with a clean conscience. No doubt, that we love our job and we desire to get respect, money, your gratitude, good reviews, and so on. We hold on to our reputation which is only gained by providing excellent photo color correction services. No one said it would be easy and we accept every difficulty on our way with gratitude as a life lesson. We are used to understanding what our clients want and to doing our best to beat their expectations and to perform our post editing even better!

We are educated and we understand clearly such important words as coloristic, perspective, and so on. We are looking for the individual approach to each client that reaches out to us, because every wish and set of instruction are different and we need to understand them very well to create something great. Digital art and weddings are our specializations and we are ready to show it to the world through our works.

Photo Color Correction

The principles, on which we rely for each culling, are very different. We usually get a lot of good pictures of the bride and the groom alone, and a whole bunch of shots of them in front of the crowd, quests, etc. We erase pictures with the closed or half closed eyes, too light and too dark ones, because their quality cannot be enhanced the way they need to be, then shots taken from the strange angle, with strangers walking into the shot, and so on. Even professionals cannot do all this choosing at once, so we have too several steps of culling, in order to leave only the most suiting material for the next amelioration, which, no doubt, is tiring for us as well. But in the end, be sure that you will get the best photographs. After we delete from 60% to 80% of the photo images that were not very good, basing on your tastes and preferences and, of course, on our professional experience, the rest will usually be good enough to amaze you after it goes through our color correction.

From our experience, the timetable of the retouch process is very important for people who turn to us and our professionals will undoubtedly finish your post processing in time. We respect contracts and clients’ conditions, so we are not easy to scared, confused, or anything else. Our knowledge in the important things like getting rid of unwanted details and unpleasant drawbacks makes us one of the best companies on the market to turn to for the photo color correction services. We have seen a lot of marrying couples and we know perfectly well, how nervous they tend to get as the important date becomes closer, so we do everything possible to help them remain calm and assured in the high end quality of the pictures they are going to get with our help. At your will, we can also find you a great photo shooter, that will guarantee, that your photographs from a holy ceremony and this important day will be awesome and thus, the chances that the result will blow your mind are greatly higher! Thanks to the modern possibilities of outsourcing the World Wide Web gives us, we have chosen few professional photo shooters to collaborate with and we are proud to call them our partners in making your dreams come true. If you want to print your photographs and to keep them in a special album like many couples do, we have all the equipment one needs to print your pictures with the best color rendering in almost HD! We can also offer you photo albums of different formats and sizes, with any picture on the cover you might want. Creating a unique design is a pleasure for us and we are willing to do it not only in digital image manipulating, but also in the material items.

Let us handle everything that might bother you in the photography field. We care deeply about each one of our customers and often even communicate with them after the job is done. We are easy to reach out to through email and online chat, and we are out there for you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week! We are open to communication, to the new ideas, because one can never tell, what next client is going to be like, and what the theme of the photo shooting is going to be. We know all the tricks of the color correction and we are not afraid to use them! Do not trust the strangers with the editing of your photographs because they will most likely spoil them even if you ask for such an innocent editing as natural retouch, if they will do anything at all, and not only take you money and disappear. Our services are artistic, advanced, and often complicated, but they are worth it.

Photo Color Correction

It is okay to be not sure about the editing team choosing as long as you do not make some mistakes that will lead to the spoiling your pictures, so choose wisely. If you want to see some strange and funny style on the shots, we will do it. If you want something classical and natural, we will provide it. If you have an idea on your mind, we will help you to carry it out. If you want something unusual, we will help you to create the concept from scratch. Remember, that we have many talents. All the photo manipulation services you might need we are ready to carry out. If you are not fond of your figure, then trust us, because we can also handle the body retouching. If you are a cosplayer and you like everything about your photos but the ground work, turn to us for the best background removal service. No doubt, you already understood, that we can create masterwork if you order our wedding photography post processing. And despite our high end quality, we keep our photo editing prices moderate, because we want everything to be perfect for the clients. And finally, remember to check out photo retouching before after samples to decide, that you like us.