How does it work?

1. Simply fill out your information on the “Sign Up” page.

2. Then go to the “Create Order” page and start uploading the photos. Then you will proceed to an easy to fill out form where you can add all of your editing instructions and style preferences. We will do our best to process the photos as close as possible to your standards. Please note, we may not be able to do this exactly the way you would like to have it.

3. Below the order form please select the services you want to apply to the photos, including a rush order option.

Will I like www.wedding-retouching.com’s style of editing?

We are sure you will  as we try to do our best to give the best photo editing service for wedding photographers. The main is to be provided with the detailed instructions from you and information about your preferences. We offer the trial editing for several photos first and getting your approval we will proceed with the rest of the order. If you have any revisions regarding the ready order just let us know and we will fix everything what is needed.

Where can I see the wedding photo retouching rates?

Go to the “Photo Editing Prices” page for general pricing information.

Can you match my individual style?

We follow the instructions of our clients and before starting the work on the photos we should be sure that we are on the right direction that's why we edit several photos first and we will proceed with the rest of the images after your confirmation.

How many days does it take to finish the order?

After the samples approval by you you will need to wait other 5-7 days to get the ready order. In the peak season it could be about 7-8 days. If you have any exact deadline please specify it which submitting the order.  

Which types of files can I send you?

Both RAWs and JPEGs, however we'd recommend you to send us your images in RAW format to get the best results.

Can you tell me what culling is?

It is a pre-editing. We will remove the duplicates, bad or out of focus photos to leave you with the best selection.

Can I cull photos myself and you will edit the rest?

Sure, you can select any style which offers our wedding photography post processing service: culling, photo color correction service, basic or advanced editing, album design. If you have any need of family photo editing, portrait retouching service or photo manipulation services just let us know and we will give you a quote for that kind of editing.

Do you have any photo retouching examples?

Of course, just check out our gallery.

Can you crop my photos?

Sure, please provide us with some general instructions on how you'd like your photos to be cropped.

Can you make black and white retouching of my photos?

Yes, we can convert some photos into B&W, please let us know the percentage of photos you'd like converted.

Which program do your retouchers use?

We process wedding photos using Adobe LightRoom and Adobe PS.

Do you work on calibrated displays?

We perform display calibration on a regular basis to ensure that all of the PCs in our office work equally that allows to provide our clients with the highest quality of photo editing services.

What is the best way to submit the order?

You can choose the most suitable one. But better if you upload your photos to the secure server after signing up at our website. Also you can use file sharing websites like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.

How do I receive my photos edited?

When your photos have been processed we'll deliver them via LR cat. If you'd like your images converted to JPGs, we will do that and return them via Dropbox.

Is there a minimum order?

We require a minimum order charge of 20 USD, but you're welcome to combine small orders to meet the minimum.

What is the minimum and maximum of the photos I can order?

If you are looking for the color correction style of editing the min amount is 10 images, nevertheless there is no limit for the maximum.

If I don't like the final results?

Do not hesitate to tell us about that! We'll do the best to identify why it is so and we will work on the order until you are satisfied.

Are my photos safe?

Yes, the photos won't be shown up anywhere. All rights are reserved.

Which other wedding photography post processing services do you offer?

In our list of the services which we provide you can find the body retouching, professional portrait retouching services, photo montage services, background removal service. If you need any of them specify it submitting the order.

What are the terms of regular and express delivery?

After the samples approval by you you will need to wait other 5-7 days to get the ready order. In the peak season it could be about 7-8 days. If you have any exact deadline please specify it which submitting the order. We have the express delivery as well: if you need the order to be done within 36 hours then 75% of the order cost will be added to the total price or the order can be completed within 48 hours with additional 50% of the final price.

I still have questions, how can I contact you?

Just e-mail us or write on FB. Also you can get in touch with our assistant using the chat online on our site.