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Portrait Retouching Services

Portrait retouching is the method of alternation or transformation of digital images by means of photo retouching software (Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom) and applying portrait retouching services to make a picture of a person to look better and more attractive.

Photoshop portrait retouching is described by the following services: red eyes removal, wrinkles minimizing, natural skin smoothing, deleting zits or stains, bags under eyes removal, color and white balance correction, retouching sunglasses` glares, background enhancement. etc.

Pro Glamour Portrait Retouching

If you have no free time for retouching or do not understand how to edit indoor portraits in Photoshop CC or Adobe Lightroom, you can follow US-based professional portrait retouching services. Wedding and portrait photographers may definitely rely on Wedding-retouching company – a successful, creative wedding and professional portrait editing service. We cooperate with clients at any convenient moment, 24/7– our group of qualified specialists is sure to meet all your difficulties and solve all possible problems in order you to be fully satisfied with outcomes. We provide professional portrait retouching services which help to improve the quality of a portrait picture – family image, headshots for a website, school image album, actor's or singer’s portraits or passport photographs.

Fashion portrait editing is very important today, since High End is very widespread, that is why online portrait retouching is also very demanded. To save your time and efforts, it is reasonable to outsource your portrait and bridal photos to our professional online portrait retouching service. We will definitely fix all the drawbacks and visible flaws in your pictures and make them having the top quality. Any family portrait editing done online keeps up with the times – we use high end technologies and high-tech portrait retouching softwares to follow your instructions.

To ensure in our quality, here are photo retouching before after samples where you can see what was made while pro glamour portrait retouching. On this portrait you can see a beautiful woman in the sportswear. After basic Photoshop outdoor portrait editing by our service this photograph became better.

Color correction: shadows removal, color balance adjustment, brightening. Face: eyes pop, skin smoothening, removing greasy skin look. Hair enhancement: remove stray hair from the background and face, adding hair. Dodge & Burn. Remove red effect and bags under eyes. Body reshaping Background adjustment – dark spot removal. This is the example of applying basic online portrait retouching we offer. The photo now looks better, attracting, and natural at the same time, as if no portrait retouching services were used.

The main step in pro glamour portrait retouching is skin enhancement. It is crucial for the portraiture composition. The task is to fix all the skin drawbacks, but at the same time professionals shouldn`t use too much retouching in order a portrait to look natural and beautiful.

Many beginning photographers use Photoshop portrait plugins to enhance the color balance of their photos. This is a good decision, but LR filters or Photoshop brushes can do skin retouching. We provide portrait retouching services only the way our customers ask. Someone will need wrinkles minimizing, somebody wants to remove a birth-mark; some women and men who lead very active life, and appear to be tired would like to remove bags under eyes and add some freshness be means of photo color correction services. Women may have desire to fix some minor problems with make-up, hair, and men may need scars smoothing. But every portrait requires skin smoothing.

Even family portrait editing has to include skin enhancement. No matter what is the size of a face – everybody should look perfect. Professional portrait editing of a face is necessary here – photographed people want to look lovely and charming. Besides, portrait editing allows people hide some possible defects and create pleasant atmosphere of a family picture.

5 Easy Steps to Start Headshot Retouching

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This is an example of fashion portrait in studio where pro glamour portrait retouching was applied by our retouchers. Color correction: brightening, adding juicy colors, shadows removal. Face: eyes pop, skin smoothening, removing shadows under nose, deleting trace of the earring. Hair retouch: remove stray hair from the background and face. Remove red effect and bags under eyes. Background adjustment – brighten the color.

Color correction: shadows removal, color balance adjustment, brightening. Face: eyes pop, skin smoothening, removing greasy skin look. Hair enhancement: remove stray hair from the background and face, adding hair. Dodge & Burn. Remove red effect and bags under eyes. Body reshaping Background adjustment – dark spot removal.This portrait can be used as a cover to any fashion magazine. The power of pro glamour portrait retouching is very strong.

Benefits of our professional portrait retouching services

Proper camera, lightning conditions, poses, gestures are not enough to receive a beautiful portrait. Here wedding photography post processing services come to help with a necessary step - professional portrait editing.

A big packet of portrait retouching services. Wedding-retouching suggests a professional services. You are offered to work with your personal photo retoucher. This man/woman will be responsible for the photo editing requests and will work on your further orders. Quality single, couple or family portrait editing includes making images natural and clean. All portraits demand applying Dodge & Burn Photoshop effect. You can change, reshape or extend the background, draw something or even make a photo manipulation. You can also use sharpening and color balance, enhance light and shadows. All photographs will be retouched according to all portrait standards: brightening eyes, whitening teeth and enhancing lips, improving and creating High End makeup, retouch skin imperfections; stray hair removing or adding. If you want to see how we apply these techniques in Photoshop, check out our Portfolio page, and make sure in our skills and competence in commercial photography retouching. Good portrait retouching demands more than just deleting visible blemishes, smoothening skin, color correction, and whitening yellow teeth. It is a real art where our service is recommended.

All kinds of portraiture. No matter you capture portraits of your close friends or you've been hired to photograph a family event, a wedding ceremony, and whether you're photographing in a professional photo studio or in your local cafe, you always return home and start family portrait editing and professional portrait editing. No matter it is a professional black and white retouching or difficult body retouching, our company will edit your portraits online. Our team of digital artists and wedding photo manipulators know how to combine the powers of Lightroom and Photoshop to get the best retouching results. We have reliable photo editing prices and the highest quality of photographs which can enrich your portfolios.

Additional services. Corporate and wedding photos also need photo montage services of high quality. The photos should be dynamic and without visible flaws. Also you can order background removal service which is the most demanded component in professional portrait retouching services. Our digital artists use the last-trend techniques with custom brushes for giving your subjects a unique look.

Reviews about Wedding Photo Edit by Our Customers

rate by Erin Miles, Washington
Online portrait retouching programs and softwares are so awful. Really. They are robots and retouch identically all the photos. My friend Kate recommended me this service where I could work with a real retoucher who listened to me and followed my instruction correctly. Highly recommend!!
rate by Ellis Sanchez
Editing outdoor portraits LightRoom is an easy task for me, if not concerning some serious things as background, skin or drawing something. In these cases I outsource my pics and leave satisfied. Here you will get good outcomes as shown on the examples. Whish you good luck!
rate by Amelia Fuller, Germany
Good & fast work. Thank you for quality.
rate by Sylvester, Canada
Quick, reliable and simple registration. French speaking managers deserve separate thanks. Satisfied with results and highly recommend wedding photographers.