Wedding photo editing services - post production for photographers

Wedding photo retouching is changing and improving the digital pictures of various wedding celebrations using different shot editing programs such as Photoshop or LightRoom. That helps to improve all of the basic characteristics of a given photo with the main aim of creating visual attractiveness of a photographed couple by removing skin flaws, or removing various photography defects and photo mistakes like red eyes, low contrast, low brightness, inappropriate white balance, etc. Wedding photo editing services offered by our company includes such beauty retouching techniques and other common editing options as:

Wedding photography edit and fix

Our online retouching company has more than 10 years of successful editing experience. During these years we have learned how to satisfy everyone, even the most demanding client. From day to day we tend to develop all professional photo editing services for photographers that are in demand among customers. Retouching specialists, as a rule, use basic editing programs such as LightRoom or Photoshop, but still, if it is necessary, we may work with other programs for wedding photography edit.

What is post production in photography?

The main wish connected with digital image fixing is not only to develop common wedding photo retouching services, but also to attract new customers from day to day. The matter is that every new client for us is a new and fresh possibility for making ourselves much better. For this reason, we provide a wide range of wedding retouching services of different levels of image changing. Most of them will be described below in order for you to better understand and be more  confident in ordering our digital photography editing services.

Professional Culling & Color correction by wedding photography editing service

How do wedding photographers edit photos? The first thing each photographer or retoucher deals with is a wedding photo culling. It is a necessary, but very time consuming process of choosing the best-looking wedding pictures.  It sounds like it is a very easy task, but it takes a lot of time to delete blurred wedding photos, images with people in awkward positions, light-struck photographs, etc. 

Each professional photo retouching expert knows that after photo culling you work with photo color enhancement, which is the first step if you want to edit wedding photos like a pro. It is the basis of a professional photo retouch. The main purpose of color correction in wedding photography edit is to alter the overall color of the light, adjust color temperature and tones, fix shadows and brightness of the photo, fix exposure & white balance problems, and repair excessive noise, etc. All the wedding photographs need at least one of these photo editing services. Color grading is a great collection of different actions which helps a wedding photo retoucher to make creative image adjustments in a variety of scenarios so that  the married couple will be satisfied with their wedding pictures.

Complete skin retouching by professional Wedding Photo Edit Company

That is believed to be the most essential part of digital photo enhancement. It helps to achieve a look of brilliant and professionally improved skin. Basic skin retouching techniques include blemish removal or wrinkles editing. A wedding celebration is believed to be the most important occasion in every person`s life. We have to spend numerous hours and nervous days in order to get ready for this outstanding day. And can you imagine how disappointing these skin flaws may become for every person, especially for a bride. We understand this problem 100% and by implying various professional photo retouching services, we are eager to help you. You may trust us that every skin flaw can be edited. 

The same is true with wrinkle removal. For modern outsource photo editing it is not a problem anymore. Everything can be removed from a given picture quickly and so professionally that not a single person will be able to notice the footprints of these changings.

Moreover, skin retouching also includes teeth whitening. If you are dreaming about having a bright Hollywood smile, at least in your wedding photos, our photo editing company will become a must-have for you. After our online photo editing services, everybody will believe that outstanding white smiles are, for sure, natural. Nobody will believe that it was done with the help of photo editing techniques.

Background enhancement

This process includes many image post production techniques which help to remove or change the background of wedding photographs. This image enhancement action provides for removing unnecessary objects or people without making this photo editing look obvious. The background enhancement consists of replacing background, getting rid of unnecessary things or strangers in the background, etc. This service definitely helps to improve the wedding photographs, especially wedding party shots, as knowing when to remove a hand from the bride’s or groom’s face while dancing is a must-have. 

Outsource photo editing and set yourself free for more wedding shoots

Why should photographers use wedding photography edit services? Firstly, documenting wedding events is a very difficult task. Usually a wedding photographer needs from 10 to 15 hours of coverage during which he/she must be inventive almost every second. It’s obvious, that wedding photography doesn’t end with the ceremony and party. On the next day the shooter has to deal with culling and wedding photo retouching. 

These are time and effort consuming actions which wedding photographers don’t like at all. Luckily, there are many outsourcing photo editing services, freelance bridal photographers and editors who can help you with your photo post production and this can lighten your job. Outsourcing photo editing services should be not only about having more time for pleasure, work or other staff, but it should also take your wedding portfolio to the highest level. Your initial aim should be to find the best wedding photo editing service or retoucher with whom you will communicate without difficulties, who can match and enhance your wedding shooting style, and on whom you can rely. 

Best photography retouchers

When a wedding photographer starts his/her business, everything is done without somebody’s help – starting from the camera gear and setting up the preparation and finishing with post production photo editing. The time you spend on image editing is extremely long, so instead of wasting it, you should use it to hire a wedding photo retoucher and find new clients. Moreover, this time can be engaged not only in improving your skills and techniques, but also in relaxing and spending time with friends or relatives. 

