Freelance Photo Editing Jobs

 Wedding Retouching Service is an online service that offers photo editing for professional photographers. We work with photographers from the USA, Canada, Europe, and Australia. Currently we have job openings based on the following lines of our business:

Wedding photo editing
We are looking for professional Retouchers and people willing to improve their skills. We are constantly hiring for wedding photo editing team.
Family photo editing
We are looking for a professional Family Photo Editor to perform light color correction and retouching for family photo editing.
Photography post processing services
We are looking for an expert with solid experience in photography post processing service for professional photographers.
Clipping path service
We are ready to hire a candidate with no experience, but a desire to learn skills needed  to remove the background and for clipping path service.
Body retouching service
We are ready to hire a candidate with no experience or a professional with experience working in Photoshop and capable of performing tasks for photo retouching body
Photo color correction services
We are looking for a Color Corrector with knowledge of PhotoShop, LightRoom, Capture One, and Camera Raw for photo color correction services.
Professional portrait retouching services
We are looking for a professional headshot editor and portrait retoucher possessing experience with natural portrait retouching services.
Black and white retouching
We are looking for a black and white Photo Editor with the expertise in getting high level art works in black and white retouching.
Photo montage services
We are in search of a creative Retoucher to work with unusual orders and customers’ demands and with experience of photo montage services.
Photo retouching blog
We are looking for a Retoucher and Photographer ready to do photo edits on the photographs for posting on our Photo retouching blog.


If you want to work with us, please, get registered, fill in the information about you on the page and send us examples of your work according to job openings.

Sincerely, Wedding Retouching Administration

Photo editing jobs from Wedding Retouching Team

If you are interested in the photography you must know about the photo editing job at home that looks so appealing and interesting for people from all over the world. Who is a retoucher? Photo editor job description usually consists of the ways a human can alter an image with various programs. But it is more than just that! Of course you will need a Capture, a Photoshop or any other program that can enhance images the way you need it to. But other than that, you have to seize the sense of your order, why does your client want you to make the photo look like this? How can you make it happen? This is what your thoughts should be. You should have certain technical skills, fantasy, imagination to ameliorate images, and, of course, inspiration to have the strength to try again and again to create an outstanding piece of artwork.

We have certain criteria about your personal qualities that you must have for working with us. Photo editing online jobs can both be thrilling and hard. First of all, you have to be communicative. It is possible that you will talk directly to the client to find out more about his or her ideas about a shooting. Then, no doubt, you have to be open minded. Imagine photo editing jobs that would not be creative and bizarre and you will understand that without new strange ideas the business of the humanity will fail and everything that is art will become completely senseless. Once again, there is no point in seeking the photo editor jobs without the proper knowledge of the programs, of the PC on different operation systems and so on. It would be really helpful if you already gained some experience in photo editing jobs and if you have a specific digital retouching portfolio that can impress us. A portfolio of a retoucher or a retouching studio is basically its reputation, its face and so forth. We need you to be very responsible too, because time is money and you have to finish your photo editing job at home always in time.

So, if you choose to join us and to get yourself photo editing jobs, sign in on our website, fill in every gap in the registration form that you see as detailed as you can and add your portfolio. Then you just wait for us to answer your request.

Why photo editing job at home is so appealing?

There are a lot of advantages in online photo editing jobs from home. You do not need to walk or to drive anywhere else when the weather is bad and waste your time, money and nerves on it. When it is good, you will not feel like you are imprisoned. Photo editing jobs allow you to an artist in your own way, create things and trends, feel the pulse of the life. If you feel like eating or making a pause or working from bed – everything is at arm’s length and you are free to choose. In Wedding Retouching company we keep our photo editing prices moderate as we have many orders that still allow us earn more than we need for life and live well by anyone’s standards. Freelance photo editing jobs are a great way to save yourself for another occupation, hobby, friends, household chores and so on.

What will you need to do on the photo editor jobs?

