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Photo Montage Services

Photo montage is basically photo manipulations which include rearranging, shifting, cutting or even photo overlapping, as well as combining for the sake of creating a brand new composite image which is capable of depicting more of a subject as opposed to a single photograph.

When talking about the history of photo montage, there is one curious fact: it appeared almost simultaneously with the notion photo making itself. Thus, experiments with photo images can be traced back to the 19th century. The best known ones popped up in the mid-Victorian area. Among the pioneering forerunners were Oscar Rejlander and Henry Peach Robinson. A lot of postcards of those times were created with the help of photo montage. Mailing pieces with queer and unbelievably looking creatures or people with their limbs and heads attached to wrong bodies and many others were on the pick of its popularity. But it was the Berlin modernist group, Dada, whose members adroitly pushed the artistic boundaries of their century and developed photo montage as a separate self-sufficient art form and witch was shortly after that adopted by other modernist movements all over the world. They didn’t have digital conveniences at their disposal back then. Therefore they used to go to great lengths in foster a new desirable image, like scissor work, gluing and combining already-made pictures with non-photographic objects, double or even multiple exposures, darkroom masking, combination printing, front-projection etc.

Nowadays with the help of Photoshop every photo manipulation seems easy-breezy with the diverse variety of digital technologies and editing software at your fingertips. No wonder there is quite a number of professional photo montage companies which can gladly offer their image manipulation services. Nowadays you can just click on a button on a web page of some photo montage companies and order all the photo manipulation services you need (like photo color correction services, professional portrait retouching services, body retouching, black and white retouching and so on and so forth). Professionals of photo montage companies are capable of fulfilling their job almost in a blink of an eye charging you only $10-25 for that. And their photo retouching before and after samples surely prove, they know the deal. Wedding-retouching firm frequently gets commissions for portrait and body retouching, wedding image retouching, background or family photo editing, as well as various color correction works. Those photo montage services seem to be required most of all.

Professional Photo Montage

Professional photo montage is applied nowadays merely everywhere due to the enormous role of mass media in our modern society. All the heaps of contemporary printed or digital magazines, newspapers, advertising and other mass media pieces resort to the help of image manipulation services. Besides, professional photo artists can’t steer clear of it as well as the estimation and success of their image productions directly depend on its quality, obviously. Professional photo montage includes all kinds of photo manipulation services and retouching techniques which are sure fire-ways of making your photos looking mind-blowing. There are dozens of highly-skilled teams of retouchers which indulged in this work since professionalism is the key-work here.

The key role of this retouching category plays professionalism of a digital artist. This person should have delicate photographic taste and be able to draw. Besides, he/she should be a free user of all modern post-production softwares, namely Photoshop CS, Lightroom, Capture One, Photoshop Elements, Picasa, Aperture, and others. A professional digital drawer spends more than 8 hours on professional photo montage. As a result, customers receive a constant photo retouchers, high-quality and fast turn-around time.

Photo Manipulation Services

Photo montage services are the most difficult level of photo post-production which demands digital drawing. What kinds of photo manipulations exist? Here you may find extraordinary stylization projects, art works, print text effects creation, comics, sketch-books, abstract photos, surreal images, photo collages, etc. Photo manipulation is a craft. For event photographers we are all set to create wedding album design, family collages in Halloween or Christmas styles, fantasy children’s pictures and many others thoughts.

We specialized in wedding photography post processing services, but our photo editing company has also specialists in each photo editing category. Even the most extravagant ideas will be depicted on your screens. The main point is to understand what exactly our client wants and create a masterpiece together.