Wedding photo retouchers are professional photographers and photo editors who are knowledgeable about wedding photo edit programs and digital photo retouching techniques and actions which are frequently used in the wedding photo industry, and, of course, are innovative. These people at photo editing companies are typically responsible for selecting, family portrait editing, positioning and publishing photos to accompany the text of the wedding album. 

Professional photo editing services for photographers

It’s very difficult to find the perfect match among a lot of photo editing services for professional photographers on the Web. Nevertheless, we recommend using our professional Photoshop editing services. Our wedding-retouching service is a big team of professional digital artists who provide photography post production services to wedding shooters all around the world – from the USA, Europe to China and Australia. You can easily outsource photo retouching to us for all of your wedding photo edit tasks to save your time, which you can then dedicate to marketing and developing you photography business. Wedding season is too short to spend it on image post production!

Our photo editing services online are run by FixThePhoto, a photo retouching service that has been offering high-end image retouching services to professional photographers since 2003. 

Our wedding editing service handles all of the culling, photo post production, skin retouching, and photo color correction services, and you can shoot more weddings, build your photography career or enjoy holidays. Outsource photo retouching and set yourself free from hiring an assistant and purchasing  expensive editing software.

Try our post production photo services right now! We offer 5 post production photo editing levels which can meet all of your demands. You can view our edited photos before and after and compare their quality with our reliable photo retouching prices

Post Processing ServicesPost Processing Services
Color Correction ServicesColor Correction Services
Portrait Retouching ServicePortrait Retouching Service
Background Removal ServiceBackground Removal Service
Body RetouchBody Retouch
Black and White Photo EditingBlack and White Photo Editing
Family Photo EditingFamily Photo Editing
Photo Montage ServicesPhoto Montage Services



Photo Culling Services – US $0.05 per photo

This wedding photography edit service will save your time. We can quickly sort through hundreds and thousands of images you shot to choose the best ones. The culling work is done by experienced editors who follow your guidelines of image quality criteria.

Color Correction Services – US $0.20 per photo

Our professional wedding photography editing services include correcting light balance, tonal range, exposure, contrast, saturation, and vibrancy; our retouchers can adjust color temperature and tint; work with highlight and shadow compensation, and make any color correction to match your style, and enhance your black & white photography.

Artistic Photo Editing Services – US $2.00 per photo

To satisfy all of the post production editing photography needs we offer professional portrait retouching services  that includes removal of red eye effect, blemishes, stray hair and small objects; skin smoothening and teeth whitening plus color correction and image cropping if needed.

Advanced Photo Editing Services – US $10.00 per photo

When ordering The Advanced Editing you will get basic portrait retouching, body correction including weight reduction; we can also remove wrinkles, braces or eyeglass glare, enhance, remove or extend a background, do spot coloring of a wedding dress and any artistic wedding editing service you may need.

Wedding Album Design Services – US $4.00 per page

Our creative digital artists will create a custom design for your wedding photo albums with layered PSDs. You can submit up to 4 images per spread and our editor will use up to an average of 3 images per spread, which you can view on our retouching portfolio.

Please contact us if you have a custom request not mentioned here, and we will be happy to help you.

Online photo editing services reviews

These are the latest reviews about our post production services for photographers from all over the world. They were taken from their emails and comments on Facebook and other social media accounts. reviews by USA photographers


Photo editing company which always saves my time. 

- Anna, San Diego, USA

Stunning results! Thank you for helping me to edit wedding photos.

- Noah, New York, USA

I needed the background swapped out in a beach wedding photo. It was a fast and the retoucher was specialized in the photo retouch service he gave. Like the after pictures.

- Zoey Noel, Mesa, USA

Photo editing outsourcing was always something unsafe for me! I don’t trust these companies. Fortunately, I found this one on Facebook and am fully satisfied.

- Scarlett, Tulsa, USA

Brilliant image retouching services. Advantages: easy application, fast answer and nice personnel.

- Oliver, Atlanta, USA

I gave them a bride’s photograph to edit her face and remove flaws and zits. When I saw the result from Wedding-retouching I thought it was AWESOME

- Aria Weil, Las Vegas, USA reviews by UK photographers


Ordered the Advanced editing level for one wedding portrait. Quick turnaround time, received the image back the next day. Well done.

- Sophie, Bristol, UK

For sure, I will use this wedding photography edit service many times, always in time, I got some basic editing and advanced retouching and it’s fine!

- Hannah Swan, Lancaster, UK

Thank you Wedding-retouching! As an amateur shooter it was a pleasure to see what my wedding pics could look like after going through post production photo services!

