Package "Wedding Light"

Color correction up to 700 images per wedding

US$0.14 per image only

*you can add additional service if you need

us$ 99 per wedding

Package "Wedding Pro"

Color correction up to 700 images per wedding

Artistic edit up to 20 images

Advance edit up to 5 images

us$ 159 per wedding

Wedding photography post production services › Photo editing prices


Wedding photo retouching prices

Our wedding photography post processing services charges the most reliable photo retouching rates among various companies. We offer the best turnaround time, proficiency, expected quality of digital photo editing services, and the condition of the source shot, which are the features of setting our prices. Our excellent online editing company values our work according to the level of retouch online work the customers are demanding. Check out our 5 picture retouching levels and 2 wedding photo editing packages which satisfy the modern wedding photo manipulation requirements. Choose the best variant and send your wedding pictures for editing right now.

Photo retouching rates by Wedding-retouching

If you are busy and can’t devote much time to doing photo editing, wedding photo manipulations and working with shot post-production programs like Photoshop, Lightroom and Capture One, our company charges the most reliable pricing for wedding image editing.  Wedding-retouching done by a group of qualified wedding photography artists who provide any kind of online wedding photo manipulation services like family photo editing, portrait improving service, and photo color correction services. Due to your desire, we get out the most efficient photo manipulator for each customer individually, to give the best results in photo montage services of your photographs.

Here are 5 retouching levels, which vary by Photoshop techniques, turnaround time spent by an editor on each photo, and by the photo editor’s talents. These people are diverse digital photo retouchers who engage in photos within these design levels of post-production.

Wedding Post Production Services

Rate per photo


Wedding Photo Retouching Prices



  • Selecting good looking pictures without blurring
  • Visible flaws
  • Deleting the images that are the same

Color Correction


Artistic Edit


Advanced Edit


  • Artistic wedding image retouching
  • Glamour retouching
  • Background enhancement and replacement
  • Head  swap, shadows and color balance post-production
  • High-End body retouching

Album Design


  • Innovative portrait enhancement
  • Fashion retouching
  • Stylizing
  • Digital drawings
  • Photo montage


Photo retouching prices for wedding retouching packages

We provide two packages for a wedding set with professional portrait retouching services. These packages include from basic to semi-advanced image-editing requirements. Professional wedding photo editing should consist of culling, color correction service with the client's stylization or a set, Light or Basic editing, Advanced or High End editing photos, additional changes of edited photos, and album design. Also, we provide the ability not to pay in the winter because of the lack of weddings. It is important that if a rush of service is included, that we can always negotiate a turnaround time and send the finished shots to the client in part. We do not have hidden payments for anything. For your convenience 2 portrait retouching service packages have been worked out.

Package "Wedding Light"

  • Color correction  (up to 700 photos per a wedding set)

Price: $99 per a wedding photo session

Package "Wedding Pro"

  • Color correction (up to 700 photos per a wedding set)
  • Artistic Edit (up to 20 photos per a wedding set)
  • Advanced Edit (up to 5 photos per a wedding set)

Photo retouching prices: $159 per wedding photo session

We recommend choosing our wedding photo packages instead of booking hourly packages which start from: $6-8 hourly & $1,000 a month from other wedding photo editing companies.

How to understand which picture edit level to choose?

Nowadays everyone may find a great variety of wedding photo post-production services which provide different editing levels with saving packages. Our firm will explain to you how these five wedding photo retouching levels and photo retouching prices differ, and which one you need more.

Culling Retouching Level

When the wedding season comes closer, many event photographers complain about the same thing: photo culling. Our wedding photo service is eager to help you to speed up your culling process.  This portrait retouching service is the common basis of every wedding editing process. We choose the finest looking wedding images which are good without blurring or other very visible defects, and delete the pictures that are the same. All shots should be in one style, in order not to come down in our clients' opinion. 

This level has rather low prices, so it is a very  appealing photo retouching service at – just $0.5 per image.

Color Correction Retouching Level

If you want to avoid the hard work of editing hundreds of wedding photographs all day long, you may sign in and give your pictures to the wedding retouching service or a digital artist who will take care of the enormous work so you can relax and make new photo sessions. The wedding photographers use this photo color correction services to achieve a consistent look and style in  professional photography. We provide such kinds of color correction as exposure and basic vibrancy adjustment, teeth whitening, common color saturation, color temperature adjustment, red eyes removal, highlight and shadow correction, conversion  of B&W images to color, and etc.

Photo editing prices for this level are very affordable – just $0,20 per image

Artistic Retouching Level

You don’t have to be a professional wedding photographer to take artistic photographs. If you are an amateur photographer or a pro shooter who prefers all small detail photo correction, this photo editing level is made for you. A wedding-retouching firm is ready to help you produce stunning photographs with captivating designs using Artistic level of wedding image manipulations. Our High-End digital artists are attentive to each small detail, and working with the bride and groom's skin and body, they provide braces and eyeglass glare removal services, and basic color correction is also included.

Photo retouching rates cost $2 per photo in photo manipulation services.

Advanced Level of retouching

This retouching level is made for professional shooters who require additional skills and care to each small detail of their wedding images. Also, this level provides for following the client’s individual style. Extra attention to particulars demands much time spent by a photo retoucher doing picture editing. Having chosen this level, you will get professional portrait editing, body basic retouching, common color correction, background changing, and digital weight reduction.

That’s why this retouching costs $10 per image.

Album Design Retouching Level

Our team is very experienced with marriage albums and wedding album post-production. Album Design level consists of creating a wedding album or a book for a just married couple, which will be done in the identical style of editing and have a beautiful design. It's the most difficult and time consuming work. It includes custom design and layered PSDs. We provide fast, affordable and clean designs. This photo editing level is created to meet the growing needs of wedding photo art.

Price for this particular photo manipulation services is $4 per image. 

We offer cheap photo editing

If you consider our cheap photo editing prices, it does not mean the quality of wedding photo retouching our company offers is low. You can send us a test wedding photo with instructions and check out that our wedding photo manipulators are the best ones in the modern wedding photography industry  all over the world. Cheap retouching means photos improved within 2-3 days with 100% privacy and the maximum quality. You can see our photo retouching before after various examples in this Portfolio to assure yourself of  the quality of our editing services. 

We differ from other professional photo editing sites out there; our wedding photo retouch company truly does the work for you. All you should do is send us your wedding photos, and Wedding-retouching experts will edit them into perfectly balanced, high-quality shots ASAP. Don’t hesitate to contact us via Facebook, email or online chat. Use our photo retouching services, and you will forget about resizing, cropping, retouching or cropping your wedding pictures. Rely upon our professional editors, so you can concentrate on attracting your audience and creating new stunning wedding photographs.

The purpose of our photographic retouching service is to end up with perfect images through editing them. Wedding-retouching is known worldwide. We work with wedding and event photographers from different continents. Our company offers digital photo enhancement services, which are convenient for professional photographers as well as for amateurs. Our pro photo retouchers work with different types of cheap photo editing and leave the customers satisfied. Any you wish will come true.