First of all, you can choose an area you like most to make money in it, for example, wedding photography post processing. But we want out employees to be skillful in many areas, so it may happen that you will have to perform the family photo editing. It is a very common practice as the basics of all photo montage services are just the same: you start with photo color correction services, you crop an image, you carry out the body retouching if a client asks to or if this is a fashion shooting with a model. You check the shot and make sure that every detail is perfect. Among others, you may be engaged in the professional portrait retouching services which are demanded not only for professional models, but also for any person who wants to look beautiful or who just likes to take selfies. As you can see, photo editing jobs online can differ one from another, it all depends on the client and his or her purposes. Background removal service is a kind of online photo editing jobs that is often demanded by cosplayers and actors these days. Be ready to create something new from something old, because black and white retouching has always been popular in photo editing online jobs. Thus, the spectrum of your skills and knowledge has to be really wide in order to be able to carry out everything that is ordered every day on photo editing job at home.

List of vacancies of photo editing online jobs Wedding Retouching company has for you

As you can derive from our name, wedding photo editing job is one of the main photo editing jobs we offer to the people. It is very noble to help young families to create memories. Of course we have family photo editing job too. There are many similar photo editor jobs but all of them need perfection.

Photo color correction job is a type of work that can literally be demanded everywhere for each possible aim. It is basically a beginning of the creation of the image that outstands among millions of others. Sometimes a photo editor job description may not content this but it really is so important. The same is true for the background removal job because it may be needed in a fashion shooting, in a studio shooting, for amateurs, for professionals. Such online photo editing jobs are universal.

Body retouching job is a demand number one after the professional model shooting where some models are not perfectly suitable for some kinds of photos and they have to be retouched pretty well so that no one notices it. This photo editing job at home is quite a profitable one. Portrait retouching job is probably the most popular after the color correction photo editing jobs online. Close ups are a must for actors, models, singers and so on, so everyone who wants to be famous cannot do without such photo editing online jobs.

Black and white retouching job is a great opportunity to show your talent in certain way. You are limited though the fantasy is a strong weapon and a good retoucher has to know how to use it. Do not be afraid to do something strange because photo editing jobs are an innovation themselves. Photo montage job is constantly needed in a photo editor jobs area connected to the digital art because a montage is a difficult though rewarding service that can turn an image into something totally new. Photography post processing service is basically a type of online photo editing jobs from home that is generally ordered by photo shooters that are busy making pictures and want to impress their clients with a high quality anyway. This is also very important for the people who sell property, clothes and jewelry and so on as the product lies or stands there as it is, but it must still look desirable! And this means that photo editor jobs must be performed professionally but in a natural way.

Another photo retouching blog job is a specific kind of freelance photo editing jobs from Wedding Retouching that implies editing and moderation our own blog. We created it so that everyone could find something interesting to read or to try and our work candidates knew well what photo editing jobs are and why they are desperately needed in the modern business. Promoting photo editing online jobs means contributing to the process of making money and helping photographers, other businessmen and everyone willing make money. It seems like an easy task but only a professional can create a billboard or a poster during the photo editing jobs online that will go viral and consume people’s minds.

Millions of people dream every day to get themselves photo editing job at home to earn more than their friends and still to feel comfortable within the borders of their homes. It is only natural that freelance photo editing jobs gain their popularity every day and the rivalry becomes more severe. The creation of something new in the sphere of online photo editing jobs is a very creative and difficult task, so the more value it has in the eyes of our clientele. Do not fear to try to join Wedding Retouching company as we will help you all way through if you are talented enough. We believe that we can make a difference in the world of photography, this is why we offer online photo editing jobs from home for anyone who is ready for an art challenge.

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Please find below a list of actual vacancies for WeddingRetouching team.

Title Closing Date
Wedding photo editing - Hot Vacancy! Dec31, 2017
Photo color correction job Dec31, 2017
Portrait retouching job Nov25, 2017
Body retouching job Nov31, 2017

For full details concerning a particular vacancy, please click on the links provided in the column “Title”.