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Photo Editing Prices

Wedding photography post processing services can be quite high, can be low, can be average, they can correspond to the expected quality or differ in a bad or in a good way. Our rates are high and this is a proof of our reliability. We are proficient. Our digital editing is quite impressive. And we always think about that corresponding to the highest standard means giving our clients the best work for an average sum of money. We made the dream of millions of people come true. Of course, people are very demanding when we are talking about product they want. But we provide everything they need anyway because this is why we exist. We do the thing interest us best for the money - how could we ever think about tricking our customers and giving them something of the average level of editing?

Wedding Retouch Rates

We completely understand that many people are busy and that do not have enough time to devote it to the photography post processing, but this is okay, as we present ourselves for your satisfaction. Our instruments are such popular programs as Photoshop or Capture One, etc., etc. And our prices on the market of the wedding photography edition field are really just average. Our team consists only of qualified digital artists who are well known in the world and who can provide you any type of retouching at all. It is also essential for us that you should know that every our service we can and shall provide online for your convenience. Family photo editing? Of course. Our photo color correction services? Out of the question. At your will every individual peculiarity that you have can follow and carry out your demand in the best way. These photo montage services of ours will not disappoint you.

We offer five levels of retouch that can vary in the used techniques or some other details. According to the retocher's talent, you will be provided the best service.

The Price of the Wedding Retouch


Wedding Light


per wedding
Color correction up to 700 images per wedding
US$0.17 per image only
*you can add additional service if you need

Wedding Pro


per wedding
Color correction up to 700 images per wedding
Simple edit up to 20 images
Advance edit up to 5 images



per image
  • Color Corrections
  • The price is for all
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per image
  • Light Balance
  • Correct Tonal Range
  • Exposure
  • Color Temperature
    and Tint
  • Highlight and Shadow
  • Contrast
  • Saturation
  • Vibrance
  • Color Corrections which
    Reflect Your Style
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per image
  • Beauty Portrait Correction
  • Red Eye Effect Removal
  • Blemish Removal
  • Scar, Pimple Removal
  • Stray Hair Removal
  • Skin Smoothening
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Color Correction
  • Image Cropping
  • Headshots Retouching
  • Portraits Editing
  • Studio Pics
  • Background Retouching
  • Newborn Pics Editing
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per image
  • Adjustment under
    the Simple level
  • Body look adjustment
  • Any kind of
    weight manipulation
  • Smooth down your
    frizzy/stray hairs
  • Make your eyes look
    natural and gleaming
  • Remove any undesirable
    tiny elements from photo
  • Even out the skin tone
  • Simple Correction
  • Body Correction / Retouching
  • Weight Correction
  • Stray Hairs removal
  • Background Extending
  • Studio Pics
  • Get rid of small
    undesirale objects
  • Portraits retouching
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per image
  • Basic Correction
  • Body Correction
  • Weight Reduction
  • Background Enhancement
  • Braces Removal
  • Extending Background
  • Spot Coloring
  • Eyeglass Glare Removal
  • Wrinkle Removal
  • Background Removal
    (solid color replacement)
  • Artistic Enhancements
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Wedding Photo Retouching Prices

Wedding Post Production Services    Rate per Photo       Peculiarities
Culling $0.06
  • Among all the pictures in the shooting, we choose the best ones
  • We correct all the visible flaws
  • We erase repeated shots
Color Correction $0.25
  • We correct the main color of the image
  • We provide black and white retouching
Simple Edit $2.50
  • We make your colors beautiful
  • We retouch your portraits
  • We enhance your body
Pro Edit $6
  • We enhance your portrait innovatively
  • We retouch in a fashionable way
  • We stylize your image
  • We provide digital drawing and montage of the photos
Advanced Edit $12
  • We edit your wedding pictures in a creative way
  • We make your images glamour
  • We enhance and\or replace the background
  • We correct your head, edit the amount of shadows, color balance
  • We offer body retouching

Photo Retouching Prices for Wedding Retouching Packages

Our company offers you special packages. They contain sets for wedding. Our professional portrait retouching services will bring you everything you desire. There are basic and also semi-advanced requirements of the edition of images. Professional services include many variants of retouching such as culling service, correction of the color, stylization for your individual style. We can also talk here about additional altering if you want it. Because there are few weddings in winter, we want you to know that we have a special discount for them in this season. Light editing, Basic edition, High End correction... All of those and more cannot become in a rush and we always make sure we provide the best quality. The huge advantage of collaboration with our team is that everything is negotiable and we have no hidden payments.

'Wedding Light' Package

Correction of the color (no more than seven hundreds of pictures in one wedding set. The price is $119 for a wedding photography session.

