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Body Retouch

This technique belongs to a category of the post processing. This is a whole set. Its aim is the correction of your weight and type of figure. If you want to sculpt, to build your body, we have necessary software to take care of it. This service is used all the time in the portrait retouching and other kinds of photographs.

There are more than one kind of manipulation with the body. The first includes adjustmens connected with the face and the second - retouch of the whole body. It is used by photo shooters if their models' bodies need correction or if they ask for it. Reshaping is also often used in the wedding photography post processing when the models' legs could look longer or some bride's maids wish to look thinner.

Everyone has some funny family pictures where one's face does not really suit and this service is creates for fixing it. Your appearance, your skin - we will enhance anything you would like. We satisfy everybody who turns to us by giving your shots a really nice and at the same time natural look. No one will be able to call you a fake or something like that.

Retouching is usually carried out by specialists in the field of the digital art. And when the skin is changed, the picture really starts to look differently and to produce a totally new impression. Celebrities often look outstanding not only because of the diets and everything else, but because of the retouch done by the best retouchers. The editors are asked to change the skin color or smoothness, shape of the particular body part, a shape of one's face and so on. When we are talking about men, they often worry about their muscles. Everyone hates the thought of anyone seeing their flaws.

Online edition of the body

Online services have many advantages - this is a great plus of living in our era of technological boom. Online montage is fast and secure, I.e. it is professional. Our employees have mastered the skill of the great Photoshop usage and of correction of bodies and faces. If you are worried about our prices, then you do it for nothing because photo editing prices of our team are lower than in the most retouching companies. Our editors though have more experience than the ones of those companies as we have been on this market for more than ten years. If you are an experienced photo shooter yourself then you probably understand the importance of the collaboration and of sparing your personal efforts and your time. In addition, the spectrum of services, provided by us, is large enough, there are black and white retouching, path clipping, background removal service, other photo color correction services and so on. For your convenience we offer you photo retouching before after samples so you could acknowledge real quality of our professionals and make up your decision.

Manipulations with bodies

Of course when we talk about altering models, their faces and bodies, it provokes some really controversial thoughts. Nowadays many people know how goes the process of reshaping & molding the parts of the body or sometimes of the face. We already had many orders for fixing the nose as it is a trait people do not like most of all about themselves. It seems that small noses look better in the people's minds and so they ask shooters to take care of it. Then comes a problem known to everybody as it can appear in some poses and happen to everyone - a problem of the double chin. We are willing to do everything in order to make you feel more comfortable about yourself so you should not be afraid of asking us about any kind of retouch. If our client thinks he or she has too chubby cheeks, we can highlight your cheekbones. Of course the removal of the dark circles under eyes, wrinkles and any other trait you may not like.

Figure reshaping

There are criteria of "acceptable" clothes sizes and body shapes. You have to be fit, you have to take care of your appearance to be fully accepted by the others. We think that all people are beautiful. Of course, there is body positive movement for it, but unlike it we approach people on the other side and show them how great they look like by enhancing their best features or how they could look like if they wanted to do some sport or to go to the gym. Any photographer is able to make some mistake, especially if this is an amateur. Thus, everyone needs post production to improve the picture quality after all. No matter what would you like to length, your neck or your legs, because we will do it. Attract more with your photographs than you could ever before! Our experts will necessarily provide you all altering help possible and you will lose as much weight as you want.

Why Choose Fixthephoto to Do the Retouch?

First of all, our team is really experienced one and most of our retouchers have been with us all those thirteen years. The second reason is that we constantly provide outsourcing for everyone and find new talented people. The third one is because we follow all the new tendencies in the world of photography which appear every week. The fourth point is that we have our own blog where we give tips for photographers and answer your questions every day. The feedback is incredibly important for our company, so do not hesitate to write and to give us any advice or complaint.

Our photo montage services have got our team many awards and we are proud to announce that we do our best every day in order to stay on the top and to maintain our high standards of reputation. We created our place in this sphere with our own hands and gave a lot of sweat and blood to achieve this level. The only thing we wanted and want now is to help your shotsd became true masterpieces in this highly competitive area.

We put our heart and souls into this job and gave up lots of other opportunities to develop our skills. Our family photo editing brought together some relatives, who have not spoken in many years. We helped them to overcome some relationship difficulties and we are happy to continue to get sweets and gratitude from them.

Wedding post processing is another topic to discuss as everyone is raised with a hope to find their true love and to stay together always and forever. And when it comes to such an important day of humasn's life, he or she definitely wants all the photographs to be perfect. Of course the photo shooters and our company gives such events our closest attention and we follow couple's instructions very carefully. This sphere is also connected to the professional portrait retouching services, because people always feel nervous on such occasions and then manipulating the image helps retouchers to take away a part of the groom's and bride's stress.

These days you have access to the World Wide Web, which means to thousands of websites with advice for the shooters, editors and any other specialists. On some of them you can really learn a trick or two, find out some secrets, but most of them just want to mislead you so you would not be a threat to your other colleagues. Don't become obsessed with trying to perform everything by yourself, trust us and lean on us in this important errand. Forget about your flaws or imperfections as we are willing and ready to do everything possible to make them go away.