- Lacey Williams, London, UK

The time on the retouching was fast and the photo manipulation services were outstanding! If you hesitate to edit your wedding photos here or not, this is a great choice!

- Violet, Plymouth, UK

Fast turnaround time, they did all 10 photo edits ASAP for me. Great job, guys! I’m applying to you again!

- Thomas, Truro, UK

Extremely fast delivery! I referred so many photography post production services. They all failed. Very easy application. Polite customer service. Will use this wedding photography editing service again for sure. Thanks!

- Isaac, Perth, UK

Quick and safe retouch with cooperative client service, what else can you ask for? Really recommended every wedding shooter!

- Logan, Cardiff, UK reviews by Asian photographers


These photo editing services online were extra helpful. Everything met my needs. I was fully pleased with results and their speed. A big plus is their customer service! Polite and nice. Will    see you next season. I will recommend your professional photo retouching services to my colleagues!

- Amida, Hekinan, Japan

Great work! Like your speed and efficiency!

- Dara, Mito, Japan

OMG! Unbelievable shots, I’ll be back to you later.

- Dingbang, Macau, China

GREAT service! Thank you, guys!

- Hong, Lichuan, China

Thank you very much for the quick reply and understanding! Thanks again!

- Shinichi, Baotou, China reviews by Canadian photographers


To be honestly, I’ve never tried your services, I’m a big fan of your portfolio! Like the pictures very much! Keep doing it!

- Emily, Ontario, Canada

The background on my wedding photo was far too busy. They removed the white statue, so I could print it in my client’s wedding album! Like the results a lot! Thank you again.

- Lea, Yukon, Canada

Thanks for the assistance you provide. It’s a big relief to outsource wedding photos to you. Hope to work with you further. Thanks again, guys.

- Alexis, Toronto, Canada

I love this site! They helped me to remove and change the background and delete a stranger in a family pic. Thank you for your professionalism and fast turnaround time.

- Rosalie, Hamilton, Canada

Recommended by my friend Morris. Nice service, I outsourced my pics for culling. Well, everything is OK. Wish you great customers.

- Caleb, Quebec, Canada

Surprisingly reliable and cheap pricing! It suites me, because I just started my wedding photography career. Thanks.

- Violet, Alberta, Canada

Stunning! My client likes her photos very much! Really good picture editing service!

- David, Toronto, Canada

Had 7 wedding portraits edited and these guys were really accommodating while following my instructions.

- Taylor, Manitoba, Canada

I’d like to say one thing- FANTASTC!! I often don't share with good reviews but I would really like to say that Wedding-retouching is great and fast! Recommend!

- Marianne, Toronto, Canada reviews by Australian photographers


Which photography post production services  should I use?

- William, Sydney, Australia

I have been using this photo editing service for 2 years. The team is the most reliable and safe of all the outsourcing firms I have worked with.

- James, Tamworth, Australia

This service rocks! Retouchers have a great online system to upload shots. Many shots! They were fast to reply and quick with the first and second changes. I'll be back!

- Thomas Jay, Sydney, Australia

Simply wonderful. Easy communication, quick turnover, Brilliant services! I highly advise using their services.

- Alexander, Liverpool, Australia

Ann Young is great. Faster turnover than I could expect, and higher quality photos than many firms offer. Very glad!

- Joshua, Dubbo, Australia

Have a great price list and very fast. I returned two wedding pictures because I didn't like the first variants (I was just a little bit picky) and the guys reedited them quickly without any additional charge. Would definitely use them again.

- Ryan, Sydney, Australia reviews by European photographers


Wedding-retouching team is fantastic. I needed some stray hair removed from a wedding photo to be done under a tight deadline. More important than their turnover is the quality of the photos I received, which was exceptional. I will absolutely use again.

- Paul, Hamburg, Germany

These guys are CRAZY good. The retouching is fantastic and “natural”.

- Lena, Dusseldorf, Germany

All my wedding shots in the past made people look "plastic" due to the retouching process. Not this time. Highly recommend his services!

- Federico, Rome, Italy

The best of the best. Tati Taylor is extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

- Antonio, Madrid, Spain

I was very impressed with their professionalism, expertise and communication. Thanks again that you speak French!

- Isabel, Paris, France

Why choose our wedding photo retouching services

Our wedding photography editing services are not limited by these digital changing techniques only. Many other options, even the most advanced ones may be implied due to the wish of our clients and the required final goal. The most commonly used picture editing service implied by our photography retouchers is appearance enhancement. Beyond doubts the most important people in wedding shots are bride and groom. That is why in this time consuming digital photo retouching we use all our skills in order to make the beloved couple look exactly outstanding.

We will be working with you to meet all your expectations and will work until you are 100% satisfied with the quality of the edited photos.

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