'Wedding Pro' Package

Correction of the color (no more than seven hundreds of pictures in one wedding set) Simple Edition (no more than twenty photos in one wedding set) Advanced Edition (no more than five pictures in one wedding set) Those prices are $199 for a wedding photo session.

Instead of booking those packages hourly in other retouching companies it is much more profitable to choose wedding packages of our company.

What Level Will Suit You Best And How to Choose?

These days there is an enormous variety of wedding photography post processing and those services belong to different levels of providing retouch. Each of those levels will be explained thoroughly to you so you could do the best choice among five our variants. Of course, process also differ. Though you casnbe sure that you will not be overpaying.

Retouch Level of Culling

The wedding season is usually very busy. People dream from their childhood about June or August wedding. And the service of the photo culling becomes the most unbearable part of the post processing of the photographs. If you want to choose the best shots and not to lose a lot of time then it will be wiser to turn to the professional for getting everything done. This service actually composes the basics of any photo edition, even if it is not about a wedding. The finest pictures that are not blurred will be culled and post processed. We will follow any style you want, stick to one or add some variety.

This service is very profitable for our clients, because the price is low enough - it is just $0.06 for one image.

The Retouch Level of the Color Correction

You can avoid getting difficulties of the correction of hundreds of photographs, wedding or other. Just sign in, relax, let us take care of your images. Our digital artists are professionals and this huge work is a pleasure for them. Trust experienced employees to do their job, to which they will dedicate their time and passion. Consistent look is easy to achieve when we are talking about the best from the best. Expose will be enhanced, saturation will be heightened or lowered, your teeth will be perfectly white, red eyes will return to their natural color, shadows will underline your face and body, or the whole atmosphere. Photographers know that all the necessary altering will be applied.

This treasure service's price of this level is also affordable and even a little lower: $0,25 for one image.

The Retouch Simple Level

If you are an amateur, you still have a possibility to make your photographs look professionally and simple. Even pro photographers prefer their shots to be edited and post processed, starting from any small details to more complicated altering. Simple edit level gives everyone many variants and ways of enhancing pictures. Capture a stunning view and captivate a design with our help and obtain amazing results. Attentiveness to small details is one of our retouchers' greatest talents. Bride and groom will be satisfied with the edition of their bodies, skin, hair etc. Their eyes will shine just like their teeth and they will remember forever how beautiful they looked on such an important day.

This level's rate is higher among the manipulations - it composes $2.50 for one image.

Advanced Retouch Level

Usually, this type of retouching is used by experienced photo shooters when they need some additional care about their photographs. Professional skills of our employees are a great help for them. Our team will concentrate all their attention on your demands and instructions if there are any. This kind of work demands many hours. On this level we start following closely your individual style. Professional portrait ededition, retouch of the body, correction of all the image's colors, weight reducing, basic corrections are included.

As this type is better than all the previous, it also costs more: $12 for one picture.

Retouch Level of Album Design

People like to cherish their memories and they make new ones every day. You probably keep albums with your childhood photos alone with your parents' albums. Wedding albums are also very popular nowadays. Create your design style and then enjoy unique symbol of love and unity. This works consumes most of the retouchers' time and it often consists of layered PSDs. Our team provides affordable, but very fast and of the high quality. The needs of public is growing and we are ready create new masterpieces every day.

This particular service of manipulation costs $4 for one photograph.

Our offer is cheap edition of the photographs

Consider our prices. Take a close look at them and compare them to other companies' prices. Then look attentively at the samples of our photo retouching before after and compare them to the others too. Send us your images and add your instruction if you already know what do you want to see in the end. Modern world is overwhelmed by the number of different shots uploaded in the internet. We provide improvement to your photographs in two or three days. We guarantee your full anonymity and high end quality. Our Portfolio is updated almost every day to keep you constantly informed about our achievements.

We are different from all similar companies that are out there. We do our best to satisfy you and to give you a wish to return to us once more. Send us your wedding or other photographs and the experts of FixThePhoto will bring them balance and enhance their quality. We are open to new technologies and we are constantly in the search of the new sources of inspiration and ways to make your memories brighter and more full of life. We try to finish your orders as soon as possible and we always respect the date you say you want to obtain your pictures. You are able to reach out and contact us through the Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or our online chat. Rely on us because we are solide and respectful. Let us help you and bring some more colors into your life.

So, the perfection of an image is the aim of existence of our team and of similar ones'. Retouching is now a hobby for millions of people and it is popular worldwide. We hire the best from the best as our editors and we also do outsourcing retouch and we like to collaborate with talented people from all corners of the Earth. We also work together with event photographers. No matter if you are an amateur or a professional, because we will do everything you need. Try cheap edition which impresses everyone because of the high end quality and you will not want to turn to the others.