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How to start a successful wedding photography business

If you have some creative photography ideas, you might want to open your own business. Nowadays, taking pictures is a popular job and hobby. Recently, camera gear has become more consumer friendly and is more affordably priced, so as a result, anybody can be a photographer. Many people are talented but have not been able to capitalize on that talent.

However, that doesn’t mean you should forget about owning a photography business. All you need is to work harder to set yourself apart from the majority of amateur shooters. This blog post is intended to help you make your dream of a successful wedding pictures business on your own, which will provide a unique service to your clients, making their best day excellent and doing it all successfully. We have collected some tips you should know and follow before starting this kind of business.

The most important steps you should plan

If you are going to begin your own photo business, you should have the basics to get you started. A website with a secure gallery for customers should be created. Today, modern photographers have powerful tools such as WordPress and DreamWeaver with which to develop their websites. The result is that photographers are finding new and exciting ways to showcase their best work online.

Don’t forget about writing up a marketing plan. Ask yourself 3 questions and you will be successful. These are: Who is your audience? What is your unique selling point? Is your website as great as you are? Collect the necessary photography equipment and rent an office. Another important aspect of increasing your workflow speed is partnering with a photo post processing service that will take care of your post wedding photography tasks.

If you are a wedding photographer, you should have an assistant photographer. During family formals they will help you to capture some of the candid moments of people standing around, kids chasing each other and people enjoying their cocktails. The last, but not the least point is the official side of your business: insurance, taxes, a business license and bank accounts.

The Golden Rule for Businessmen

The customers are ALWAYS right. There is a reason why companies spend so much money on finding out ways to keep customers satisfied, because it’s easier and cheaper to save a customer than to get a new one. We can say the same things about wedding photography.

Do remember the following tips: always deliver what you promise – if you say it will take 3 weeks to retouch their pictures, it shouldn’t take 2 months. Provide quick replies –set yourself apart by replying to all enquiries within 24 hours maximum. Be friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful before, during, and after the wedding.

Always keep in mind that each wedding is someone’s special day. When you have edited your 30th wedding, remember that while this is a job to you, it’s someone’s wedding day. Don’t be on time, be early; it has the added benefit of making you look more professional among your clients.

Everything comes to him who waits

Remember that your shooting skill didn’t happen spontaneously, so don’t expect that your business will boom overnight. Every beginning businessman can experience this problem: you’ve got your portfolio online, you are waiting for your first call or email, and then nothing. What should you do next? Don’t be afraid, Google will help you. Get the most from Google, make your website pop up in several different areas. Create accounts on the most popular social networks – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Pinterest to showcase your works.

In the next blog posts will we tell you in detail how to use search engines and social networks for your website promotion.

In the wedding photography business, there are many opportunities for growth to increase your future business. The 2016 wedding season starts sooner than you think! Improving your business is a multi-year process. Know and respect your limitations and find trustworthy help wherever and whenever you can. Now, go forth and conquer!

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